Two Popular e-Trikes: Mooncool Folding TK1 vs Lectric XP

Mooncool Folding TK1 eTrike versus Lectric XP Trike: Which eBike Is Better?

A first cousin of e-bikes, the three-wheeled version known as an electric trike, or e-trike, is becoming more and more popular. E-trikes are powered by an electric motor and its accompanying battery.

The e-trike industry is growing every month and growing quickly. Excellent increases in e-bike sales are being seen all around the world. In the US, electric trike sales hit $6 billion last year. US e-trike sales are projected to top $19 billion by the year 2030.

Fat tire e-trikes are great fun to ride on a variety of terrains, but their sheer size often makes them difficult to store or transport. Folding fat tire trikes are less common than more traditional frames, but they conveniently open the door to new possibilities.

If you are concerned about the safety of riding a folding e-trike, please be assured. Riders report that it is not a valid concern. Properly unfolded and latched, the rider would never know he was riding a folding trike. Let's take a look at two e-trikes designed with the popular folding feature for easier storage and transportation.

Mooncool Folding TK1

Mooncool TK1 eTrike
Mooncool Folding TK1

Lectric XP Trike

Lectric XP Trike
Lectric XP Trike

Power and Torque

Everybody wants a comfortable folding e-trike that looks great, but they also want plenty of power. After all, it doesn’t help much if a trike is comfortable to ride but doesn’t have enough power to easily climb a steep hill.

How much power is enough? This varies with the individual rider. For example, a 300 pound rider needs more power than a 150 pound rider. In general, riders who live in an area with hills are happier with a 500 watt motor than a less expensive 350 watt motor. The same opinion applies to riders who weigh in excess of 175 pounds, or who carry heavy gear when riding.

Design Innovation + Reliability

Mooncool has always insisted on providing a motor that excels in both power and reliability. Mooncool engineers equipped the folding TK1 with a very strong and reliable 500 watt motor to power the rear wheel drive. But what about torque? Neuton meters (Nm) is a standard measurement of torque. This scientific technique for measurement was invented by Isaac Newton, and is still very much the standard for measuring torque today.

The reliable Mooncool TK1 motor generates 55 Neuton meters of torque to let you conquer even very steep hills. My experience is that this e-trike handles more like a 750 watt trike with 90 Nm torque. I regularly ride up steep hills…I live in an area where level terrain is a rarity! Thanks to its helical gear design, this motor is exceptionally quiet and smooth.

The Lectric XP e-trike is also powered with a 500 watt motor that boasts 65 Nm torque. However, its top speed is rated at 14 mph, while the Mooncool Folding TK1 enjoys a 16 mph top speed.

Battery Range

Even the best helical motor is useless without reliable battery power. The Mooncool folding e-trike is equipped with a strong 48 volt 15 amp hour lithium ion battery. It is ideal for treks of up to 60 miles. Of course, range always varies with terrain, wind, the amount of peddling, plus gear and rider weight. If you like longer trips, the Mooncool comes equipped with a spacious rear basket where you could carry a second battery.

The Lectric XP e-trike also comes with a 48 volt battery, but a lesser 14 amp hours. However, the XP is also rated with a range of up to 60 miles.

Drive and Traction

Both of these folding e-trikes feature rear wheel drive with a differential-equipped axle. The differential means that the two rear wheels rotate independently so that when making a turn each wheel rotates at a different speed. This vastly improves stability and tire wear.

The rear wheel drive also is great for traction. The majority of weight rests on the rear wheels which improves traction significantly. Most riders encounter frequent loss of traction on a trike with front wheel drive.

The Mooncool wins on both traction and riding comfort with its 3” wide fat tires. The XP is equipped with tires that are only 2.6” wide.

Horn and Turn Signals

The Mooncool TK1 has conveniently located buttons on the handlebar to activate either a warning horn “beep” or a directional turn signal. The turn signal controls brightly flashing rear signal lights. Of course, it also comes with a bright headlight and taillight.

The Lecftric XP offers neither a horn or turn signals, but it does have a headlight and taillight. Both trikes are also equipped with integrated brake lights.

Availability and Price

Both of these folding e-trikes are usually in stock, and the pricing is similar. So similar, in fact, that price is not likely to be a shopper’s determining factor in selecting an e-trike. The Mooncool is selling at $1599 and the Lectric at $1676.

Choosing a Folding E-trike

As you make a decision, carefully consider the features that are important to every e-trike shopper.

  • Build Quality
  • Safety Equipment
  • Power and Traction
  • Range
  • Comfort
  • Price

All things considered, the Mooncool Folding TK1 fat tire e-trike is a wise choice and at $1599 it’s the best bang-for-the-buck. Choose yours here and use the coupon code CRAIG100 for a bonus $100 discount.

Mooncool eTrike
Most popular Mooncool eTrike

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