Top In-Demand AWS Jobs That You Can Apply For Your Career

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading public cloud computing service that is widely adopted by organizations, both large and small. An AWS developer is a trained IT professional responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud-based infrastructure.

There are several reasons why you should pursue a career in AWS. There are a lot of AWS career paths from which you can choose. Focus your attention and validate advanced skills in specific technical domains such as advanced networking, big data, and security.

With cloud computing technology, businesses have become dynamic, versatile, cost-efficient, and scalable. In the public cloud job market, there are between 6 to 12 times more job postings available than there are job seekers and 60 percent of these job postings are related to AWS.

Find out how you can go about acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills and certifications for AWS. If you want to jump-start your cloud career, you can apply for these top in-demand AWS jobs for your bright career.

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Choosing AWS as a career option

Top In-Demand AWS Jobs You Can Apply For Your Career

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the top in-demand AWS jobs that you can apply for your career. But first, let's understand a bit about Cloud Computing. It has revolutionized the IT sector entirely. With Cloud Computing, businesses have become dynamic, versatile, cost-efficient, and scalable. 

This aspect never existed before in business. Earlier, companies used to manage workloads and store data by renting or buying physical hardware. Now, with just a few clicks, you can scale up your resources like computation needs, storage demands, networking, database services, etc. And pay for what you use and the time you use. This pay-as-you-go business model has helped businesses trim their expenses and become more productive, efficient, and cost-effective. Thanks to this emerging technology, companies, organizations, Small businesses, startups, to government institutions are leveraging this technology to be more efficient. aim to become an AWS Developer

AWS from Amazon, Azure from Microsoft, and GCP from Google are today's market leaders in market share in the cloud computing business. Among them, AWS leads the competition by a significant margin. All cloud vendors offer role-based certifications for cloud aspirants. Similarly, AWS offers various role-based certs. So here, we will discuss several AWS jobs that are in demand, and you can apply for your career. To write this blog, I have scanned social media platforms, job portals like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and many more to do justice by bringing relevant and fact-based content. You can also check out AWS Tutorial to get a better understanding of the AWS Cloud. 

AWS Solutions Architect

It's probably one of the most in-demand jobs in the cloud domain. AWS Solutions Architect's job is to communicate and translate a client's business requirements to the technical team. And help developers build products and solutions using AWS services in a cost-effective and scalable manner. If you aim to become an AWS Solutions Architect: 

  • You must have good social skills, which will help you translate business requirements to technical specifications. 
  • You must have good knowledge of AWS services and AWS infrastructure, which will help you decide the appropriate service and plans. The best plan or service is the one that gets the job done cost-effectively and helps them with scalability and reliability. 
  • Good with cost calculations of AWS Services. 

You should find out the best AWS Solution Architects to help you master the subject and land a job. 

AWS Developer

An AWS Developer is an expert who works with AWS applications or programs and works towards optimizing the AWS service usage of an organization. The services that these professionals handle vary from coding to content delivery and storing data. If you aim to become an AWS Developer:

  • You must know a high-level programming language
  • must be proficient in developing and deploying AWS Cloud-based apps
  • be able to use CI/ CD pipeline to deploy applications
  • understand microservice architecture 

AWS Cloud Engineer

An AWS Cloud Engineer has to design, configure, manage and handle the AWS Cloud infrastructure for the firm to run applications. The infrastructure we speak about includes test, production, and deployment environments. If you aspire to become an AWS Cloud Engineer:

  • You must have good knowledge of AWS Services
  • programming language (Python, Java, etc.)
  • Linux
  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • API, etc. 

AWS DevOps Engineer

Professionals who aspire to become AWS DevOps engineers must have the required technical expertise to provision, operate, and handle distributed application systems on the AWS platform. DevOps has transformed the software development lifecycle by removing barriers between operations and the development team. DevOps integration with cloud vendors has elevated the pace at which applications are being developed. 

AWS DevOps Engineer role has become one of the most sought-after lately. If you aspire to become AWS DevOps Engineer: 

  • You must have good knowledge of high-level programming languages
  • Proficiency in using DevOps tools. 
  • Good knowledge of AWS DevOps Services
  • Working knowledge in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration process 
  • Sufficient Automation experience 

AWS DevSecOps

DevSecOps is a relatively new approach to developing software. DevOps methodology introduced this improved collaboration between operations and the development team. Now with DevSecOps, Security has been added to the existing DevOps methodology. Security is implemented from step one of software development. If you aim to land a job in DevSecOps: 

  • You must be able to use DevOps tools.
  • Possess good knowledge of AWS Security measures
  • Be an expert in understanding various AWS Services 
  • You must have good working experience in Linux. 
  • Have a good experience with Terraform/CloudFormation
  • Possess enough experience developing CI/CD pipelines


There are many more jobs in the AWS Cloud other than what we discussed. There are various roles that you can apply for with the AWS cloud. And you can also transition to roles with experience in your career. All of these certifications come with expiry. So you must work towards updating your certification by meeting AWS requirements. And Cloud is still at its nascent stage, so expect more job opportunities to come in your way.

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