Mood Swings -Symptoms and Causes - How to Control Mood Swings Naturally?

Mood swings refer to minor daily mood changes or to significant mood changes as shown by mood disorders such as bipolar depression or major depression.  
Mood swings are characterized by frequent periods of mild mania (high mood and dullness), and other periods of mild depression (ie, a few symptoms of depression). 
Rapid changes in mood can also occur in women who suffer from a premenstrual dysphoric disorder or premenstrual syndrome. 
In mood disorders, mood swings cause many social and work problems. In many cases, mood disorders need treatment.
Mood swings
Signs and causes of mood swings

Mood Swings: Symptoms and Causes - How to Control Mood Swings Naturally?

What are Mood Swings?

Mood swings are a severe or rapid change in mood. Such mood swings may play a positive role in producing advanced flexible planning and promoting problem-solving delimitation and in producing advanced flexible planning.
However, when the mood swings are so swinging that they are uncooperative, they can be a major part of bipolar disorder.

Men believe that only women suffer from mood swings but the fact is that anyone is susceptible to mood swings, so it is better to know the causes of mood swings and ways to control them?  
For example, you can be incredibly happy within a minute and then very unhappy and sad, after some time, you can come back to happiness and joy again.

Sometimes the causes of mood swings are obvious, such as a specific psychological condition or emotional breakdown, but some mood swings occur for no apparent reason.

People suffering from severe mood swings may notice other problems such as a predisposition to suicide, unhealthy supplements, and problems in their personal and professional lives.
Therefore, it is necessary to control mood swings through specific methods.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Mood Swings

The symptoms of mood swings may vary depending on the underlying cause or the specific stage which the person is going through. The common signs and symptoms of mood swings may include:
  • Abnormal bone density reading
  • Abnormal blood levels of reproductive hormones
  • Slightly elevated or reduced body temperature
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • Fluctuating blood pressure
  • Mood depression or elevation
  • Extreme moods
  • Frequent changes in mood, behavior or personality
  • Unexplainable emotions
  • Lack of motivation
  • Increased stress
  • Anxiety disorder

Causes of Mood Swings

Mood swings can be a very painful experience for women and some of them have a lot of mood swings, but hormones are not always the factors that are responsible for mood swings because there are many reasons for mood swings.

Causes of psychological mood swings
There are several psychological states that are caused by mood swings.
It is known that these cases lead to the disruption of the lives of people so that the patient can be inclined to suicide or extreme violence.  
Mood swings are due to one of the following mental disorders.

The good news is that early diagnosis in most cases can be treated until the person resumes his normal life.
However, many people can suffer from mood swings in silence, without realizing that they have a problem and may result in a misunderstanding of these characters by family and friends.
The following is a list of psychological reasons behind mood swings.

Hyperactivity disorder:

People who suffer from this disorder cannot get treatment but it is necessary to deal with their condition because they feel frustrated between the second and last.

Many of them suffer from hyperactivity disorder without realizing during their lives without a clear diagnosis.

Hyperactivity disorder results in feelings of inadequacy and inability to deal with others because of the feeling of depression resulting in mood swings.

Bipolar Disorder:
Patients who have bipolar disorder may suffer from mood swings, which is a widespread disease in the United States of America.
The doctor should be sought before becoming depressed.

Bipolar disorder causes patients to suffer from a lot of energy and often lack the need to sleep and spend too much on their own finances and they face confusion between the two extremes.

Because bipolar disorder moves from the state of happiness to the state of sadness and it is unable to adjust the mood to suit this problem.

Personality Disorder:
Patients suffering from personality disorder are unable to keep and maintain any relationship because of the turbulent feelings about themselves and others.

Depression causes feelings of happiness and suddenly turns into moments of sadness and thus a person suffers from mood swings that are symptoms of depression.

People deal with anxiety in different ways and sometimes it is difficult to deal with anxiety, such as conflict with the husband or being disturbed by the actions of children, financial problems and sometimes resulting from the anxiety of collapse.

The hormones responsible for stress respond to mood swings. The problem of stress hormones and anxiety is that they affect brain chemistry, which is enough to make the mood unpredictable.
When exposed to long-term stress and severe stress, neurotransmitters affect the nicely.

Causes of non-psychological mood swings:
Chemical imbalances:
When brain production is affected by neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, it produces mood swings, thus people suffer from alternating emotions between sadness, happiness, depression, anxiety, stress, and fear.

The most common symptom of dementia is rapid mood swings as well as diminished ability to think and face difficulty in work.

Brain tumors:
Mood swings can be due to a small brain tumor. Therefore, when you have frequent mood swings and continue for a long time you need to consult your doctor.

Women experience severe mood swings during menopause and often occur because of hormonal changes.
The hormone estrogen affects the production of serotonin and the regulation of the nervous mood.
Decreasing the level of estrogen affects the mood, which makes you suffer from mood swings.

As you enter adolescence, physical and emotional changes begin to appear, resulting in a disorder in your normal way of life.
At this stage boys and girls become prone to mood swings and feelings of inadequacy, so do not misunderstand.

