How To Install Metal Lockers The Right Way

Metal lockers are the most prolific type of lockers available in the market at very reasonable prices. Learn how to install metal lockers the right way.

Metal Lockers
How To Install Metal Lockers The Right Way

The Benefits of Metal Lockers You Must Know

If you are looking for a safe alternative to store your valuable possessions and live with peace of mind, metal lockers are the perfect solution for your needs.

Metal lockers are designed using metal and have a high-level key lock, digital locks, alarms and many more features that provide them with complete security and a comprehensive storage solution.

Metal lockers provide strength, durability and design flexibility to protect against getting obsolete and aging.

Metal lockers are very durable and maintenance-free and do not require round-the-year maintenance and extensive repairs, they are suitable for many different environments without incurring additional costs. They can provide an extra layer of defense against water and moisture and make cabinet units last longer.

Metal lockers are most often used to store a large assortment of goods and items, in places where there is no need to change them for a long time to come.

You can use metal lockers in a lot of places like offices, supermarkets, warehouses, workshops, garages, schools, hospitals, parks, banks, gyms, libraries and more.

Metal storage lockers are the most productive and affordable type of lockers available in the market. The metal locker contains essential safety and utility features. If you want a long-lasting, lightweight cabinet, this metal storage locker is just best for you.

If you want to buy metal lockers online, find metal storage units with detailed product descriptions to help you understand the product before you buy.

How to Install Metal Lockers 

Installing lockers in your workplace, sports facility, gym or school is a great way of providing a safe and secure place for people to store their belongings, and avoid the inevitable trip hazards that occur when people do not have a place to leave bags, coats and equipment. Metal lockers are the best option because they are incredibly strong, durable and secure. The only tricky thing is getting the installation right – but we are here to help, with our handy guide to installing metal lockers. 


Before you start the actual installation process – before you even buy the lockers, really – you need to pick your spot. You need to have a good idea of the amount of space your locker run will take up, which in turn means you need to have a reasonably accurate estimate of how many lockers you will need and how big they will be. When you pick your space, measure not only for height and width, but also for depth – if you have a narrowish corridor then this might not be the best spot for your lockers. Lastly, check for things like air vents, radiators, windows, light switches/lights, electrical plug sockets, extinguishers/alarm points, emergency cut-offs and anything else that might affect your placement. 

To the install 

The biggest piece of advice you should take on board when it comes to installing new lockers is to read the instructions that come with the unit. Even if you have experience in installing these items the model in front of you might have a key difference that you are not aware of, so give the guide a look over.

Make sure that your lockers are securely anchored to the wall, floor, or ceiling as appropriate and that you choose a solid bracing point for this.  Your lockers are likely to take a beating throughout their life and they need to be able to stand up to it without toppling or overbalancing. You will also want to make sure that the lockers are level; use a spirit or laser level and floor levelling pieces if necessary. 

It is also good practice to secure banks of lockers to each other if they are adjacent. This is because the lockers will usually be tall and thin, making them prone to tipping or balance issues. Bolting them together increases their stability and you are left with a safer environment. 


You will need to maintain your lockers periodically, although metal lockers will need very little. Make sure there are no signs of rust that could spread and become an issue, check that the locker unit is still securely fastened in place and inspect the doors and hinges to be certain they are still intact and in good working order.

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