How To Keep A Headband On A Baby: Best Ways to Tie a Baby Headband

What's cuter than a lovely baby dressed up and looking stylish? A baby in an adorable headband, of course. Keeping a headband on a baby's head can be a little more than challenging. Here are the best ways to tie a baby headband.

Headband on Baby, Baby Headband
Best Way to Tie a Baby Headband

How Do You Keep A Headband On Your Baby's Head?

What could be sweeter than dressing a beautiful baby and looking stylish? A baby in a cute headband, of course. Dressing our little ones up in beautiful clothes, matching our outfits or their siblings, is just one of the extra excellent benefits of parenthood. From cute little bows to all-around headbands and scarves, there are plenty of style accessories out there to glitz up your precious one's outfits. But we cannot deny that they are as cute as they may look - keeping the headband on said baby can be a little more than challenging. 

The problem with baby headbands  

Babies are inquisitive, constantly reaching for new objects, exploring the world literally with their hands - and mouth. Plonking baby headbands atop of your baby's head is bound to encounter some curious little hands and a couple of tugs before it's lost to the floor under the buggy.

But don't throw away those adorable headbands quite yet. There is hope - there exist some top tips to ensure your baby's headband stays in its desired location - on their head.

Of course, take on board these hints and tips but remember, some little ones won't enjoy a headband and will find a way to yank it off no matter what- if that's the case, it may be better to opt for a different accessory to keep your baby looking lovely.  

Opt for a soft, comfy materiel

Headband on Baby,Best Baby Headband
Best Way to Tie a Baby Headband

Think about it, those plastic, hard headbands with the spiky little teeth probably aren't going to be the best option for a little one, especially not a newborn. Opt for nice, soft, and comfy material. 

A newborn head is highly delicate - they are soft as their fontanels haven't yet formed together. Taking care of your baby's head at this stage should be of top priority over any fashion accessory, so if you desire a headband at the newborn stage, ensure it is of soft material that will not damage your precious baby's head. The best materials for headbands on newborns include:

  • Nylon
  • Cotton

Both of these materials are soft and stretchy and fit most head sizes.

You need a headband that offers stretch to your baby’s head - you don't want any compression marks left on them. 

Toddlers should also opt for a nylon or cotton headband as they are comfy and easy to wear and wash for those times when your little one gets a little touchy-feely after their toast.

If you start with ensuring the headband is of good quality and comfy, that should prevent your little ones from reaching for the headband to tug it off for comfort reasons. 

Remember, remove your baby's head when they are in their crib; the baby shouldn't be left unattended with a headband.  

Introduce them early

Headband on Baby, Baby Headband
Best Way to Tie a Baby Headband

Probably the best way to get your little one comfortable with their headband is by opting to start putting one on them from an early age. That way, your baby gets used to the headband and will not see it as a point of interest. No little hands will wander up to their head to explore the foreign object sitting up there, as they will be used to it.

If started early on in their life, the headband will become part of the baby's routine. You more than likely have a bedtime routine for your little one that they are now used to - you can do the same with accessories. It is all about ensuring your baby is comfortable with the headband, and that way, the headband will remain.

By popping the headband on the baby from a young age, you allow them to anticipate its presence - which gives them a sense of control and, in turn, means they will be less likely to remove it out of an act of conflict. 

Mums wear them too.

Baby Headband
Best Way to Tie a Baby Headband

Your little one sees your face the most. By wearing a headband yourself, your baby can get used to the headband and see it as something of little interest after looking at it multiple times a day on your head.

Not only this, but a little girl's mummy is the first woman most girls look up to. If they see you're rocking a headband, they will want to follow and be a mini mummy.  

A headband copycat is also a much cleaner option than them reaching for your lipstick or eye shadow palettes. 

Rocking mummy-daughter headbands is a quick way to ensure your bubbas interest in headbands remains, that they are comfortable seeing them and that they have an inherent interest in keeping one on top of their head. 

The Bottom Line

So, there you have our top hints and tips to help your little one's headband remain firmly on their head. The main thing to consider is that you will need your baby to WANT to wear a headband. Otherwise, teaching them to keep an undesirable object on their head could become pretty challenging and a repetitive process of on-off, on-off. 

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