Pregnancy causes mood swings in the woman's body. When the pregnancy reaches the peak, estrogen levels drop.
In addition, women suffer from a lack of self-confidence and an inability to perform normal tasks. During this phase, women suffer from mood swings.

Hormonal changes:
One of the common causes of mood swings in women is that they go through different stages of hormone changes from the beginning of adolescence, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, which lead to mood swings during this period.
Mood swings affect the neurotransmitters in the brain that control mood, resulting in a decrease in estrogen levels in the body due to menopause and cause mood swings.

Side effects of drugs:
Anything that enters the body has the power to change it, including mood. Common causes of mood swings include frequent use of medications, such as depression drugs, which change brain cysts and result in mood swings.
Some drugs also lead to changes in hormones, including drugs that control cholesterol and blood pressure, and certain antibiotics.

In fact, diet is one of the most common causes of mood swings in many people in different age groups.
Some studies have shown that a high-fat diet can adversely affect the bowel and symptoms of depression.

Mood Swings: Prevention and Management

Mood swings prevention
How to control and manage mood swings naturally
How to Control Mood Swings Naturally?
It is very natural that people suffer from mood swings throughout the day, but their long duration results in a lot of problems, it affects the social and personal relations and luckily can be treated and control with mood swings.

Determine the cause of mood swings:
The first thing you should begin to know is to determine the cause of mood swings because it can be a symptom of certain medical problems.
When you determine it, you can handle it correctly.

We mentioned above a set of the most common causes of mood swings. For example, if you suffer from depression you need specialized help and if the cause is food or lifestyle you can make some beneficial changes to control your mood swings.

Get specialized help:
Frequent mood swings affect your life, especially your family. Therefore, it is best to see your doctor to determine the correct diagnosis, find the real cause of mood swings and describe the correct treatment that may include natural medicines or treatments or both.

Obtain sufficient information:
Mood swings lead to be out of control. If you understand why and how this happens?  So it is very necessary to know the causes of mood swings.
Sufficient information helps you learn how to deal with your condition.

Find activities that can help you:
If the causes of mood swings are emotional or psychological problems, try to spend time in activities that help you relax and maintain focus.
When exercising your favorite hobby, you can feel calm and relaxed.
People suffering from mood swings and depression are encouraged to concentrate their energy and exercise.

Talk to family or friends:
If mood swings are frequent, you should be treated with medication to help you provide the support you need.
Discussing your situation with your family and friends helps you overcome this problem.
When you deal with mood swings there will be changes in your behavior and your life and do not let this affect your personal relationships.
Try to talk to your family and friends about what happens to you to understand why you behave in a certain way so that you are less likely to abuse or confuse behaviors that are issued to you.

Follow the doctor's prescription:
The most important thing when you suffer from mood swings is following the doctor's prescription and following the instructions that remind you.
If you are told not to exercise or not to eat a particular food, it is preferable to abide by this.

What Foods Help Prevent Mood Swings?
Here we have mentioned some useful home remedies that can be applied to overcome mood swings.

Lemon balm:
One of the most effective home remedies for mood swings if you have a recurrence is to use lemon balm for two or three days to provide you with the necessary rest for mood swings.

Cactus gel:
Take a small suspension of cactus gel and mix it with half-hung peppercorn powder and eat this mixture after the basic meals.
It is preferable to divide the mixture for consumption after meals and not to exceed more than a large hanging. These steps are effective in treating mood swings.

Cinnamon Tea:
Add two sticks of cinnamon to one cup of water and boil the mixture well and then cinnamon powder to get cinnamon tea.
Prepare a few glasses to maintain the mind and control the intensity of tension and mood swings.
Banning tea is also an easy and useful way to reduce mood swings.

Basil leaves:
Get 3 - 4 leaves of basil and boiled in water until the mixture reaches half. Then filter the mixture and eat it once throughout the day.

Oatmeal is one of the home remedies that help to eliminate mood swings especially for women during the menstrual cycle; they can cope with this problem.

Cherry powder:
Take a small hanging of cherry powder and add a small hanging of his honey.
Make a paste of these small amounts and eat two or three tablespoons in one day to reduce mood swings and relax the mind.

Green tea or black tea; both are useful in treatments of mood swings. Teacups work easily to prevent sudden changes in mood due to physical and mental exhaustion.

Desalination with honey, rather than sugar, or milk tea is also an effective step in dealing with mood swings.

There are many factors that lead to mood swings, some main factors are:
Overactive thyroid activity leads to mood swings.
Other causes that lead to mood swings are monthly masturbation in women during pregnancy and postpartum.
In many cases, we keep digging behind some topics until we find something that satisfies us and changes our mood.
Do not worry about your condition, avoid thinking constantly about your problems; it is definitely a waste of time and energy to think more about something without necessity or profit.
If you are happy, go as far as possible with everything that can disturb you.
Do not follow any particular situation and do not think strongly about it unless there is a strong reason for it if you take care of it, then your mood will not change repeatedly.

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