10 Easy Ways for a White and Healthy Smile

A smile is a feature that people notice first about another person. A bright healthy smile is one of the best ways to make a great first impression on anyone.
Keep your pearly whites healthy throughout your life by following these 10 easy methods!
How to keep your teeth white
Cosmetic dentistry: 10 Great Ways to Achieve a Bright, White, and Healthy Smile.  Image credit: This image is provided by Shashi Das.

10 Easy Ways for a White and Healthy Smile

After the nail or eyebrows, smile aesthetics have been growing more and more recently. For having white teeth, from simple methods to more complex methods, there are a thousand and one ways to maintain the whiteness of our teeth. 
Using the right products, doing the right things, and relying on some old recipes can help keep us smiling! 

How can you get a beautiful white smile?

10 creative ways of maintaining your white teeth and healthy smile:

1. Brush Your Teeth to Music:

We have been repeating it since primary school but who does it? Three minutes to look in the mirror brushing our teeth is not necessarily fantastic to do. 
A simple trick is to put music during this time; at the end of the song, you can finally rinse your mouth. We can also finish with a mouthwash to optimize our brushing.

2. Thinking Electric:

An electric toothbrush removes twice as much plaque as a conventional toothbrush. There are many brands with different programs depending on the sensitivity of the teeth or gums. We know what to ask for our next birthday now!

3. Avoid Tasks:

Many foods are real enemies for white teeth. Tea, coffee, wine, dark sodas, and tobacco yellows them. These substances against teeth polishing tend to color the teeth, so it would be ideal to use them only when you are sure you can brush your teeth right after or at least be able to rinse your mouth with water.

4. The Right Toothpaste:

Simply a toothpaste special white teeth that contain microcrystals or teeth polishing agents that have the effect of scrub on the surface of the teeth. There are also light reflectors that will make visually brighter teeth.

5. Grandmother's Tip:

Baking soda is certainly the best-known recipe for a smile makeover; just add a pinch of our toothpaste when brushing. 
The ideal is to do it once a week. The bicarbonate will have the effect of eroding the scale on the teeth and give us a feeling of freshness after rinsing. We find a pharmacy or supermarket. 
A few drops of lemon can have the same effect; here are two cheap solutions to maintain our smile.

6. Exit the Pie:

Scaling allows monitoring the health of our teeth while taking care of their whiteness, a perfect compromise. 
Scaling is different from bleaching; it consists in eliminating the tartar accumulated on the teeth. This is done with a special device found only in the dental office by paying teeth whitening cost. 
On the other hand, it will not have the effect of whitening properly the color of the enamel of the teeth. Decalcification removes residues.

7. Yes to Bleaching:

This should be done only by the dentist! He will apply a whitening gel on the gents using a gutter, it must be allowed to act for a while, and its action can be amplified using a UV lamp. This technique will actually and directly change the color of the enamel of our teeth.

8. The Right Lipstick:

When buying a lipstick or gloss you never try the hue on the back of the hand (it's misleading) but directly on the lips. 
We prefer the shades at least a tone darker than the natural complexion of our lips to precisely avoid highlighting some unsightly stains or colors on our teeth. 
We avoid at all costs the purple colors such as plum, aubergine or purple that highlights the yellow shade of teeth. For glosses, bluish pigments are chosen which make the teeth whiter by the optical effect.

9. We Take Care of His Lips:

The dead skin on the lips there is nothing more unsightly! To get rid of it we put on soft scrubs specially designed for the lips because the skin is very thin. Then hydrate with sweet almond essential oil or lip balm. 
Healthy lips with a beautiful pink color, it necessarily brings out the white color for smile makeover of our teeth.

10. We Think About Chewing Gum:

But only if it is not possible to brush your teeth. We opt for special gums white teeth that contain active crystals similar to those that can be found in toothpaste, they will be able to help us after a meal or a snack for example.

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