Repair or Replace My AC? 7 Tips to Make the Right Decision

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner? Consider these 7 Points to Decide If You Need to Repair or Replace Your AC.

The decision to repair your air conditioner or replace it isn't always easy. If you follow these expert tips to decide whether you need to repair or replace your AC unit, you can make the right decision.

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7 Tips For Deciding You Need AC Repair Or Replacement!

With the arrival of summer, you need AC as a necessity for a comfortable home. Right! The proper functioning of your AC will affect your finances, safety, and peace of mind. So, making a wise decision that you should replace your AC or repair it before the summer arrives is crucial. 

Now the question arises, which factors are worthy of consideration to make the right decision. You may have different things in your mind while thinking about the replacement of your AC. If you are living in Alexandria LA, you can call an AC repair company to get a complete annual inspection. The following list will help you to evaluate the different factors to make a good decision.

Age of your air conditioner:

Normally AC lasts for 10-15 years depending on the quality and maintenance of your equipment. It may last longer than the expected age if you are taking great care of your system. All mechanical equipment experiences wear and tear. But proper maintenance can enhance its efficiency and longevity. The most important factor counts on age are the refrigerant in the air conditioner. If you have some major problems with it you have to spend hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. Maintaining refrigerants is the main concern to have more years with your AC.

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The number of repairs:

If you are repairing your AC once a year then it's normal. But if your AC is demanding frequent repairs then you should think about replacement because spending the double amount of its actual cost is useless. Usually, this happens when you ignore the regular maintenance as long as it is working and wait for serious damage. The only solution is to call a technician now and then to have an inspection of your air conditioner. For example, replacing a bad capacitor is easier and cheaper than replacing your AC after irreparable damage. 

Short-term and long-term benefits of replacing an AC:

Sometimes the cost of repairing a damaged part is equal to the cost of its replacement. For example, replacing the compressor will cost $1500 to $3000 depending on the size of the compressor. But it may fail to add a year in its age. So, it's necessary to compare the long-term and short-term benefits of replacing or repairing an AC. Repairing will not promise you cost-effectiveness as you may have to repair it again but having a new AC at your place will require no repair for at least 5 years and will work more efficiently and with minimum energy consumption. To generalize the analysis, you should calculate the estimated costs for both scenarios. If the repair cost is more than the 50% cost of the new AC then you should replace it. 

Increments in your energy bills:

Utility bills depend on many factors like the consumption of different electronics and their capacity. But the Air conditioner is the key appliance that shares a large part in the bill. If you have noticed that you are having more bills for the same consumption of energy then there is a strong possibility that your air conditioner is making a problem. If your AC efficiency can be increased by repairing it then it's fine. otherwise, you should replace it to minimize your overall cost. 

Air conditioner shuts off very soon or runs constantly:

In summer you need an air conditioner at work all the time but it should be shut down after enough cooling. If you see that your AC is taking a long time to cool your room or place and it is constantly working or it may shut down soon without cooling enough then it's time to call your technician. He can suggest to you the actual problem. Usually, it happens due to the problem with evaporator coils, registers, and clogged air filters. These issues can easily be resolved by repairing them. 

Loud or strange noise:

Capacitors of older AC produce sounds like a small helicopter and it's normal but having a loud rattling sound indicates a broken part in your air conditioner like a shaft or rod. The loose setting of any part in the AC also creates noise; these are the minor damages you can repair by simply tightening the nuts or replacing the broken parts. You can call a technician for this purpose.

Running too cold or too hot:

Your air conditioner is not working according to your given command, it’s working too hot or too cold. This may depend on the size and capacity of your AC regarding your place. If your AC is not working the way you want then you should call your AC repair technician. He will check the system and will tell you the real problem. It may be the thermostat that is not installed properly or maybe it has a problem in its setting. The abrupt behavior of your AC may be due to a problem with airflow or ductwork. These are the minor problems you can repair by spending a little amount.

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