All You Need To Know About Decals and Stickers

Decals are commonly used on hot rod automobiles, plastic models, guitars and vehicles for identification. All decals are stickers but all stickers are not decals. Here you will learn all about decal vinyl stickers.  

Decals and Stickers
Decals on a car

All That You Need To Know About Decals

You may be curious to know what decals are and why they are preferred so much in today's world in almost every sphere of life. Be it for labeling a product, decorating walls, promoting business, or designing car wraps - they are just everywhere. 

What is a decal?

Decals are vinyl stickers that can be applied to almost any plain and smooth surface. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. You can get them custom-made in any design of your choice. Use them to print the logo of your company or some motivational quotes. Though they are made for permanent use (both indoors and outdoors), you can easily remove them whenever you want. So, if the promotional offers change or you need to convey something different from the previous announcement, you can effortlessly replace the earlier decals. 

A decal is a picture that can be moved to a surface utilizing hotness or water. Decals are like stickers, yet they don't utilize a tacky substance for clinging to the new surface. 

A decal is now and then called a "move," and it comprises an image, picture, example, or configuration that is imprinted on paper, plastic, or fabric. By holding a hot iron on the rear of the decal, or spotting a modest quantity of water on it, the picture can be moved to another surface. Decal is an abbreviated type of decalcomania, from the first French décalcomanie, a procedure for moving prints.


  • High longevity (lasts for more than five years)
  • Acts as a permanent promotional tool
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Possess attractive designs
  • Infinite customizable options

Where Can You Apply Decals?

Decals come with different adhesive options. Depending on the longevity and frequency of replacing them, the adhesive is chosen. You will usually find them on - 

  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Cars
  • Promotional vehicles

What's so unique about them

Decals came into prominence when people discovered their versatility. Vinyl decals revolutionized the wall decoration techniques. Equally, they proved their worth in the field of advertising and promotion. They gained so much popularity due to the infinite ways you can customize them. You will find decals being used for office signs, store decor, conveying information, labeling products, printing company motto, motivational quotes, and whatnot! Whether it's the full decal or the partial one, both are very much in vogue and will stay that way for a long time to come. 

What Can Decals Be Used For?

Well, mainly Decals are used for - 

  • Promotion of a brand

Advertising a brand is a crucial part of gaining prominence in the business world. These decals help companies to achieve that in no time.

  • Home Decor

Those days are gone when murals or expensive paintings used to adorn our walls. Decals have made it possible to have your walls decorated with any kind of artwork your heart desires. The best part is you can change them anytime you wish to. 

  • Office Decor

Decals are very useful when it comes to changing office decor. 

  • Company logo depiction

You would hardly come by any company that hasn't resorted to using these decals for their logo depiction.

  • Car wraps

Transform your car with vinyl vehicle wraps without having to buy a new one. You will also find marketers using them for automobile advertising. This decal is really not a decal as depicted above, but rather a vinyl sticker with glue backing, that can be moved by stripping off its base. Decals are usually utilized on dragster autos, plastic models, and hardened steel holders.

Types of common decals

  • Clear decals 

They are transparent and don't block the view when used on clear glass. Only the signs or letters on the sticker will be visible. 

If you made some mistake in placing the sticker in the glass door in your store you can find a helpful resource from StickerYou on how to remove it easily.

  • Matte decals

Also known as frosted decals, they are the perfect choice to provide privacy and at the same time convey the message or deliver the desired design to the glass. 

  • Opaque decals

It is a sticker with an opaque background that will obstruct the view when applied to transparent glass.

  • Perforated decals

They are usually used by stores to cover their big windows and doors. Perforated decals are see-through and are popular tools for window advertising.

  • Water – Slide

This decal logo is screen-imprinted on a layer of water-dissolvable glue on water-safe paper, which should initially be plunged into water before its application. Upon contact with water, the paste is extricated and the decal can be eliminated from its sponsorship; excessively long openness, in any case, disintegrates the paste totally making the decal neglect to follow.

Difference between Decals and Stickers

When contrasting the two kinds of glue designs, plainly in spite of the fact that they can be fairly comparable for all intents and purposes, they are in reality altogether different in numerous ways. 

It just comes down to what your showcasing needs are and how you intend to utilize them. 

In case you're searching for a fast, financially savvy realistic with impermanent cement for an essential advertising hand-out/abandon, requesting stickers is a magnificent decision for you. 

In case you are on the lookout for a substantially more hard-wearing, adaptable realistic item with long-haul glue strength, decals are the correct approach. In spite of the fact that they require a more prominent venture forthright, these tough illustrations will far outlive their more affordable partners.

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These days magnets and static clings are adopted by many as a substitute for vinyl decals. Yet, no tool enjoys so much attention as that of these decals.

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