Why Are US Boardrooms Still So Popular?

The boardroom can be a physical room or a virtual interactive whiteboard. Virtual boardrooms are increasingly gaining a foothold in the corporate world and becoming the first choice for most businesses. Let’s find out the reasons why US boardrooms are still so popular.

US Boardrooms

Benefits of Board Diversity: Why Are US Boardrooms Still So Popular? 

A boardroom is a convenient place where a group of people with a common business goal assemble to have meetings and chart ways that will lead to the success of the business. Typically, these boardrooms are reserved for members of the board of a company. These boards of directors are either elected by shareholders of the company, or they assume the positions based on the value of their shares. 

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A diverse boardroom is more representative of shareholders and helps address complex corporate issues. All board members bring their personal backgrounds and experiences to their positions in the boardroom.

The boardroom can be a physical room with all the essential furniture and accessories that makes it conducive for hosting a meeting, and it can also be virtual. 

Virtual boardrooms are increasingly gaining a foothold in the corporate world and becoming the first choice for most businesses. The convenience that a virtual boardroom affords is quite appealing, and then the case of security makes it more attractive. We'll shed more light on the main benefits of boardrooms below.

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Benefits of board meeting software

Boardrooms pack a handful of benefits to businesses and large organizations. Some of them include: 


Compared to renting out a conference room or a hotel, a dedicated boardroom in your company is cheaper. It's there for your company to have as many business meetings as possible in a year without spending much, except for maintenance.

From holding seminars or workshops, to monthly meetings, merger meetings, and staff meetings, a board meeting software is never a financial burden on the company. On the other hand, renting a conference room will drain a substantial amount of the company's finances, and it's just for a limited time as these venues or hotel conference centers are very time-sensitive.

Distraction-free environment

Dedicated board portal software eliminates all potential distractions especially when the board of directors is in talks with investors. It goes further into critical meetings that are essential to the overall growth of the company where distraction is a risk it can't afford to take. 

When using a public rented space like a hotel's conference room or an event center, you're too conscious of time and when you're out of it, there's bound to be a distraction because you have to be reminded that it's time up. Furthermore, the environment might be too busy, noisy, or have people who are trying to access their halls but will keep bumping into yours and saying sorry.

All of these are annoyingly distracting and can be avoided with a well-equipped and functional board management software in-house.


Having board of directors software isn't just for meetings and deliberations. Technically, it's for the members of the boards. However, who says it can't be used for other important meetings so long as it's for the growth of the company.

Boardrooms can be used to hold seminars, conferences, workshops, awards, and meetings. You only need to rearrange the space to suit the moment. Now, this even saves more money for the company rather than renting a hall for all of these. 

We all know the special ambiance that a hotel or special event center gives to these meetings, but having a place to call yours without being conscious of time and having the liberty to do whatever you like is priceless. 


A board portal is very convenient to hold workshops and crash courses for your staff to improve. It's also convenient for every other activity that can go on within its confines. 

Staff doesn't have to go about looking for the location of the hotel or spend a ridiculous amount of fares trying to get there. Workshops can be held during workdays where staff will have to work a half-day and complete the rest with the seminar since it's the same location.

Also, since it's a familiar environment, staff are already comfortable and feel at home enjoying the process every step of the way. 

Business growth 

From all of the benefits aforementioned, it's crystal clear that the virtual boardroom drives the growth of a business. It's beneficial to the board of directors and to even the lowest staff on the hierarchy. 

The board of directors converges in the boardroom to plan, strategize, analyze, and negotiate. All of these with the intent of driving the business to its peak. Ordinary staff can utilize the boardroom to grow in their roles via meetings and workshops. It's a place for everyone to develop and in turn, grow the business. 

It's also not for conglomerates or large businesses with chains alone. Even small and medium-scale businesses can use a board portal effectively to scale and arrive at their dream destinations. More importantly, it's a place where leaders meet to chart solutions to problems, brainstorm on ideas, review goals, forecast, and move the business forward.

Boardroom and its relevance in the United States

With millions of corporate organizations littered across the U.S, it's safe to say the boardroom is an essential ingredient in the make-up of the U.S business world. To further drive home this point, a whopping 17, 748 M&A deals are made in the U.S annually and it's valued at 1.27 trillion USD according to Statista

If you peek closely, the majority of these deals are closed in a boardroom whether virtual or physical. If these stats were to be stripped bare to unveil all of its details, you'll find out that it cuts across a wide range of industries from tech to cosmetics, and from finance, transportation, oil, and gas, to media. 

It shows how boundless the boardroom is in usage, how versatile it is across sectors, and how critical it is to the success of all of these deals. Deals are important for struggling businesses to survive, they are also important for businesses to expand their coverage in the U.S. 

But we're not all about the benefits of deals, rather the enabling environment where it's facilitated and closed effectively which is the indispensable boardroom.

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