DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8: New Updated Version is Live

DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 is one of the recognized software and best archive recovery suites available for repairing the same types of archives.

Let's have a look at the key features of DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 and How DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 works?

DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8

DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8: The Best Archive Recovery Suites

We might feel that our files and folders are apparently safe when they are stored in electronic devices. But, the harsh truth is that electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, etc., can fail at any time. So, we can’t deny the chances of file corruption even if you have secured the device. To prevent such file corruption and all, you can rely on the DataNumen Archive Repair tool. 

This tool is designed to recover or repair archived files or folders that have gone corrupted. Now, every digital disaster can’t be escaped. The best you can do is to protect the file and folder archives. So, prepare yourself to combat the situation with DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8.

How does DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 Work?

Accidents are unpredictable, and it’s the same for digital mistakes. For instance, countless people might have to deal with deleting files by mistake. And, data recovery Dubai services are not just options but rather mandatory. Moreover, taking chances with data loss is not a wise decision. Therefore, you should be ready with data recovery options.

DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 is one of the recognized software available for repairing the same types of archives. Once you install the software on your device, allow the setup to complete. Only then, you’ll be able to use the repair tool.

Developed by DataNumen, DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 is an easy-to-use tool. They are perfect for restoring archive files. Further, the tool is efficient for repairing corrupt RAR files. And, the advanced technology of the tool is capable of recovering corrupt or damaged RAR files. Perhaps, the tool might not recover those damaged files to 100%. However, it can mitigate the chances of data loss as much as possible.

Additionally, DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 provides support to SFX archives. It assists in recovering solid archives and multi-volume ones. If you had saved the archives with a password and got corrupted, then DataNumen Archive Repair is the key to the successful recovery.


Whether it’s your computer or any external device that has lost archives, you can use the tool for every purpose. It’s easy to detect the corrupt file and repair it using DataNumen Archive Repair. On the other hand, you can upload corrupt archives on the FTP server of the tool at the developer’s end.  

Besides this, the tool is capable of repairing archives on other media such as CD-ROMs, floppy disks, and Zip disks. Be it a single archive or a batch of them, you need not worry about it. DataNumen Archive Repair is able to access archive sizes up to 16777216 TB. And that's huge!

What’s New about DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8?

Tools get better and improved whenever they receive updates. DataNumen Archive Repair has been updated and released on 16 May 2021. The newest version is DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8. People usually store files and folders in archives to save space on disks. Archive formats are practically beneficial for storing large volumes of data in compact and easily accessible ways. However, they can become corrupted, as well.

Among archive formats, ZIP, CAB, RAR, TAR are popular. And, DataNumen Archive Repair can work on each of them for repair purposes. You need to install DataNumen Archive Repair and wait till the tool is ready to use. Don’t forget to follow the on-screen instructions while setting up.

Once accomplished, you can specify those elements that you want to repair. The tool might ask you to configure some settings or prompts for fixing the file extraction after the repair is done. For instance, you can set a password, set the buffer size, and repair solid archives.

In addition to this….

You are free to add files through the Search option. Whenever you enter any archive component, you might note that it comes with an in-built search option. The search option allows you to look for archives through a specific keyword. Meanwhile, the advanced search option permits you to locate archives via different filters — such as name, size, location, time, and file attributes.

However, the tool doesn’t come with built-in integration. Yet, you can drag and drop your archives or corrupt files to the specified space of the software. Trigger the process, and the slider below would inform you how much repair has been done. You can keep a queue of archives that need to be repaired. Once an archive gets completed, you can export the repaired items to the LOG file with a single click.

Features of DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8

Is DataNumen Archive Repair available for every computer or operating system? Well, there are some restrictions when it comes to the uses of the DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 version. Go through the following features of the software for a better understanding of the product.

  • DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8 supports all Windows versions starting from Windows 95 to Windows 10. Additionally, it supports Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003.
  • The tool is proficient and perfect for repairing ZIP and all related self-extracting files.
  • Apart from the ZIP archive, the tool is compatible with RAR, standard Unix TAR, and all their subtypes.
  • You can use this tool as part of computer-forensic. 
  • Moreover, the tool comes with the assistance for repairing every version of Microsoft Cabinet files that are compressed by MSZIP, Quantum, and LZX methods.
  • Batch files or archives are ready to use for repair purposes on DataNumen Archive Repair.
  • Repair corrupt media such as ZIP disks, CD-ROMs, and floppy disks with the tool.
  • The tool comes with a support integration with the browser, Windows Explorer. Access the context menu of Windows Explorer for a prompt file repair.
  • Additionally, the tool supports drag and drop tasks along with assisting command line parameters.

Recently Added Features to DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8

Well, the latest version of the DataNumen Archive Repair tool is 3.8. And, it has come with some fantastic features. Here are the updates as follows:

  • The version would check for automatic updates.
  • Furthermore, the tool will upgrade on its own.
  • The tool is improved by fixing minor bugs.
  • DataNumen Archive Repair supports Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, French, and Chinese.
  • The Graphical User Interface is supported by multi-language assistance.

Profile of DataNumen Archive Repair

DataNumen Archive Repair has received a renowned fan base for data recovery methodologies. With more than 20 years of experience, the tool offers award-winning archive repairing technologies. DataNumen provides professional support for data recovery for general and professional developers.

The professional team of DataNumen technologies is highly experienced and skilled. They are dealing with the latest innovations, and the software is available in more than 130 countries. Therefore, DataNumen Archive Repair is one of the most trusted software for data recovery services to personal and business bodies.

So, Keep DataNumen Archive Repair Ready for Data Disaster

Any power surge or mistaken deletion can make your data wiped out of your device. Don’t take any chance for archives when usual data recovery processes might not work.

Go with DataNumen Archive Repair 3.8. Visit the official website to know more about the data recovery tool and its efficiency.

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