5 Reasons to Consider Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring

Gemstones are cheap and dazzling. The majority of couples are now opting for gemstone engagement rings. Here we’ll list five strong reasons why you should consider gemstones for your engagement ring. 

Gemstone Engagement Rings
Gemstone engagement rings

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring

Diamond is old school. Although it’s still the most expensive and sought-after gemstone for a variety of jewelry needs, it’s become old-school for wedding and engagement rings.

Gemstones are the new cool. They’re cheap and dazzling. The majority of couples are now opting for gemstone engagement rings.

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If you’re about to get engaged too and are not quite sure whether you should opt for a gemstone engagement ring or not, we suppose this post will help you. Here we’ll list five strong reasons why you must consider a gemstone engagement ring (read this as a non-diamond engagement ring). So, let’s go!

#1. Gemstones are colorful.

The reason that’s evident on the surface is the variety of shades and colors offered by gemstones. Unlike diamond’s white, gemstones promise a rich spectrum of colors. And that very property makes gemstones an absolute stand-out and a must-pick. Gemstones' beautiful shades not only stand out on their own, but they also give you a unique edge as you carry it around. You can choose a color that goes with your personality.

Some of the most famous gemstone engagement rings, along with their colors are:

  • Amethyst engagement rings: Shades of Purple (varying from lavender to deep violet).
  • Garnet Engagement rings: Variety of colors including honey-brown, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray, black, purple, and deep red. The most widely recognized colors of garnet are purplish red.
  • Aquamarine engagement rings: All shades of blue-green and greenish-blue.
  • Topaz Engagement rings: Variety of colors including blue, red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, and shades of brown.
  • Emerald Engagement rings: Deep, bright green.

#2. Gemstones are way cheaper!

Next to beautiful and arresting shades, gemstones are also super cheap. Let’s consider the examples of the gemstone rings given above.

On average, a diamond engagement ring costs approximately $5500. It could cost as low as $850, and the most expensive diamond ring is priced at $10 million.

In comparison to this, the average price of gemstone rings is:

  • Amethyst engagement rings: $150 - $7000
  • Garnet engagement rings: $200 - $8000 (Most expensive garnet engagement ring was priced $6.8 million)
  • Topaz engagement rings: $200 - $4000
  • Emerald Engagement rings: $500 - $10,000

Plus, you get bigger stones within these average price ranges. By the rule of thumb, the more you pay, the more you get. But still, you’ll get significantly more than a diamond, which is priced at $2500 per carat.

#3. Gemstones have personalities.

There are over 300 existing gemstones and believe it or not, each one of them has a personality. And by that, we mean they have a certain vibe and meaning.

For ages, civilizations, and people have associated different gemstones with different meanings. The gemstones are believed to have certain powers and charms. They are believed to affect and impact lives for good in specific ways.

Some surprising impacts of gemstones include:

  • Amethyst: It brings calmness and clarity. Gemologists believe it aligns with intuition, feelings, and values.
  • Aquamarine: Experts associate it with courage. It’s known to have soothing capabilities and can alleviate fear. It possesses a strengthening vibe.
  • Emerald: These stones assist fertility. It is also known to improve eyesight and bring psychic powers.

You can choose these to add meaning to your relationship with your significant other. You can use the properties and personalities of gemstones to complement or strengthen your bonding.

#4. Gemstones have a rich history.

As mentioned earlier, several civilizations, such as the ancient Egyptian civilization and Greek civilization associated different stones with different meanings. Hence, gemstones tend to have rich histories that reflect their importance and value in human history.

In WW2, a trap door was created to hide the jewels of the British crown. Even today, that trap door exists. Similarly, the Mughals used gemstones in a famous chair. Such rich historical background adds meaning and value to the gemstones. Moreover, gemstones are also associated with months now.

#5. Gemstone Engagement Rings are diverse & trendy.

Since gemstone engagement rings are trending these days, there are several designs available. In fact, we’re discovering more and more new and entrancing designs with every passing day. With diamonds, the case is a bit different as you might find repetitive designs.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, you should consider gemstones for your engagement rings because they are a bold and wise choice. The reasons above make that quite very evident, but if you still have any doubts, browse online engagement rings shops now and witness their majestic properties and designs yourself!

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