Benefits of Testosterone for Bodybuilding: How to Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone, but it is also found in females in a very small quantity. 
Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in men's testicles and women's ovaries. 
Testosterone is one of the major factors in boys for physical changes such as deep voice, increased muscle and hair growth. 
Testosterone is important for a person's overall health and well-being. 
Here, you will read the benefits of testosterone for bodybuilding and 10 evidence-based ways to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Testosterone for Bodybuilding
Testosterone is naturally produced by the human body.

The Benefits of Testosterone for Bodybuilding

If from adolescence we begin to observe great changes in development between boys and girls, it is because of the secretion of certain hormones such as testosterone. 
If you are new to bodybuilding, knowing more about the benefits of this hormone could be of great help to improve you. What are the benefits of testosterone for bodybuilding?

What is testosterone exactly?

Before listing the various benefits offered by testosterone, let's discover in the following the profile of testosterone to better understand its role in our body. Indeed, testosterone is none other than a male steroid hormone. 
It is naturally produced by the human body, with a small amount in women compared to men. Testosterone is categorized in what is called androgen hormone. It is responsible for the development of male reproductive organs and aims to differentiate between men and women.
It is the testicle that secretes up to 95% of testosterone, and that is why it is found in large quantities in men. 
In women, androgen hormones are secreted from the ovaries and adrenal glands, but to a small extent. It is not uncommon for testosterone to be obtained from certain substances that are transformed by the liver, skin and adipose tissue. 
Testosterone circulates in the blood in two forms. Either it is in the form of transport proteins, or it is free. 
Note that in the first case, 30 to 40% of testosterone is bound to albumin, and 60 to 70% is bound to SHBG or TeBG and SBP.

Testosterone reduces body fat

Even if testosterone is a hormone naturally produced in the testicles, it is possible to get cheap for specialized platforms or as here on Amazon. 
Bodybuilding enthusiasts love it a lot; and this for several good reasons. 
One of the first benefits for bodybuilding enthusiasts is that it greatly enhances the loss of body fat. 
Indeed, testosterone replacement therapy for men plays a very important role in regulating the metabolism of fats, glucose, and insulin by promoting their conversion into energy. 
Moreover, studies have shown that reducing the level of this male hormone in the blood (500 ng/dl to 200 ng/dl for example) is causing an increase of about 30% in body fat. 
Conversely, after 2 to 3 months of supplementation with a testosterone booster, the results showed a decrease of 18 to 12 % in body fat.

Increased muscle mass of the body

As a steroid hormone that stimulates or controls the development and maintenance of male characteristics, testosterone has a great influence on the amount of muscle mass. 
First of all, by practicing bodybuilding the muscles undergo many light traumas. And that's what's driving their growth. 
For this, the body increases its production of proteins, under the action of hormones such as testosterone, to increase the size and strength of muscle fibers. 
Testosterone is therefore very useful to help the body increase its protein synthesis and allow a rapid increase in the body's muscle mass.

Reduced level of fatigue

Many studies have shown that relatively low levels of testosterone in the body cause sleep disturbances and fatigue. 
Bodybuilding is a sport that puts a strain on the muscles, it requires a high rate of testosterone to keep up the pressure. And it is not being in a serious state of fatigue that it would be possible to practice daily exercises for a good result. 
It should be noted that testosterone would allow in the context of bodybuilding:
  • to feel the weight of fatigue after the various efforts
  • to better hold the difficulty
  • to develop more strength
  • to promote better development of muscle fibers
  • to promote a quick repair of muscle tissue and better recovery.
Ultimately, testosterone is a perfect ally for anyone who wants to do weight training or who simply wants to lose some body fat. 
But for that, it is important to take appropriate boosters that will be able to stimulate an adequate synthesis of testosterone by the body. 

Testosterone Levels
The Benefits of Testosterone for Bodybuilding-Infographics

How to Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Here are 10 proven ways to help boost your testosterone levels now.
1. Stay active, exercise daily.
2. Lift Weight and keep a healthy weight. Be sure to stay at a healthy weight.
3. Fill up on fat and eat protein, carbs and healthy fats.
4. Take control of your stress and cortisol levels.
5. Get plenty of restful and make sure to get enough sleep.
6. Get some sun or take a vitamin D supplement.
7 Take vitamin and mineral supplements.
8. Step away from the bar and avoid drugs and alcohol abuse.
9. Follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid estrogen-like compounds.
10. Take some of the natural testosterone boosters such as D-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, fenugreek, ginger, zinc, etc.

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