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Educational Technology: 5 ModernTechnological Devices Used in Education

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The most important technological devices used in education 

Educational Technology: 5 Modern Technological Devices Used in Education

There are many modern technological devices used in education: online teaching software, podcasts, smart boards, wiki grade blogs,  interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, and mobile devices. We can take advantage of these technological tools in education in various ways.
In this article, we explore 5 most important technological devices used in education. These technological tools can be used to solve problems and arrange ideas and organize them in an acceptable format.

The Latest Trends in Educational Technology

The importance of modern technologies in education has been commented on by many practitioners in the field of educational technologies and there are high hopes for their role in the educational process.
Educational technology enthusiasts believe that their use will improve the quality and effectiveness of education. It will arouse students' interest and meet their needs for learning, there is no doubt that the various teaching aids such as trips, models and educational films provide each student a variety of experiences to achieve their goals and interests.
Educational technology increases the positive participation of students in the educational process and leads to the development of meditation and creative scientific thinking to solve problems and arrange ideas and organize them in an acceptable format.
The digital dichotomy and the information technology revolution have become an integral part of the educational system. But what are the most important information systems used in education?

5 Most Important Technological Devices Used in Education 

Today, educational technologies have become the most effective tools for developing new trends and behavior modification.
Modern knowledge is no longer confined to traditional patterns such as books and periodicals. It is important to use the latest technologies to prepare a generation with the specifications of this era and to build vital educational systems that use investigation, analysis, and conclusion to solve problems. Let's see 5 latetest technological devices used in education.

1. Digital Interactive Whiteboards
Digital interactive whiteboards are devices that specialize in large-screen displays connected to a computer or projector. Digital whiteboards are widely used in classrooms and corporate boards.

2. Ultra-High-Definition Television (UHDTV)
UHDTVs are wide-screen TVs that display clearer and more detailed images than standard HDTV images, among other features, including the ability to freeze video playback to create high-quality still images. Video and still images can then be edited and stored for later use, this technique is very useful for painters, designers, and publishers.
4K UHDTVs offer four times the resolution of standard HD TVs, providing a clearer, more realistic viewing experience. One of the latest and most exciting technologies is the 3D display, 3D UHDTV. Using special viewing glasses, the 3D UHDTV provides a high-quality 3D theater presentation.

3. Smart Boards - Interactive Classroom Boards
SMART Boards are computers with large, high-definition touch-screen displays that have revolutionized teaching aids and instructional technology, used in classrooms, in meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops and in communicating with the Internet. It allows the user to save, store, print or send what has been explained to others by e-mail if they cannot be present.

4. Digital Projectors
The images from a conventional screen are displayed on a screen or wall, the ideal and most used form for presentations at meetings when many people need to see the screen at the same time.
Moreover, projectors tend to be portable, and less expensive than a screen of similar size; unfortunately, the images displayed can be difficult to see in bright rooms, so they are better used in dark rooms or with curtains.

5. Tablets
Tablets are small in size, can be moved and used anywhere, and can be kept from interactive learning resources and e-books. Tablets have become one of the most important elements of modern e-learning systems, and even became one of the most influential learning tools.  Perhaps tablets are an alternative tool for the textbook and a central tool for the management of teaching and learning processes between teacher and student.


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