5 Keys to Boost Online Sales for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

Enhancing brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty is often not easy for small and medium-sized enterprises. Here are the top 5 digital marketing and sales strategies for SMEs that can help you boost brand awareness, promote your business, and succeed in the sales game.

How to Boost Online Sales
How to Increase Online Sales for SMEs

How to Increase Online Sales for Your Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

You don't need to own a large company to have an effective digital marketing strategy. All businesses, regardless of their size, can find great benefits if the right strategy is implemented. In the case of small and medium-sized companies, the main advantage is to break down territorial barriers and expand their market without borders.

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) or small and medium-sized business (SMB) is a business that maintains revenues, assets, or a number of employees below a certain limit.

A small and mid-size enterprise plays a major role in most economies, particularly in developing countries.

Many businesses are going through very difficult times, some have gone bankrupt and others have been lucky enough to reinvent themselves and survive the health crisis. The key to the latter, in most cases, was to take steps towards digital transformation.

If having an online presence was important earlier, it is now more necessary than ever.

Whether your website is informative or if it is your main sales channel, if there is no traffic on it, it is of little use to have it. Anyone may know how to make a web page but that is not enough, it must be intuitive, attractive, interesting, and above all follow the SEO guidelines.

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Here are 5 keys to boosting online sales for your SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

5 Effective Ways for Small and Medium Enterprises to Boost Online Sales

Learn the top 5 digital marketing and sales strategies for SMEs that can help you promote your business and succeed in the sales game in the coming year.

1. Improve your Site's SEO Positioning

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of actions aimed at improving the position of a web page in the  Search engine results page (SERP). 

To improve SEO score, it is best to have a company specialized in positioning where they can make a tailored strategy. 

Being in the first results of the search engines is essential because only the first result gets a third of the clicks and the first three more than half. The more visits, the more likely to have new customers.

2. Take care of the essential elements of your website

Sometimes a website manages to have a lot of traffic, but it is just simple visits that leave the page quickly. 

There are three main reasons for this: it is unprofessional or unattractive, it is slow, or it is not intuitive. 

Today, when we want something we want it now. Immediacy is an essential quality, we are not going to waste time waiting for a page to load nor are we going to investigate where what we want to find is.

On the other hand, a web page is the showcase of your company, your potential clients will be guided by the impression that it gives them, for better or for worse. Therefore, your website must be aesthetic and very intuitive, so that everyone can easily find what they are looking for at a single glance before they go to another website to look for it.

3. Create a Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Content marketing is a powerful tool to attract the public to your website. This is because one of the most important aspects of positioning is to have continuity, so you must take care that your content is updated periodically. 

Write on your blog about tips, recommendations, tutorials, or anything that has to do with the products you offer and create links to them.

There is a tendency to think that anyone can run social networks or create a useful website, but the world of digital marketing is something new and complex, where each strategy must be well calculated according to your needs and objectives. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to have the best experts to take full advantage of all the opportunities that the internet offers.

4. Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is a very powerful tool for your business. Every time you can find on social media more facilities for digital marketing and online sales.

For example, Instagram is a very useful platform where most companies go to advertise, either through collaborations with other brands, influencers, advertising through stories ...

In this social network, you can find people of all kinds, so it is relatively easy to find your target audience. To get there, you can create promotions or collaborate with others that have characteristics in common with your company. In this way, the more specialized the profile, the easier it will be to have a greater affinity with potential future buyers. But you cannot settle for just having followers on Instagram, you must generate traffic to your website. For that, the best option is to upload stories with links to your website or to specific products.

Facebook is the most popular network, and since many people are already familiar with it through their personal use, it's often a great starting point for business use as well. 

You can promote your brand through Facebook Ads, and for this, you will only need to create a company page on Facebook. You can specifically target those who may really be interested in what you offer and thus attract future customers. The biggest advantage is that you can start by making small investments and thus, depending on the results obtained, you will be able to analyze the results to continue with future campaigns.

Twitter is a microblogging platform, which means updates are short blasts, 140 characters or less. It doesn't work like Facebook in terms of interaction, engagement, and promotion, but it can be a very effective tool for many small businesses. The most important part of getting started with Twitter is understanding the platform and knowing how to use it effectively in your small business. 

Pinterest is adding a whole new focus to social networking - pins. Users create pins (the images, photos, and other graphics) in order to share, promote and inspire. On the surface, it may seem that Pinterest is primarily for small businesses selling visual products or services, but there are actually a number of other ways any small business can use Pinterest to build brand awareness and increase sales.

5. Show Your Customers that You Care

If you own a company or a brand, you should take care of marketing strategies to attract new customers and complete the purchase successfully.

You should be interested in building relationships with customers rather than focusing on selling directly, and overtime working to gain customer loyalty to you and ensure continuous purchases.

Accordingly, you should shift your interest from How do you attract new clients? How do you maintain the loyalty of existing customers?

This is a long-term marketing strategy that helps you maintain continuity and competition in the market.

Maintaining the loyalty of existing customers is more important than attracting new customers, as the cost of attracting new customers is greater than the cost of maintaining existing customers.

Surprising factors are a great way to improve your relationship with your customers. It means a little extra effort on your part, but it goes a long way toward building strong professional relationships that will stand the test of time.

Customers should always feel heard and cared for. It is useless to be on all social networks if later you are not going to be aware of the messages, comments, and suggestions. Respond quickly to doubts, since in many cases they are the turning point between making a purchase or not. Make the entire buying process quick and easy, or you may risk losing customers along the way.

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