Why Tent Rental Service is Preferred

The demand for tent rental services is growing day by day. Renting a tent for your next event is more cost-effective than buying one. Tent rental services usually have a variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from. Are you planning an outdoor event? Find out why you should choose your favorite tent rental service providers for your next event.

Tent Rental Service
Tent Rental Service

Why Tent Rental Service is Preferred? Find Out the Benefits of Using a Rental Tent for Your Event

Nowadays the demand for tent rental services is growing because it is a great sort of outdoor shelter and is a cost-effective solution for any events, exhibitions, corporate functions, majlis, weddings, business events, seminars, funerals, sports, medical tents, etc. Customers can order to design the whole space with their preferred customized ideas and budget range in their own selected venue. Specifically, the companies having in-house production of tents, building materials, furniture, carpets, lighting, and fit-outs give cost-effective and complete outdoor space solutions. 

   Al Fares International Tents & Metal Industries is a one-stop solution for all the tent, marques, and shade solutions in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. They have a proven background history of working with high-level companies. The client has the leverage to take the consultancy with the experts who strive their best to satisfy their needs and make their occasion special and memorable. This passion and achieved excellence have made them the leader in the temporary fabric structures and prefabricated industry. Give a call today to companies having the best tents for sale in Dubai to learn more about how they can help you maximize your productivity with temporary structures.

You can surprise your guests by bringing the best design ideas to the outdoor venues. For example, lay down carpets suitable for the outdoors underneath dining table arrangements. Or put out plush armchairs to achieve a home-like vibe. Incorporate sturdier furniture (like wooden coffee tables) to help create that atmosphere as well. The most important aspect is that it can be for a small period of time or for a longer period like 5 – 10 years. Marquees and tent services offer great flexibility in terms of layout and numbers. 

Al Fares International Tents

Al Fares International Tents & Metal Industries, a leading marquee manufacturer and supplier based in the UAE. An outstanding 1.5 million square feet production house with over 900 employees working around 5 branches. For decades, Al Fares continues to provide satisfaction to its customers. From majestic marquees and multi-story structures catering a massive amount of people, to high quality parking shades. Ethics, quality, and precision in project management are key drivers of their business strategy. Through meticulous planning, designing, and engineering; outstanding projects will be guaranteed. The vision of Al Fares is to cover the world by providing the finest products to clients by exceeding their expectations locally and internationally through the availability of custom made tents that satisfy any desires and needs. 

Working with brands like Emirates Airlines Rugby Sevens, Formula E International, Dakar Rally, Emirates Field Hospital, and many more. Al Fares claimed a winning award “Marquee manufacturers of the year 21” by the UAE Business Awards; and appreciation award from the authorities of the “Liwa Dates Festival”. 

Al Fares provides services to cater needs like:

  • Events tents
  • Exhibitions tents
  • Weddings tents
  • Funeral tents
  • Sports tent
  • Majlis tent
  • Ramadan tent
  • Resorts tent
  • Seminar tent
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Car parking shades
  • Airport hangars
  • Field hospital or medical tents

All these events can be customized with the wide variety available at their production house. From shapes, interior furniture, luxurious scene, traditional scene, to lighting systems, catering capacity, carpets, walls, windows.

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