Monday, June 11, 2018

Are Indian youth less reliant on their smartphones than older generations?

latest technology trends
Latest technology trends

How can I say-Indian youth are less reliant on their smartphones than older generations?

New research has emerged about smartphone users in India, which shows that about 67 percent of Indians cannot live without their smartphones, most users are female, 79 percent of respondents in the 50-55 age group has the highest number of their smartphones. needed. Comparatively, the results show that young people with less than 63 percent of the age group of 20 to 25 years are less dependent, they agree that they can not live without a smartphone.

The study report shows that the connection has been a big appeal by seeing smartphone devices offering very little as a deformity for large generations. While the large proportion of the younger generation, especially the 15-year-old (27 percent), see their smartphone as a distraction.

They do the first thing while awake, examining their phones show results that 74 percent of respondents have examined their phone within 15 minutes of waking, 26 percent check it immediately, while about half it is five or 15 minutes The results are examined inside the results that show that the result also shows that half of the Indians spend four or two hours a day on their smartphones, in which it is used between the third and four hours. Power, and the fifth day to day use of six hours or more. The trend has not changed in the time of sleep, most respondents have examined their phone within 15 minutes of sleep, half of them check it immediately before closing their eyes or five minutes before. Interestingly, after receiving notification in less than two-thirds of respondents, check your smartphone in the middle of the night. 20 percent of surveyed claims they always look at their phones at night, while 42 percent sometimes check their phones in dark hours.

Rate of use

Report Highlights, Social Media, and Messaging App are the most downloaded apps on smartphones in India, the most popular of which is the use of 94 percent of respondents in all age groups. Facebook is used up to 90 percent. 71 percent of Indians also use Facebook Messenger. YouTube has become the most popular app in India used by 88% of the sample, they use the messaging event four or twice a day. Approximately 69 percent of respondents use their smartphones to shop online, at the end of this, 47 percent of e-commerce apps are also installed. However, two-thirds of the sample like to use their phone during the purchase. Nearly 60 percent of them use it to compare prices, while 58 percent prefer to take a picture of the product and 55 percent use it for more information about the characteristics of the product.

In India, Deepa Bhatia, General Manager, Yugov said, "It is interesting to see the enthusiastic adoption of smartphones by the older generation who have become very dependent on them, unlike the popular belief that they are quite young products. Marketers in this study To meet endangered demographics by all inclusive and mobile world, on mobile marketing channels in different age groups and Four-time highlights the importance of being all-inclusive. "

Today, mobile phones have become a necessity for humans, so it is important to use the right time and the right way. It is not good to be busy on the phone at all times so that other important tasks can be finished at the right time.

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YouGov survey report by Deepa Bhatia, General Manager for YouGov in India