How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters in 6 Easy Steps?

It is important to keep the air conditioner filter clean because a clean AC filter provides you with good air quality in your home and reduces electricity consumption from 5% to 15%. Here we will let you know some very easy and simple tips to clean your AC filters.

How to Clean AC Filters
How to Clean AC Filters

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Filters

When summer arrives, many households choose to turn on the air conditioning to create a pleasant atmosphere at home. First of all, you should know that this will be the first summer with the new electricity rates, so keep that in mind to avoid possible surprises. 

It is recommended to clean the air conditioning filter periodically and here we will explain how to clean your air conditioning filter.

Cleaning the air conditioning filter is a simple task that will not take too long and, in addition, has an impact on energy savings.

Apart from dust accumulation, the performance (heating and cooling) of our HVAC systems can also be affected by other factors. Leading experts point out that non-functioning fan blades are a leading cause of poor heating or cooling. If the experts are able to diagnose such a problem in your HVAC system, they will recommend that you go for replacement fan blades.

A clean filter is also safer for the health of people who breathe the air in the room. It should be remembered that the filter also serves to clean the air in the room, so the cleaner it is, the better the level of cleanliness in the room, especially if you live with people who have allergies.

A dirty filter can obstruct the air passage and, therefore, reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the air conditioning equipment, so you will have to lower the temperature more and more to achieve the same level of cold.

That is why it is recommended to carry out the following steps at least once before summer and once before winter in the case of using the heat pump that most equipment incorporates. Of course, if you notice that the equipment works worse and less power each time, you will have to clean more frequently.

6 Easy Steps to Clean Your AC Filters

Here are 6 simple but effective steps that can help you clean your air conditioner filters.

1. Disconnect the appliance from the main switch. It is essential to ensure that the air conditioning remains idle and not connected to the electrical network. You must never manipulate it otherwise.

2. Raise the front cover and the filters with great care. Usually, the central air system has two air filters, so you must remember which is the one on the left and which is the one on the right. They might be identical.

3. Next, remove the dust from the filters. In case of having accumulated in excess, you can help yourself with a vacuum cleaner and then clean them with running water. If you see that there are still specks of dust, you can help yourself with a toothbrush to access those spaces that are difficult to clean.

5. Use the best suitable chemicals in cleaning HVAC systems. There are many chemical products available in the market that are specially made for cleaning air conditioning. If you want, you can use them, although removing the dust with water will be enough. Don't use harsh chemicals as they can damage the filters.

6. Let AC filters dry thoroughly. If you have washed your AC filters well, let them dry thoroughly. You can use a hairdryer set to speed up the drying process, but be aware that too high of a temperature can burn or otherwise damage the filter. Exposing AC filters to the sun can cause deformations that will affect the performance of the equipment.

If you still notice that the equipment does not work properly, the most sensible thing is to contact the AC repair services.

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