Electric Cars Information- Electric Vehicles can Help Save Billions on Energy Storage

The design of an electric car is based on an electric motor, an electric control system. A powerful battery can be recharged while maintaining a reduction in weight and can make the price affordable to the buyer. 
Electric vehicles are more suitable than internal combustion engine cars in terms of environmental protection, as it does not produce harmful residues.

Electric Cars Information
Electric Cars Information- Electric Vehicles can Help Save Billions on Energy Storage

Electric Cars Information- Electric Vehicles can Help Save Billions on Energy Storage

What Are Electric Cars?

The electric car is a vehicle that uses electric power. There are many applications for its design. One of these applications is replacing the original engine and putting an electric motor in place. 
It is the easiest way to switch from oil to electricity while maintaining the other components of the car. 

The electric vehicle differs from the electric vehicle as a private car for persons, while the vehicle or electric vehicle is for industrial use or transport of persons in the context of public transport.

Why You Should Buy an Electric Car?

Ten reasons to purchase an electric car
Electric cars have been a violent shake in the automotive world despite their novelty. And we are living close to bidding farewell to the era of regular cars powered by the internal combustion engine (fossil fuels). 
Here is a list of 10 reasons to think about buying an electric car, bypassing the obvious reason of wanting to try new and dazzling friends and acquaintances.

1. Eliminate the heavy mechanical complexity of internal combustion engines
Do you remember the fault that gets you when you open the hood of your regular car to see the extreme complexity and how you were stuffed with pieces that we do not know its work? In the electric car, you keep that whole complexity.

2. A significant reduction in the cost of maintenance and repair
Due to the lack of mechanical complexity, you will find that the time and money that you put in maintenance and repair will be greatly reduced. You do not have "dispatchers", "candles", "chests", "cranks", "cylinders", "pistons", engine oil, "filter" or "exoset." Do you continue or leave the rest of the list for your mechanic friend?

Electric car charging station
The electric car charging station-Electric Vehicles could help Save Billions on Energy Storage

3. Enjoy the customs exemption
You will doubt that you are driving the electric car as if it were driving without a motor. We can imagine the calm that will return to the big cities when ordinary cars and the sounds of their engines die.
Many governments exempt electric cars from customs, which usually double the price of the car. Of course, you do not expect this exemption to last long.

4. The torque of the electric motor is much higher than the torque of the internal combustion engine
As soon as you press the pedal you will feel a big difference in the determination given to you by the electric car, which excels at the speed of starting on the best and most expensive ordinary cars. Another happy reminder is that you will completely deposit your car's inability to climb the steep slopes, even if you stand in the middle of the slope and then decide to complete the climb, the car will get you to launch as a wild horse in a smooth way.

5. Electric cars are the future
Major automakers have announced plans for a complete transformation of the electric car industry by 2020 and may even increase their percentage of cars by 2025. Some countries, such as China, have announced their plan to ban full-capacity internal combustion engine cars by 2030.

6. Very practical for use within cities
If your daily travel does not exceed 100-150 km, the electric car is the perfect choice for you. Put it in the electrical socket after you return home to charge during your sleep (4-8 hours) and then ready to take you wherever you want.

7. Goodbye to pollution and fossil fuels
No petrol, no diesel or natural gas! no smoke, no air pollution and no exhaust for the car originally! And welcome the fresh air instead of the smoke of cars, which traps the nose and causes respiratory diseases.

8. Welcome to the tranquility of the engines
You will doubt that you are driving the electric car as if it were driving without a motor. We can imagine the calm that will return to the big cities when ordinary cars and the sounds of their engines die.

9. Accelerated development
Many companies have set up huge budgets to develop the capacity of the battery and accelerate the charging process, so the range of a single cargo trip will double to two or more within two to three years at the latest. Electric charging stations have also begun to deploy, especially on long external routes.

10. Significant reduction in car price and operating cost (the price of "fuel")
Electric cars are rightly nominated to be the people's car. Aside from expensive Tesla cars, look for the Nissan Leaf or Fiat 500 E or Ford Focus or other economical cars at their price. The cost of "fuel" (electric charge) required to operate is less than the cost of fossil fuels. (Total number per 100 km: consume the best 5-liter economical car; the electric car consumes 20 kilowatt-hours).
electric vehicles
The electric vehicle could help save energy storage

Electric Vehicle could Help Save Energy Storage - Study Says

In May 2018, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) in California made use of electric vehicles (EVs) published in its environmental research papers to create expensive stable grid storage for mobile power storage energy as the main discovery of a new study. 

Researchers used the California study as a case study, focusing on the issue of large-scale deployment of renewable letters in the energy grid, with the associated problems of convertibility and controlled charging of mandatory electric vehicles can help in reducing these problems.

Berkeley Lab's Lead Writer Jonathan Conard said: "In California, there are ambitious targets to impair the transport to make the introduction of 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles mandatory by 2025, most of which will be EVs. Also, the policy requires 33 percent grid energy from renewable by 2020 and requires 50 percent by 2030. "

An adequate opportunity exists if EVES renewal of JEEV mandate is used to provide grid storage to support integration, by eliminating the need to create new stable grid storage, EVs reduce the capital cost for renewable integration Transport can provide a double benefit of decarbonizing. These benefits are not limited to California, but whenever EVs and renewable production are widespread, they apply worldwide. "Co-author Dr. Jeffrey Greenblatt said, now in the emerging futures LLC.

Researchers have certified using the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) using Net Grid Load Forecasting, how will the increasing number of EVs affect the grid load developed in three scenarios? (1) If EVS was charged in an arbitrary manner (2) If the vehicles were grid-only with controlled (3), then the vehicles with a grid with controlled charging and discharging rates for the worst day of each forecast year -Confirmed.

The results show that California's storage mandate can be completed only with the VEG-enabled vehicles through the ZV mandate. Search is important because V1G is now easily available with low-cost costs compared to uncontrolled charging.

"More importantly, we found that if the EV is used instead of stable storage, then many billion dollars of capital investment can be saved. To accelerate the deployment of clean-savings vehicles and vehicle-grid integration can be redirected, and can also be used to pay EV owners when their vehicles are grid-connected with controlled charging. "Co-author Dr. Sawad Saxena also said in Berkeley Lab.

It will be difficult to prevent yourself from being one of the first users of this new technology, and if it does, it will not last for more than two or three years, as we are expected to witness a rapid acceleration in the development of electric cars to be the first option without competition.
I will leave your imagination fertile with the idea of using renewable electricity from the sun or the wind - which lasts at least for a decade without maintenance - to achieve independence completely from an external source of fuel!

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