Is Vitamin K Really Effective to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Vitamins have many benefits for skin health. Vitamin K is considered the most powerful ingredient for a variety of skin conditions, as it fights the most powerful enemies of beauty, and here we mean dark circles.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Dark Circles Under the Eyes

The Benefits of Vitamin K for Dark Circles Under the Eyes: How to Use It.

What is vitamin K?

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin found in foods and marketed as dietary supplements. You can find it in the chicken, liver, cheese, whole milk, and turkey.

Vitamin K plays an important role in many bodily functions, including blood clotting, blood calcium regulation, and bone health.

The Benefits of Vitamin K for Your Skin

Vitamin K enhances cellular metabolism, has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates wound healing by increasing wound contraction and re-epithelialization (a group of cells that unite together to cover an organ of the body), and also has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin K contributes to blood clotting, which reduces dark circles and lightens the under-eye area. Because blood clotting keeps the skin from darkening, by obstructing the flow of blood from the vessels and small capillaries in the thin skin under the eye, which makes a difference in the renewal of the cells of the under-eye area, so it looks healthy, free of problems and somewhat whiter.

Vitamin K benefits for skin can be summarized as follows:

  • Vitamin K helps reduce wrinkles that appear on the skin.
  • It moisturizes the skin and gives it freshness.
  • It helps treat skin pigmentation caused by capillaries by absorbing it.
  • It also helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, dark spots, and freckles that affect the skin.
  • It contributes to getting rid of dead skin and thus works to renew cells.
  • It works to rid the skin of wrinkles and fine lines and maintain youthful skin.
  • It promotes the skin's production of collagen, which works to give the skin elasticity, youth, and vitality.

Is Vitamin K Really Effective to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

The use of the vitamin can lighten the shade of dark circles in the eye orbit area. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble substance that controls blood clotting.

Studies have shown that the daily use of vitamin K reduces dark circles, due to its active role in the blood-pumping process, which leads to stopping the blackening of the skin color by obstructing the blood flow from the vessels and small capillaries in the thin skin under the eyes.

A 2004 study found that an under-eye gel containing 2% Vitamin K, 0.1% Retinol, and 0.1% Vitamins C and E reduced dark circles and wrinkles in 47% of testers!

Vitamin K can be used to treat dark circles by adding it to topical creams to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, and it should not be less than 5% of the cream.

Vitamin K is also available in the form of a gel, and if it is added to vitamin A, the percentage of its treatment for dark circles increases.

It is also possible to enhance the role of creams by eating foods rich in vitamin K, which in turn improves the quality of the skin and reduces dark circles naturally.

How to Use Vitamin K for Dark Circles Under Eyes

You can use vitamin K in a number of different ways, depending on your skin type, or depending on the formula you like best:

Vitamin K is one of the most commonly used eyes cream ingredients, and it can be applied to the skin once or even twice daily.

For best results, look for it in cream formulations that also contain auxiliary ingredients to treat dark circles, such as caffeine, arnica, or even retinol, which can help vitamin K penetrate deeper into the skin.


You can use it after consulting a doctor, and take it as a nutritional supplement. This can solve your dark circle problems, and thus improves and stimulates blood circulation in the area around the eyes.

Vitamin K Gel:

It is usually used before bedtime for best results, and it is one of the ingredients that contain this vitamin as an essential ingredient.


The cream can help repair damaged skin and improve weak blood circulation around your eyes. Because it contains antioxidants, in addition to vitamin K. 

It is preferable to use a cream rich in vitamin K for people with dry skin after using a face wash, and the cream can be applied for 15 minutes daily around your eyes.


It is preferable to use oils that contain vitamin K for dry and sensitive skin, immediately after washing the skin, because these oils are free of any harmful chemicals.

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