A Guide to CenturyLink Phone Plans for College Students

CenturyLink has plenty of phone plans for college students. For students, many of the ISPs have specific deals, bundles, offers, or plans. If you want to make your college life a bit easier, this article is just for you.

CenturyLink Phone Plans for College Students

A Guide to CenturyLink Phone Plans for College Students

College life is way different than the life you had in school. You are going to encounter immense challenges while studying in college. The interesting aspect is you have to cater to every obstacle in your way to complete your education at college on your own. No one is coming to rescue you there but the internet and your phone plans.

If you have a strong and reliable internet connection coupled with an all-rounder phone plan from a resource like CenturyLink, nothing can stop you from smoothly completing your journey in college. 

Especially if you are heading towards college for the very first time you will surely face difficulties while scheduling various things being a new adult. From scheduling appointments with your doctors to learn how to prepare your meals, you are now the master of your sail. Not only this but also you have to decide on which phone or internet plan you would rather prefer to get maximum benefits at a minimal cost. 

Internet Service Providers – the Saviors for Students  

Various internet service providers across the United States of America are offering incredible internet and phone services to their widespread customers. For students, many of the ISPs have specific deals, bundles, offers, or plans such as CenturyLink Internet Deals to offer optimal convenience to them. So, if you want to make your college life a bit easier you need to go to the internet service providers that are tailoring internet and phone services bundles for students. 

But if you are in search of exploring what CenturyLink holds in its bucket to offer students in its phone plans, you have landed on the right blog. We have brought a simple guide for you to have a thorough understanding of the elements you need to focus on while picking up any phone plan from the house of this astounding internet service provider in the country.

So, without any further due, let’s get down right into the topic. 

Check the Trend 

According to an estimate in the United States, 98% of adults who have attended college by 2021 own cell phones whereas the smartphone holders' ratio is found to be 89%. These stats are massive and have depicted the vitality of cellphones or smartphones for students in college. In our opinion, it is quite obvious as we are living in a digitalized world where the major portion of our everyday activities including education relies on the internet and smartphones. 

Today it is not a fancy thing to own a smartphone because you need to have it for communicating with your classmates or to keep a track of your course schedule, etc. 

There is no chance you can avoid smart technologies while getting into college. So the key is to find the perfect phone plans for you that deliver an exceptional college experience without taking a hefty amount from your pocket. 

Other Reasons that Support College Students for having a Phone

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons that support our opinion regarding the importance of phones for college students, there is a lot more you need to know. Being a parent or college student you should have a comprehensive understanding of what has made it so crucial for students to own a phone these days. That's the reason we have added this area as well in our guide so no ambiguity is left in your mind by the end of this blog. 

To further clarify the vitality of phones for college students, we have added five key reasons that you should know. So, let’s check them out together! 

Five Key Reasons to Own a Phone for College Students 

   1. Connectivity with Your Family and Friends 

Staying at distance from your family or friends is not as easy as it seems. It is like leaving your heart in your hometown and taking your body to another location. However, if you have a smartphone or phone with you at your college, you can stay connected with your family, loved ones, friends, and playmates back home whenever you want. 

No matter if your college is in the same or different city, state, or country you can talk to them with your phone when you need. 

   2. Safety in Emergency Situation

Secondly, phones help you in getting timely help from your family, college mate, police, or rescue teams in any unfavorable, emergency, or dangerous situation. You can easily get help from responders who can track your real-time location via your phone. 

   3. Widespread Coverage 

Thirdly, your landline phones give unbeatable coverage for having a huge network across the globe. These phone networks never disappoint you in terms of reliable connectivity as it depends on the network of phone cables rather than towers placed at a height that delivers spotty coverage. 

   4. Support for Security System

Voluminous security systems need to have a landline phone for functioning. Why? Because the landline phone facilitates these security systems to monitor your space in a more reliable manner and to send timely signals for any suspicious activities. 

   5. Quality of Connections

Last but not least, a landline phone delivers a high-quality connection. It makes sure that customers will have reliable and crystal clear connections avoiding any lag time or delays. 

A Simple Guide for College Students to Get the Right Phone Plan

You must have gotten a strong knowledge of why it is imperative for college students to have a landline phone with them at college. Now it's time for you to learn how to get the perfect phone plan for you to make your college life easier. We have tried to keep this guide simple, understandable, quick, and applicable for all of you.

So, let’s dive right into the guide and explore! 

Check What the Provider Offers in Phone Plans

The first thing you need in a phone plan is to check what the provider is offering in it. It is preferable to go for phone plans that offer unlimited talk time for local calls, sufficient minutes for international calling, unlimited texts, and other features. 

However, if you want to go for bundle offers to get internet and home phone service from the same platform, you should check the download and upload speed, data caps, etc. You also need to check the monthly fee for the bundle, contractual obligations, terms and conditions, and other important elements that may cost you in the future. 

CenturyLink the Game Changer 

CenturyLink Internet Plans are offering exceptional internet services across the landscape of the United States. The ISP is not only achieving excellence in internet service but has also made sound accomplishments in home phone and cable TV services. It is a platform where you can easily get a variety of home phone and internet bundles at reasonable price tags. 

However, you still need to check out the features we have mentioned above and should talk with its customer support representative if you want to make the best of both services. 

How Much Does Your Desired Phone Plan Cost? 

After picking up your desired home phone plan or bundle the next step is to check how much it will cost you to subscribe to it. We know that the providers are now offering the latest technologies for phone services but you cannot deny the fact that for every advancement you need to pay a little extra from your pocket every month. 

So, we would like to advise you to go for the required level of advanced options that meet your educational need and your monthly budget. 

CenturyLink – the Game Changer 

This ISP understands how hard it can be for college students to manage their monthly expenses. That's the reason it has introduced various customer-centric home phone and internet plans or bundles. All you need to do is to decide how much you can afford to pay for any phone plan, and what you need in your home phone plan, and then find the perfect match at CenturyLink. 

Check for Discount Offers for College Students

The next thing you can do is to look for any discount offer the provider is offering to college students. Many providers in the country usually offer different discount offers for college students to provide them with some financial aid. You can also take advantage of such offers by shopping around. We would like to suggest you avoid rushing into the subscription process before following all the steps we have mentioned in this guide.  

Know the Coverage Options the Provider is Offering 

Lastly, you need to inquire from your provider about the coverage option it is offering with the phone plans you have shortlisted so far. Since we know that usually college students move across states or countries for summer internships, visit back home to spend holidays, commute between work, dorms, and class, or are travelers. That's the reason they need to have a plan that covers call options for other countries while they travel across the world. 

The Bottom-Line

CenturyLink has plenty of phone plans for college students. Moreover, the ISP is offering many bundle offers covering internet and home phone services. That allows you to pay one bill for unlimited nationwide and local calls, strong and reliable in-home Wi-Fi, 100 Mbps internet speed (may vary from location to location), and a variety of additional benefits. So, contact the internet service provider today and get your dream home phone plan to enjoy your college life more!

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