How to Change Undesirable Personality Traits and How to Develop a Strong Personality

There is no ideal personality. In general, each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you want to be more organized, more outgoing, more in tune with your senses, more resistant to criticism, etc.  
People who successfully meet trait-consistent behavioral challenges change their personality for the better. However, this process will take attention, patience, and dedication. 
You can start by identifying which undesirable personality traits you want to change and what positive qualities you want to achieve. Then, you can put your new personality traits into practice until they become your habits. 
In this article, we will discuss how you can change undesirable personality traits and how you can achieve a good personality.
How to change personality
How o change your personality for the better

How to Change Undesirable Personality Traits and How to Develop a Strong Personality

What is Personality?

A personality is a group of various qualities and characteristics that constantly exist in a person’s being, as it distinguishes him from others, and is reflected in his interaction with the surrounding environment of people and situations, whether this is related to his understanding and perception, or to his behavior, feelings, emotions, or even his external appearance, in addition to values, desires, tendencies, ideas, talents, and personal perceptions.

It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the concept of personality is not limited only to the external appearance of a person, nor to his actions, behaviors, and psychological characteristics, but on the contrary, it represents an integrated system of these combined features and thus gives a specific nature to the moral entity in the personality.

Personality Change

 Many people wish to bring about change in many aspects of their lives, and in their personalities in particular, because life is in great acceleration and great development. 
A person should keep pace with this development, and make a comprehensive change in his personality for the better, to reach his goal of success and progress that he wishes. 
This is done by evaluating himself, improving his organization of time, and defining the desired goal in his life while looking positively at things, and providing both will and perseverance.

How to Change Your Personality for the Better

According to most theories of personality type, the type of personality is inborn and does not change. However, individuals may develop personality traits and habits that vary from person to person or even directly conflict with the description of their type.

If you have some undesirable personality traits that you want to get rid of, then you are not alone - many people in the world want to twist their personality a little and develop a good personality. 
The good news is that personality is not set in stone, and with some effort, dedication, and good habits, you can change your personality for the better. In the study, psychologists have found that people who exhibit positive personality traits (such as honesty and kindness) have developed good habitual reactions.
A person needs a set of methods that help him change his personality for the better, the most important of which are the following:

Changing the personality for the better needs many important steps, and the first of these steps is self-assessment. For someone who wants to succeed in changing his personality for the better, he should start by assessing himself, showing the weaknesses and strengths in it.

One of the mistakes that may come to the mind of many is that the true self is fixed, and cannot be changed, and people act accordingly. 
The fact is that a person changes his behavior to fit the situation in which he was placed, and before starting to change a person himself, he must know a set of facts. 

The most important of them is that there are aspects of his personality that can control and influence him clearly. Another fact is that the weakness of self, if found in some people, is caused by the cumulative effect of treatment and adherence since childhood.
This is something that many people should realize and focus on while upbringing their children. 
It is in their hands to instill strong self-esteem or weak confidence in their children. Therefore, a person cannot change what happened in his past, but he can change his present and future by finding factors of success and his ability to control his feelings and emotions in his coming days.

Identify Weaknesses
 Identifying and addressing weaknesses is a big step towards changing the personality for the better, but taking care to remember that the goal is not to reach perfection and idealism, but rather to strive to improve the self, and make it better, taking into account the lack of excessive self-criticism.

A list can be created from a person's weaknesses, devising appropriate methods to strengthen the weaknesses, focusing on one at a time, and creating specific, clear strategies for improvement.

Positive Thinking
One of the most important reasons why a person is ashamed to experience, seize opportunities, and change his life is negative thinking, lack of self-confidence, and lack of confidence in the capabilities that an individual can achieve.

So, you must stop thinking about bad and negative things, and focus only on good things, and on the abilities and possibilities you possess, which help you succeed and help you make the necessary changes.

You must make sure that your personality is amazing, and that you avoid disturbing and harassing people who complain again and again.

All people face problems in their lives, and they have to face them without complaining to others, so a person can develop his personality by enjoying a positive spirit, and that the person is a source of enjoyment for others.

