Monthly Laundry Cleaning Checklist

When cleaning a laundry room, you may not know where to start. Here's a monthly laundry cleaning checklist you can use for this purpose.

Laundry Cleaning Checklist

Monthly Laundry Cleaning Checklist

Keeping every part of your house clean and tidy all the time is a daunting task. It may sound tiring but is also important if you want to keep your house well-maintained. The laundry room is the area that house owners often neglect and don’t clean frequently. However, it needs to be cleaned from time to time. When cleaning a laundry room, you may not know where to start. Here's a monthly cleaning checklist you can use for this purpose.

1- Clean the Washing Machine from the Inside and Outside 

If you haven't cleaned your washing machine for a month, you should start the cleaning process by cleaning the washing machine. Here is how you should proceed or ask your maid for cleaning:

  • Remove everything left in the tub and place a washing machine detergent pill on the bottom. If you don't have tablets, you can add chlorine bleach. However, make sure to read the usage and care guide first. 
  • Close the lid of the washing machine and start the normal machine cleaning cycle or null advance cleaning cycle but with warm water settings. 
  • After the wash cycle is complete, perform a rinse and rotation cycle to remove excess detergent. 
  • Once the excessive detergent is removed, keep the washing machine door open to let it dry. 

2- Clean the Machine Dryer

The dryer should be cleaned after cleaning the washing machine. Once you clean the washer, you must clean the dryer as well. 

Empty the Lint Filter 

Wipe off the lint using a wet cloth, or you can use a fabric softener sheet. Alternatively, put some warm water on your hands and move your finger on the mesh screen to pick up lint. The use of softener can cause waxy deposits on the screen, so wash it in the sink or use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. 

Wipe the Inner Wall

Use a dishwashing liquid and a cloth moistened with warm water to clean the inner wall. Use an old toothbrush to rub the fluffy debris around the trap opening if necessary. 

3- Clean the Dryer Drums, Vents, and Ducts

Cleaning the dryer vent, drum and ducts isn't required more often. Hence it should be kept on the monthly cleaning checklist. You can start by cleaning the drum.

  • Remove any residue before you begin cleaning.
  • If you have an electric dryer, rub its drum with a soft cloth soaked in a mild detergent diluted with hot water. For gas dryers, do the same with liquid household cleaners. 
  • Rinse well with a damp sponge or towel in both the electric and gas dryers. 
  • Rotate a lot of clean clothes and towels to dry the drum. 

4- Clean the Countertops

After you are done with all the appliances in your laundry room, start cleaning the kitchen surfaces. If the laundry room has a countertop, spray it with a multi-sided cleaner and leave it for 2-4 minutes. When the solution starts to take action, you can go ahead and wipe it off and see if you missed something. You can also spray anything your hand may touch, such as doorknobs and drawer pulls. 

5- Clean the Sink

If there is a sink in the laundry room, it's time to clean it next. Use vinegar and spray it on the sink. After that, leave it for some time. If the sink has an exterior and is not in the cupboard, wipe that area as well. After wiping the inside and outside of the sink, take a dry microfiber towel and polish the faucet and handle.

6- Vacuum Clean the Floor of the Laundry Room

After cleaning the sink, clean the areas that are normally overlooked or unreachable.

  • Take a walk around the laundry, and make sure all the clean clothes are shifted to the cupboard.  
  • Unhook and slide the washer and dryer, vacuum under both, wipe with a mop and then put it back in place.
  • Check the owner's manual for information on how to disconnect and move your device safely. 
  • Wipe all countertops, vacuum, wipe the rest of the laundry room, and work from the farthest corner to the door. 

7- Clean the Windows

The next on the monthly laundry room cleaning checklist is a window. Some laundry rooms are larger than others. Some have windows, and some do not. If your laundry room has windows, consider spraying inside and outside the windows. Make sure to clean the windowsills and rails as well. 


Final Thoughts

The laundry room should be cleaned at least once a month. Following the checklist shared above will make the task easier for you. Also, using a checklist ensures the completion of all the necessary tasks, and you will not forget anything. So, when you are cleaning your laundry area, follow the cleaning checklist shared above and make your laundry area clean and spotless.

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