How to Justify Your Straw Hat Choice Boldly

A hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons. There are different types of hats for men and women. Straw hats can be worn by both men and women to look more stylish and come in many different shapes and sizes. The variety of straw hat styles can add an effortless charm to a modern wardrobe. Here's the ultimate hat guide on how to boldly justify your straw hat choice.

Straw Hat
A girl in a straw hat

How to Justify Your Straw Hat Choice Boldly: The Ultimate Hat Guide

Looking to maintain your interest in modern lifestyle choices? It's time to enjoy the new fashion trends of this season.

A hat speaks more about a wearer than itself.  For instance, straw hats for women are for adaptable, accommodating, flexible, and easy-going personalities. So, when you put it on, you essentially give that impression about yourself. 

Luckily, straw hats come in many variations, from Panama to wide-brimmed to fedora. Each option is distinct. Hence, there can be your reason to pick one over the other. To be precise, you will have more interest in a wide brim variety if you want complete protection from the sun. Or, you can select a Panama for its casual and chic look. 

Since most straw hats are typically suitable for the summer months, you might not pay much attention to their silhouettes. Please don't make this mistake. Straw hats are one of the most efficient fashion accessories.  

You can experience a unique sense of freedom with them for their lightweight nature, regardless of their style. In this sense, a straw top hat warrants close attention. 

Everyone knows that top hats go well on formal occasions, fancy themes, or such events. Imagine what you can achieve with the combination of lightweight and natural material like straw and essentially dressy headwear like a top hat. 

Among the different shapes and sizes of straw hats, top hats for women can add an effortless charming touch to a modern wardrobe. You can wear them with your summer dress without any hesitation for its ability to provide a balanced look. When straw hats are famous for their classic appeal, you may wonder how to bring an urban touch. Well, the contemporary top hat variations with short to medium height have an edge. Even though straw hats have been there for a long time, their transformed avatars help them meet urban needs. 

You can wear your straw-based top hat on a beach or cruise party during the day while having fun. Or, you can sport this style at night before the campfire when a soothing breeze would be flowing in its best caressing form. 

The lightweight and comfortable top hat will maintain your body’s temperature and keep you protected from the elements. Anyway, as mentioned, you must know why you want this or any other thing. So here are a few considerations.

Straw Hat styles
Straw hat styles

Things to consider when shopping for a top hat look in the straw material

The purpose of use

You have to ask yourself whether you want this to be a seasonal thing or an all-rounder. Also, you would need to find out where you would like to carry this style. If your main goal is to bask in the panoramic vistas from your beach or yacht without facing the sun rays, a top hat in straw material can make the right choice. The slightly high crown will not feel like a burden on your head. At the same time, its moderate brim size will not interfere with your views.

The expectation about protection against elements

Hats can have two main goals – protection from direct sunlight and brims for saving face and neck. If you want a guarantee of decent comfort with a high dose of style, a top hat can be your best partner. Its classic charm with modern flair will take care of your every desire.

The decision about the brim

Hats come with different brim widths for a reason. A shorter brim typically contributes aesthetically, while an oversized bill offers practical support. But both these keep a balance between two factors – style and need. Straw-based top hats can be the right pick if you want to party with your friends while maintaining an upscale vibe. However, if you wish for more sun protection, go for something with a broad brim profile. 

The choice of style 

How do you want to present yourself? As they say, any decision around your hat has to do with your looks. If you plan to carve a stylish, carefree, casual, and formal appearance at once, you can rely on straw-based top hats to achieve this. 

The upturned brims on the sides with a slight tilt on the front can give your dressing an edge. You don't have to hesitate about your selection since moderate-sized projections work decently well with sunrays and winds. You can pair it with a white jumpsuit with a brown belt, colorful midi dress, short floral dress, and others. Or, you can mix and match one with your shorts and off-shoulder top to establish a cheeky yet adorable face.

When you shop for any hat style, make sure you judge your choice based on functional and aesthetic goals. Otherwise, you may have to deal with disappointment. 

Suppose you buy a leather hat in hot weather. You can feel utterly uncomfortable under it despite looking your attractive best. So, don't be impulsive about it. Give proper thought to your choice to make it the most coveted investment of your life.

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