Time Management
 The time in the lives of people who seek change and success is of great importance, and of great value. 
A successful person is one who wisely manages time so that he can exploit and invest every minute of his time, and therefore he controls the times of his life that are more valuable than leaving, and sets a schedule in which he organizes works, with a time zone in order not to allow external obstructions to interfere in his success plan, or hinder his ambitious career.

It is only time that enables a person to accomplish his tasks and all his actions. Tasks are not accomplished with a magic wand, or with instant miracles, but are accomplished with the time he has devoted to his business plan and the goals he set for his success.

Time is a double-edged sword, which either improves its organization and exploitation, or consequently succeeds, changes for the better, or it is mismanaged and poorly managed, and consequently, it results in the loss of accomplishments and opportunities that would have been achieved if a person had made better use of it.

Wake Up Early
Waking up early helps improve an individual's health, and greatly affects his life in general. For that, you have to sleep early so that you can get enough sleep and wake up early.

Take Care of Oneself
One of the most important things that create self-confidence and self-esteem is one of the most important steps that must be taken if a person wants to change his personality for the better. 
For example, a woman who takes care of herself, and her appearance on a regular basis, tends to do better, and achieve better, with her surroundings and family, just as her family will notice and appreciate it, and this will create comfort in her relationships with others.

Define Goals and Objectives
One of the most important steps that a person must take if he wants to change for the better is to define the goal that he wishes to achieve, and what he seeks to accomplish, otherwise, the person will go in a vicious circle, walking in confusion without a goal or target.

Among the characteristics of the goals that a person sets for him to be a beacon that illuminates his path, that the goal be specific and clear.
 The clarity of the goal makes it easy to recall in the mind, and constantly aspire to achieve it, and that the goal be achievable, which is something of a challenge and not a failure; that is because the miraculous goal leaves its owner frustrated, and therefore gives it away and leaves it unfulfilled. 

One of the features of a good goal is the possibility of setting it in time. It is complete planning that the plan aims for a specific goal that can be achieved at a specific time.

Be Open-Minded in Life
The person must be ready to listen to others, to change his opinion and accept the other opinion, and not to judge people through their apparent behavior in certain situations. This is an important part of having a good personality, and this gives you the opportunity to meet many friends. 
A person can become more open-minded by experimenting with good things and habits and developing special beliefs.

Respect for Others and Their Feelings
The most important foundations of developing the personality to the best are to treat people with respect. 
Respect for others is through the fulfillment of promises, honesty that are essential to an effective and good character, and self-esteem. 
Respect and concern for others can be gained by treating them with integrity, as this will make the character a subject of interest to others.

Meet New People and Make Friends
Meeting new people provides the opportunity to interact with people who have a lot of experience and try to benefit from it. 
A person can learn a lot from this, and this helps to learn about new cultures, ideas, and opinions. This leads to an open mind, broadening horizons, and helping a person to become more tolerant of others.

Find the Most Productive Hobbies
The practice of new hobbies has a major role in improving the personality, and it is advised to practice various sports, such as: golf, rowing, dancing. 
The practice of new hobbies helps develop the psychological, mental and physical aspects.

Develop a Book Reading Habit
Reading daily books is one of the ways to change and develop the character for the better. Books are the source of wisdom. The more books that are read, the more wisdom a person gets.

Learn from the One You are Inspired
It is possible to resort to those whom a person considers an example for him, a source of his inspiration, focus on the characteristics he wishes to acquire from them and work with them.

Pleasing Personality Development Tips - Summary

There are several ways to change the personality for the better, including:
  • Focus on changing your habits. 
  • Change your self-beliefs
  • Be Optimistic. 
  • Keep your promises.
  • Focus on the process. 
  • Don't Avoid Socializing. 
  • Offer a helping hand to those in need.
  • Learn Important Social Skills. 
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Don't Copy anyone.
  • Create Your Own Style. 
  • Don't Doubt Yourself. 
  • Give space to imperfection
  • Be Passionate About Your Work.
  • Don't shout or be aggressive.
  • Greet everyone with a smile.
  • Stay Smart and Keep Cool. 
  • Be an active listener.
  • Be executive in the dress.
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