What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Top 5 Cloud Computing Services Offered by Google

Google Cloud Platform is the best solution right now on the market as it concerns pricing, performance, backups, scalability, stability,  and security.
Google cloud platform services may include Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google App Engine, Cloud Machine Learning, Google Container Engine.
Google Cloud Platform Services
Top 5 cloud computing services offered by Google

What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Top 5 Cloud Computing Services Offered by Google

What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Platform is a set of cloud computing services provided by Google.
GCP contains a distinct set of cloud services for computing, cloud storage, and application development, which works on the infrastructure provided by Google as well. 

As for the users of this platform and the beneficiaries of Google Cloud services are all interested in the IT sector from software developers, and cloud computing administrators, to institutions, companies, and individuals as well.

Google Cloud Platform Services

The Google cloud platform provides services for computing, cloud storage, networking, data analysis, and machine learning, in addition to providing tools to manage these cloud services.

Top cloud computing products and services in Google Cloud Platform may include:

Google Compute Engine
Google Compute Engine is an infrastructure component such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which is built on a global infrastructure that manages Google search, Gmail, YouTube, and many other services. 

Google Compute Engine also provides users with the ability to run virtual machines on demand to handle the workloads.

Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage is a cloud storage platform designed to store large and unstructured data sets and accessibility on the Google cloud platform.
Google also provides a database storage service that may include: Cloud SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Cloud Datastore, and Cloud Bigtable. 

This service is similar to the Amazon S3 storage service, but it seems more suitable for the work of institutions due to its different specifications. 
It combines high performance and cloud storage with advanced data sharing and security capabilities.

Google App Engine
Google App Engine is a Web-based platform such as platform as a service (PaaS) that gives developers access to host web applications in Google's managed data centers that are scalable. 

Google App Engine also allows developers to use Software Development Kits (SDKs) to enable them to develop software products running on the application engine. 
A system of protection is placed on applications and runs across multiple servers. 

One of the most important features is that it provides automatic measurement of web applications, and is available free of charge to a certain extent of resources consumed, and then this level is charged for additional storage or bandwidth or hours required by the application.

Cloud Machine Learning
Cloud Machine Learning Engine is a service provided by Google in the field of artificial intelligence.
It is a managed service, offering users the possibility to create machine learning models and training and allow them to use diversified Application Program Interface (APIs) in the areas of translation, speech analysis, text, images, and videos.

Google Container Engine 
Google Container Engine is a Docker container management and coordination system that operates within Google's public cloud platform. 
Docker is an open-source program for creating, deploying, and managing virtual application containers on a shared operating system and equipped with a system of tools.

Pricing of Google Cloud Computing Services

Like all Cloud computing offerings, the same payment system is followed in the google cloud platform, which is paid only when in use, ie for the resources consumed in the cloud. 
Prices and payment terms also vary from service to service in the Google Cloud Platform.

Top 8 Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud Platform
I think choosing Google Cloud Platform is the best solution right now on the market as it concerns pricing, performance, backups, scalability, stability,  and security.

The top advantages of using Google Cloud Platform for your cloud applications may include:

1. Better Pricing Plans Availability. Google cloud computing plans are cheaper than other platforms.
2. Improved Performance
3. Enhanced implementation
4. Private Global Fiber Network
5. Redundant Backups
6. Live Migration of Virtual Machines
7. Commitment to Constant Development
8. State of the Art Security

Google Cloud Platform services are constantly evolving based on user requests, or in order to compete in the field of cloud computing.
Google's major competitors in these areas are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (Windows Azure).

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