3 Most Common Myths About Oiling Hair

When we talk about hair oiling, we have to clear down some myths that we blindly follow. Some misconceptions actually cause more harm than providing nutrition. There are 3 common myths about oiling hair that we would like to discuss in this article.

Oiling Hair
Most Common Myths About Oiling Hair

3 Myths About Oiling Your Hair

When we talk about hair care routine, hair oil is the first option that needs to be considered to maintain the good health of the hair. Massaging hair with organic coconut oil can resolve severe problems of hair including hair fall, thinning hair, split-ends, and much more. 

Every girl should massage their scalp with good quality organic cold-pressed oil. It is the best home remedy to try on with little expense. You will get organic extra virgin coconut oil from the different brands online and offline.

But when we talk about oiling hair, we have to clear down some myths which we follow blindly. Some wrong perceptions actually cause more damage than providing nutrition. There is some myth we would like to discuss in this article. To clear out the perception read this article thoroughly.

Everyone requires oiling once in a week for smooth functioning, that’s why you should not leave it mane. 

Hair oiling may not seem very glamorous but honesty it is life-saving. Our mothers and grandmothers always advise to do oiling, and they were just right about it. In childhood, even in adulthood, we show plenty of excuses to skip oiling, but we all expect to get lustrous hair. However, it is not possible at all. In this pandemic situation, we can’t go to a salon for a hair spa and massage. 

Utilize the time to apply oil on hair and nourish your scalp. Our hair usually lost its lustrous due to environmental stressors and personal stressors. Therefore, we all offer extra care to our hair. You must wash your scalp with chemical-free vegan shampoo to clear the scalp, then massage your scalp with your favorite oil like coconut, almond, olive oil along with essential oil. Pure oil is just like the Holy grail to all hair problems. You have to apply oil in the proper way to get a better result. 

Myth one: You must keep your hair oiled for multiple days for better absorption in the scalp.

We've all done this when we were more youthful. Our ends of the week would comprise of our moms soaking our hair in oil and leaving it on till we needed to wash it off on Sunday and plan for Monday. The reality of the situation is that leaving oil in the hair for extended periods will in general draw in and gather dirt which then, at that point, stuck out to the oil and scalp, turning around the utilization of oiling. For your hair, you must remember less is more. If you overboard your hair with excess oil, you have to clean hair with more amount of shampoo which eventually washes out the natural oil from hair that makes your hair exceptionally dry. That means your objective is to nourish your hair has not fulfilled but the roots of the hair become weaker. Choose hair oil enriched with Vitamin E because it suits all hair types including chemically-treated hair, Vitamin E hair oil nourishes and protects your hair strands and makes them lustrous and well hydrated.

Myth two: Tie your hair tightly after oiling

After taking a good massage, we used to comb and tightly tie them. However, it can damage your hair from the root because it can weaken your hair apparently. It may cause hair fall. That is why trichologists do not suggest tight braids after oil massage. It can be vulnerable sometimes. Brushing your hair firmly in the wake of oiling will right off the bat, cause tying which we as a whole disdain. Following up, close hairdos will debilitate the foundations of your mane and cause harm to your hair. In this way, not any more close braids or ponytails in the wake of oiling.

Myth three: do not keep your hair oiled overnight

On our school days, we are often advised to take some overnight sessions of oiling to get healthier hair. But now you must know that it is just a misconception. If your hair is oiled for a prolonged hour, your scalp attracts specks of dirt and pollution which combines with the natural oil produced by the hair sebaceous gland which eventually damages the hair root and reverses the causes of hair oiling.

You must not comb your et hair, even should not put hot oil into wet hair. It is because wet hair has more tendency towards breakage. Therefore, tugging of hair after oiling generates catastrophic hair fall. Thus stick to oiling while your hair is completely dried off. Vitamin E oil is very good for our hair and scalp, so you have to massage vitamin E oil to rejuvenate the scalp.

Vitamin E oil is a rich source of antioxidants that helps prevent cell damage, thereby, promoting hair growth. Vitamin E helps stimulate blood circulation and encourage hair growth. It also adds luster to hair, boosts hair strength, and prevents hair loss.


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