What is Real Estate Business and How Commercial Real Estate is Profitable for You?

Real estate business associated with selling, buying and renting a property. There are mainly 4 categories of properties: commercial properties, residential properties, industrial properties and agricultural properties (land). There are various rules for selling and buying in all categories. Here's all you need to know about the real estate business and how to make money in real estate.
Real Estate Business
Real estate business

All You Need to Know About Real Estate Business: Know How Commercial Real Estate is Profitable for You

What is Real Estate?

The term real estate means real, or physical, property consisting of land and buildings on it, as well as its natural resources such as minerals, crops, or water.
Real estate is a property consisting of the land and buildings on which it is located, as well as the natural resources of the land including uncultivated plants, animals, cultivated crops, livestock, water, and minerals.

Real estate is anything that has an immovable and immutable nature; a permanent, immovable property, such as roads, building attachments, fences, and houses.

Real estate is defined as everything that represents a stable and fixed asset. This means that it cannot be moved from one location to another without damage.
Real estate can be divided into three broad categories based on its use such as residential, commercial and industrial.
Residential real estate includes undeveloped land, houses, condominiums, and residences.
Commercial real estate includes office buildings, warehouses, and retail store buildings.
Industrial real estate includes factories and mines and farms.

The Branches of Real Estate

Real estate is generally distributed to the following branches:

Commercial office buildings: This category includes commercial buildings and skyscrapers equipped with offices that target companies and often these buildings are in the middle of the city.

Industrial Real Estate: This category consists of huge areas equipped with solidity to be equipped to withstand the burdens of the industrial environment and are usually on areas far from the population areas and are equipped with sensitive security precautions.

Retail Stores and Restaurants: This category includes highway locations, small shopping malls, and popular restaurants.

Real Estate "Compounds": It includes huge residential complexes that include many apartments or commercial villas in addition to a large number of individual residents.

Commercial Land: This includes the empty raw land areas expected to be invested and exploited in the future, which may be in rural areas equipped for development.

Miscellaneous: This includes the rest of the non-industrial branches of hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, development and storage projects.

Residential Real Estate vs. Commercial Real Estate

Comparing residential real estate to commercial real estate is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are of the same type, and this is the only similarity.
The following are general descriptions of both types of properties:

Residential real estate revolves around the requirements and needs of the owner and his family. The property is purchased for individual use, usually for family accommodation.

Commercial real estate focuses on business, including property that has been sold, leased, or used to achieve a pre-set commercial objective. It is used as an investment to achieve a return on the money invested.
Commercial real estate sales are based on figures and Return on Investment (ROI) calculations.

Residential property is completely different as it is a more emotional sale. Many buyers make the decision to buy depending on the fact that they feel this is the right home for them.

What is Residential Real Estate?
Residential real estate focuses on personal use. For the most part, residential real estate agents represent the sellers or buyers of a single family of primary housing. 
Residential real estate agents also work in the following disciplines:

Selling secondary housing to people looking for “homes far from their residence”.
Working exclusively for new home builders, usually by working as an on-site sales representative in new communities.
Representing real estate investors looking to increase wealth by owning houses, two-, three- and four-story residences.

What is Commercial Real Estate?
Commercial real estate is structured around the trade or investment. Commercial real estate agents are usually familiar with many areas of commercial real estate, but they usually specialize in one of the following areas:

Commercial real estate agents represent tenants by finding real estate, and selecting and negotiating a new space for the client's business.
They represent the owners of the buildings or the lessors by working to rent the building at the highest price and the best conditions.
They represent investors who wish to buy and sell commercial property by finding the least risky opportunities, the best return on investment, and the best capitalization rate.
The capitalization rate is the net operating income of the property divided by the sale price or the value of the property.

How to Make Money in the Real Estate Business?

Many people are interested in buying real estate either for housing or work. Therefore, laws in all countries guarantee the right to own property for individuals, but in order for an individual to buy and own his or her own property. 
One of the most common ways to make money in real estate is to hold residential rentals and take advantage of long-term buys. 
The investors must abide by several tips, including:

Visit the real estate's website and make sure it is suitable for use in housing, work or your purpose in purchasing it.
Obtain a copy of the ownership contract of the property if it is owned by another person in order to ensure that the previous owner did not use it in any form of transfer of ownership, or if there are rights arising from it.
Ensure that space, specifications, and information in the property match the contract form and construction of the property.
Verify the eligibility of the seller or the person responsible for the sale of the property;
Ensure that there is no other owner or buyer of the property.
Verify that the property is free from mortgage, lease, or other rights.

If investors understand these points, they should increase property value, and then they can collect rental income by renting property to tenants and generate profit from business activity that depends on real estate.

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How Modern Systems Can Save Money for Real Estate?
Modern international real estate systems are classified into three types:

1. National Property: National properties are classified into two types:

Public Property: All real property used by people, whether directly such as public roads or public utilities such as airports or which provide public services such as courts and schools.
Private disputes over national property: Property and real estate for which there is no owner and does not constitute an inheritance.

2. Private Property: Private property is a legal designation of property ownership by non-governmental legal entities. It is personal property and does not include the general public. It depends on the existence of an absolute or divided property owned by more than one owner, and each person has a stake in this property. So each owner must know his own share.

3. Endowment Property: also called waqf properties, classified into two types, namely:
General Endowment: This is the property belonging to charities or mosques.
Special Endowment: This is the property that has been confined to certain individuals whose endowment is valid.

Real Estate According to Its Objective:
The division of real estate is based on the nature and quality of use; each section relies on a particular specialty. The division of real estate includes agricultural, industrial, commercial, residential, and unutilized land; Public recreational properties such as parks, and private properties such as airports, seaports, hospitals, and schools.

How Commercial Real Estate is Profitable for You?

Commercial real estate in its various forms is one of the most important investment sectors that are directed to enter into its field because it is a way of preserving capital without many losses affecting investors so it is advised to enter the field of commercial real estate. 
Commercial real estate returns large and increased profits if it is managed on the basis of long-term structured plans by choosing the best locations for real estate investment and entering into emerging markets with strong potential for advancement and expansion. 

After reviewing the different types of real estate in the global markets, you start your role as an investor by entering into the field of real estate investment and taking risks in this market.
This comes through the ownership of the real estate and starts renting them to return your profits. Over time, this will lead to the expansion of ownership of buildings and land in various real estate markets.

Investing in real estate is a stage where the investor enters, but this stage is not easy to contain a lot of competitors and risks.

If Real Estate investors understand these points, they should increase property value, and then they can collect rental income by renting property to tenants and generate profit from business activity that depends on real estate.

For this reason, this type of investment is based on a successful feasibility study, market analysis, identification of the most expansive real estate fields and attracting prospective clients intelligently by offering contemporary real estate at competitive prices that distinguish it from other competitors.

Real estate is profitable when exploiting emerging areas as we mentioned earlier when the study is smart to predict the areas that will become active for real estate investment.

Initially, the purchase of these lands at very low prices and the cost of construction on them is very cheap and the development of projects without strong competitors. The benefit here comes after some time if this study succeeds. The prices of these properties will double the price of buying them. 

Selling or renting these properties becomes profitable and a successful investment with the return of a lot of huge profits that can be distributed to invest in different real estate markets and expansion of projects.


In the end, real estate is like the rest of the investment markets, there must be risks in it that could lead to significant losses, including bankruptcy, so this type of investment should be reviewed and it is necessary to search for the right opportunity to continue.

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