Should You Go with Steel or Aluminum Railings for Your Home?

Steel vs Aluminum Railings: Which One is Better for Your Home?

Several materials go into building a home or business. Each one has its purpose, and they all come together to make a structure work for its owners. They can affect longevity, safety, maintenance needs, and many other factors.

When it comes to railings, material choice is just as important as it is for other building components. Whether you're looking for guardrails, handrails, banisters, or purely decorative accents, it's essential to choose the material that best meets your needs.

Both steel and aluminum have advantages and disadvantages in terms of design flexibility, durability, cost, maintenance and environmental impact. Let's explore the key differences between steel and aluminum railings to help you determine the best option for your home.

Steel vs Aluminum Railings
Should You Go with Steel or Aluminum Railings for Your Home

Choosing Between Steel and Aluminum Railings

Though an array of materials is available for railings, metal is a popular option. With metal railing fabrication, you'll get strength, durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The most common choices in this category are steel and aluminum. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Take a closer look at each of these to help determine which one best meets your expectations.

Strength and Durability

Steel railings offer ample strength and durability. They can handle heavy loads, high winds, and extreme temperatures. That makes them perfect for outdoor use. They don't bend or dent easily, either. That being said, steel is prone to corrosion, so it's not recommended for areas with high humidity levels, salt spray, or those that get a great deal of rain and snow.

Aluminum offers its own level of durability, but it sustains dents and scratches more easily than steel. It's a lighter material, so it's more susceptible to high winds. On the other hand, it's naturally resistant to rust, so moisture isn't as much of a problem with aluminum.


Maintenance is a major factor to consider. It'll affect your long-term costs as well as how much time and effort your railings require. It'll affect the appearance and longevity of your railings over time as well. Steel needs regular maintenance to help ward off corrosion. That generally involves cleaning, sanding, priming, and refinishing. Aluminum railings require very little maintenance, aside from occasional cleaning, unless they get scuffed.


Appearance is also important. Steel is versatile, and it can be used to create an array of shapes and designs. You can have it painted for added color variation. Aluminum is also versatile. Many experts point out that aluminum has a sleeker, more modern appearance, but that really depends on the style of railings you choose. Both metals can be beautiful and functional.


In terms of cost, steel is typically more expensive. Its need for regular maintenance further drives up the cost. Aluminum is less expensive and doesn't require as much upkeep, but it's more vulnerable to high winds and impacts. If you live in an area with frequent severe storms or your railings could be up against significant abuse, aluminum may not be the most cost-effective choice.

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Deciding Which Material Is Best for You

Both steel and aluminum offer plenty of benefits. They're both strong, long-lasting materials that will give you years of use. Both are incredibly versatile as well. They make beautiful additions to homes and businesses, and they can mesh with an array of architectural styles.

Aluminum doesn't cost as much as steel, and it requires less maintenance, but it may not hold up well against impacts, high winds, and certain other hazards. Steel is more expensive, needs more maintenance, and is vulnerable to corrosion, but it's stronger.

Keep these factors in mind and weigh them against your needs and expectations to help you choose the best material for your railings.

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