Best Camping Sites in New Zealand for Families

5 Best Camping Sites for Families in New Zealand

The best camping sites for families should be chosen to take long family trips, overnight trips, or to spend a full vacation in just one place. You can reach all these places by a camper Van. There are some gorgeous places to go, but you need to decide if you want to be in the hills, near the water, or close to a small town that will give you an enjoyable stay. This list is easy to follow, and it provides you with all the information that you need to make this critical decision for your vacation.

Best Camping Sites in New Zealand
Best Camping Sites in New Zealand for Families

Pelorus Bridge

Pelorus Bridge is not a man-made bridge. This is a natural bridge that sits very close to the coast. In fact, you can play under and over this natural bridge with the family when you come to the area. You can go down to the beach if you are ready to see the bridge, or you could avoid the bridge by sitting on the beach for hours at a time.

This might be your beach vacation spot, and you will find that you get some of the best pictures because you are catching the waves through the bridge. The bridge is one of the most inspiring places to go because you get so much interesting vegetation in your pictures. You can start picking flowers, playing in the grass, or taking a picnic on the rocks.

There are a number of people who like coming to this place because it is so quiet, but you need to be sure that you have checked the calendar to avoid all the tourist crowds. The tourism crowds will come when it gets very hot, and you might prefer to go in the middle of the week. Or you can take advantage of the developing tourism in this area and buy a house here in order to rent it and to also use it for your family.

This is a great place for an overnight getaway because it offers you a nice beach to play on, and you can come with a small boat that you might take into the water. Consider Pelorus Bridge the place that keeps everyone in the family happy.

Mapua Leisure

Mapua Leisure Park is a good place to go when you want to be inland, near the lake, and among all the green hills of this place. You could come here for a traditional look at camping because the space is so quiet and wooded.

You can go on hikes in this place, and you should be sure that you have found a place in the shade of the trees for a picnic.

Mapua Leisure is also a good place to go if you want to use a camper because they have so much space. A camp is a place that people need to try when they are looking for a place that feels more like a traditional camping ground.

The green grass will give you many nice pictures, and you will feel as though you have gone to a new country for your little trip.

Marahau Beach Camp

Marahau Beach Camp is a nice beach location that has light sand. There are many ways for you to enjoy this camp because you do not need to sit right on the beach.

The beach is not far from the parking area, or you could set up your camper so that you can rest in the camper for much of your trip. You can camp in the camping area, and you can walk to the beach every day to get some sun. There are a number of people who would like to come here because they get a good mix of the beach and the campground.

This is a place where you can go if you want to bring the whole family. The family has a place to play with just the kids. You could picnic here near the beach, and you can stay all night by the beach because this campground is open all year. Families like to come here on short trips because the campground is healthy for the kids, and it is still a beach spot if you would prefer to go to the beach every day to get some color.

Pohara Beach

Pohara Beach is another beach that sits right on the coast where you have the shining beaches, the nicest people, and a lovely recreation area where the kids can play. There are a number of people who would like to come here because they need the beach experience. The beach looks great at night, and it is a lovely place to hold your latest event. This beach in particular is highly-trafficked, but it is the kind of place that makes a good vacation destination.

You should be sure that you have planned your trips for the times when it is not busy, and you also need to be sure that you have brought your camping gear because there are places just off the beach that will host your tent city. You can create a vacation experience that is far beyond what is normal.

Punakaiki Beach

Punakaiki Beach is a mixture of the landscape, the beach, and the campground. There are a number of people who want to come here because they like being near the rocks, on the beach, and on the campground. Someone who is trying to have a nice vacation in New Zealand should consider taking a few beach trips in a row, and Punakaiki could be one of your first stops.

There are a lot of people who choose this beach because they like to be there with their family. They like to meet friends at this place because it is a central vacation spot for people who come to New Zealand. Planning your trip around this beach allows you to drive with the camper for a long trip with the family.


The campgrounds that you see above help you get close to the water, sit by the lake, or enjoy the pastures and green hills of this nation. You have ample opportunity to travel anywhere you want in this place, and you should be certain that you have taken a look at what might be best for your family given how far you will be from home, what you can do in these locations, and how long you can stay. 

Make these choices carefully because you want to be able to accommodate everyone on your list, get to all the attractions you love and get away from it all with a much nicer vacation for the whole family. 

You should make certain that you have made a map of all your vacation spots, planned for the future, and met friends along the way so that you can enjoy these campgrounds, the picnics, and the water. 

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