Multisite Energy Management Tips and Tricks

Here are top energy management tips to make multisite energy management easier and help you achieve effective and consistent energy management for multi-site organisations.

Multisite Energy Management Tips
Multisite Energy Management Tips

Tips to Make Multisite Energy Management Easier

Business energy management is an integral part of business growth. Besides monitoring the bills, business energy management helps you optimize energy usage. However, business energy management can be demanding. To avoid overspending, have the right energy strategy. Negotiate for the best multi-site energy prices. Use the following ways to manage your multi-site energy without much struggle.

Tolerant Contracts

Your energy needs are likely to be high. Thus, choose a flexible contract. Go for a secure tolerant contract. A tolerant contract allows you to add and remove sites without interfering with your rate.

Know Your Consumption

Have a clear consumption data for easy energy management. All multisite energy managers should have this data for better planning and decision-making. Understand the variables like sales, staff behaviors, as well as the traffic of customers to your company. Understand the average consumption in your company. This information will help a utility consultant to design the right procurement strategy.

Supply Capacity

Regularly, asses your Agreed Supply Capacity.  Having the correct capacity will ensure that your bills tally with what you are using. If you are operating multisite stations, check all the meters in your portfolio to make sure that they have the correct capacity so that you don’t end up overpaying.

Coterminous Bill End Dates

Do your supply contracts tally with common end dates? If not, contact your supplier. Having continuous end dates makes things easy and straightforward. You can easily identify issues or problems relating to receiving invoices.

Clean Estate Records

Having clean records will make life easier for your energy manager. Thus, have details like lease agreements, ownership proof, etc. Plan ahead. Ensure that you have up-to-date records.

There is a growing number of estates. Thus, it’s possible for a meter to be removed from the estate and forget to inform the supplier. In this case, the supplier can bill the customer for a meter that doesn’t exist.  

Multi-Site Meters

Not all businesses can have multisite energy meters. Companies that operate from different sites qualify for multisite meters. Generally, the following factors are used to determine whether your business needs a multisite energy meter:

  • How many workers does your business employ?
  • Is your business big?
  • What’s your energy consumption? How do you use energy in your company?
  • What industry is your business?
  • Where in the UK are you located?

Your energy supplier will take into consideration the above factors before designing a plan for you. They will involve you in every step to ensure that all your needs are met.

Benefits Of Why Multi-Site Meters

Multisite meters can benefit your company in a number of ways. They include:

  • Cost-saving—multi-site energy management is all about saving you energy and money. Their packages give you a platform to negotiate cheaper deals.
  • Free your time—Consolidating all meters into one enables you to focus on other important matters in a business.
  •  Easy management—Consolidated energy contracts make it easy to manage energy usage in your company.
  • Operational efficiency—You don’t have to type a lot of readings at the end of the month. You deal with one reading and one supplier. 

The Bottom-Line

Multi-site organizations have a large portfolio. As a result, they should employ the right energy management strategy. The above-discussed points will help you get it right with your energy management strategy for your multisite business.
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