5 Brain Games to Grow Your Critical Reasoning Skills

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, in order to understand the logical connection between ideas and/or facts and to make a judgment accordingly. A well-developed set of critical reasoning skills builds self-empowerment and confidence and teaches a variety of skills that can be applied to any life situation.

Do you want to improve your critical thinking skills? Here are top 5 brain games you can play to grow your critical reasoning skills.

Brain Games
Brain Game to grow critical reasoning skills

Can Brain Games Improve Cognitive Ability and Help Grow Your Critical Reasoning Skills?

No matter what you do, you need a set of decision-making and problem-solving skills; And for that, you must be able to think critically and act quickly. Critical thinking is a valuable skill for all aspects of your life. It can help you understand yourself better, avoid any kind of negative or limiting beliefs, and focus more on your positive aspects. But the question is how can you improve your critical reasoning skills?

Can brain games enhance your critical thinking skills? The simple answer is yes; they can. These games are brain-training activities that can help you develop essential life skills and reasoning skills. Doing brain exercises can boost your memory, concentration, and focus.

Critical thinking entails carefully evaluating a situation, rationally structuring the problem, and using value judgments to devise a solution. It is an effective tool for any profession by forcing you to analyze things objectively. With artificial intelligence and automation taking over the world, having critical thinking skills can keep individuals relevant in the field.

However, it is difficult learning how to think and reason critically. As a result, some institutions encourage using brain games to develop critical reasoning skills. They are exercises that will turn anyone into a critical thinker.

5 Best Brain Games to Improve Your Critical Reasoning Skills

These are some of the best brain games to grow your critical reasoning skills and boost your brain power.

1. It’s a Mystery

It's a Mystery
Critical Thinking Mystery Activity

Most people enjoy a good mystery, which is what forms the basis of this game. It teaches the importance of communication and decision-making in problem-solving. For example, a team is locked in a room, then finds the way out without breaking windows. It has to use items in the office to get out of the predicament.

This brain game is designed to solve a mystery by working on a daily puzzle page. Team members have to provide clues to find solutions to the unknown. The problem is to solve the clues, find a key and solve a mystery within the time allocated. As a team, work towards resolving the mystery together. Hence, there should be clear communication between team members to solve the challenge more effectively.

2. Dare to be different

magic cube
A Dare To Be Different game

This brain game focuses on using out-of-the-box thinking to come up with solutions to challenges. It encourages the use of critical reasoning to come up with an unconventional solution to a basic concept. You may need to brainstorm ideas before settling on the solution.

This game is a great way to grow critical reasoning skills by finding solutions to common problems. It will push you to approach problems in new and innovative ways of solving a problem. For example, start by coming up with solutions on eating spaghetti without using utensils. By thinking out of the box, you can devise solutions.

The game requires you to think in a new direction. You must take risks and be ready to make mistakes as you come up with solutions to problem-solving. The game involves a variety of aspects that lead to novel ideas and solutions.

3. Save the egg

Save the Egg
Save the egg

Save the Egg is a fun little driving game that you can play in modern browsers for free. The game deals with saving a falling egg by thinking of solutions within a short time. Team members must work together to protect an egg by finding the perfect soft landing or creating a device that guides the egg to a safe landing. The game develops critical thinking by combining movement, coordination, and cognitive skills. It is designed to help build focus, behavior, and social-emotional skills.

In this game, use your intelligence to devise a viable solution and prevent the egg from falling. The game is an excellent way to improve your creative thinking and logic skills as it challenges your reaction time, attention, and memory. It helps develop quick critical reasoning skills to save a situation. You learn how to restore balance by keeping an egg from breaking. 

4. If you build it

Imagine: The Animated Guessing Game
Imagine: The Animated Guessing Game

Imagine is a visual and imaginative guessing game where players use the language of symbols to communicate. This brain game teaches flexibility as an aspect of critical reasoning. It is a team brain game with the common aim of working together to solve a problem. It focuses on problem-solving exercises that push a team to think on the spot and achieve the task at hand. The classic critical thinking brain game helps with creativity and focus.

For example, divide members into teams and give them the same material to construct something. A team that can work together to build a tower using sticks of uncooked spaghetti. The objective is to see which team can use the material provided to make the tallest structure within the shortest time. A team must build a tower that can stand on its own without support.

The game can also involve coming up with a story from a unique image. Start with a picture of an animal or object and try to tell a story about it. In a team game, individuals work together to build something from an image using innovative techniques.

5. Minefield

Mine field game

Mine field is another crucial brain game that helps in team-building. It entails arranging an obstacle course, blindfolding someone, and requiring them to move through the obstacles. Other members can guide their teammates using some clues as they navigate the minefield. You must work together with others to solve problems. It requires coming up with a solution that ensures navigating through the obstacles without knocking them down.

The more adaptable team is likely to be productive in this game. You are testing the ability to overcome change with more ease using critical reasoning skills. This is because a team needs valuable qualities to succeed in the minefield.

The Bottom Line

Critical thinking can improve your creativity in the long run. Whether brainstorming ideas or creatively solving a problem, these brain games will lead you to better solutions. They are designed to build critical reasoning skills while facilitating team building. Therefore, you get more than critical thinking skills to learn problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. There is always room for improvement when developing these skills if you take part in many exercises.

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