Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Straw Hat

It’s essential to maintain and care for your straw hat. Here are some general guidelines to follow.

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A girl wearing a straw hat, taking photos using a camera

How to maintain and care for your straw hat – The crucial guidelines to follow

Today, every individual owns their style accessories. However, owning your accessories is one thing, and taking care of them is another. It is the act of taking care of your fashion accessories that keeps it appearing like new for a long time. The rule also applies to your hat. Learn How to Justify Your Straw Hat Choice Boldly. If you take good care of your hat, it will reward you in many ways. First and foremost, it will stand the test of time and ensure that you don't have to invest in another hat too soon. That way, it helps to add to your savings.

The straw hat is a famous hat variant. And no other hat qualifies to be the ideal summer hat other than the straw hat. Irrespective of a flat-brimmed boater or a beach floppy hat, you could choose any straw-hat variant for the summertime. Whether you want to take a stroll on the beach or spend some time at the park, a straw hat can act as a great companion. You can contact online hat makers specializing in the best American hats to get your best straw hat.

However, there's one concern here – since you have the chance to wear a straw hat on several occasions, there is a chance of it getting dirty and stained. And that might discourage the straw hat lovers from sporting their hat frequently during the summer months. But there is nothing to despair about. Once you know the best ways to clean your straw hat, you can keep your hat clean and sport it whenever you want for your summer outings. This article will discuss some of the easy and best ways to clean and maintain your straw hat.

The straw cleaning process

Have you ever visited a barn? If yes, you will know what straw smells like, kept out in the rain. So, if you are thinking about placing the straw hat inside a washing machine, you might encounter the same thing or something worse. The chances are that it will hurt the hat's shape. The best way to clean the straw hat is to avert extra moisture to preserve the shape.

Deep cleaning

If you want to clean your hat deep, you need to use a high-end straw hat cleaner, ideally combining hydrogen peroxide and water in equal proportions. Else, you can also resort to a glass cleaner. It would help if you kept in mind that the objective is not to soak your straw hat. One of the ideal ways for applying the cleaner is to use it as a misty sprayer. After that, you must wipe the hat surface using a clean piece of cloth.

Spot cleaning

Generally, you can clean the spots using a non-liquid cleaner. If there are scuffs, you can resort to a gum eraser and gently wipe it away. You might also use corn-starch or talcum powder on the hat stains that absorb it.

Clean the hat fabric

Even if you have a straw hat, not all parts of the straw hat get made using a straw. For certain parts of the fabric, like the outer band and the sweatband, you make a solution of detergent and water and use a clean cloth. All you need to do is dip the cloth in the detergent and then wring the excess amount. After that, you need to apply it to the fabric carefully. It’s best to opt-in for dabbing motions so that you can get rid of the stains on the hat fabric.

The rules of drying your straw hat

When a straw hat gets wet, the first thing that most hat owners do is to get it dry whichever way possible. And in doing so, most of them use a blow dryer or heater. It is something that you need to avoid because it can hurt your hat shape. You need to opt-in for the following steps:

  • Use a paper towel or cloth to dab the hat and remove the excess water.
  • If your straw hat has natural blends, such as an upturned brim, get it folded.
  • Fold-out the hat's sweatband.
  • Make sure that the hat is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Keep your hat upside down atop any flat surface.

One of the best techniques is to allow your hat to dry on a mannequin head or wall peg. It will ensure that the hat doesn't lose its actual shape after drying. During the summer months, you will have to rely on your straw hats. Hence, you must keep it well so that you can flaunt it with your best summer dresses. 

At times hat owners get enthusiastic about purchasing a hat and then get complacent about its maintenance. It’s not something desirable. Or even if they try to keep the hat clean, they use tips that don’t work well. So, if you want to ensure that your straw hat looks ageless and functions well, you can opt-in for the maintenance and care tips discussed above.

A straw hat with the approximate shape of a boater has been in fashion among women. It's time to enjoy the new fashion trends of this season.

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