Ultimate Guide to Understand the MDF Mouldings

Choosing the right moulding style enhances the home's appearance and value. Here is the ultimate guide to understanding the meaning of MDF mouldings.

MDF Mouldings

The Ultimate Guide to Understand the MDF Mouldings

Do you understand that your home's skirting boards, window sills, and cabinets are more likely to be made from MDF? If you know, do you know the advantages associated with it and its properties? Below is a quick guide that will make you understand more about the MDF and its benefits when you use it for your mouldings. 

Understanding The Meaning of MDF Mouldings 

Mdf means medium-density fiberboard. The product has deviated from wood, and its results are used for furniture making or all sorts of moldings. Some processes involved in creating these sheets include wood chipping (from softwood and hardwood residues), defibration, hot pressing, finishing, cooling, mat-forming, and chip washing. There are various mdf mouldings, but if you want to recognize the exact type, you need to check the shape of the surface, its fibres, and the type of uniformity it has. 

Types Of MDF

There are different types of MDF. The MDFs differ because of their identity, heat levels used during manufacturing, and type of resins used to keep the fibers together. Of all the types, the most common ones include laminated boards, particle boards, and fiber boards. 

  • The laminated boards are narrow fiberboards glued together, resulting in a more complicated and denser end product. 
  • The fiber boards are processed using organic fibers such as sugarcanes and are bound together with some vegetable starch. 
  • The particle boards are made from wood waste and sawdust. In short, it is a form of recycling usually used for furniture. However, some consider them not to be part of the MDF. 

Advantages Of the MDF Mouldings 

Now that you understand what they are, the next thing you will learn is the advantages associated with MDF moldings. 

  • Are affordable: Skirting boards and window sills are essential in almost all homes as they serve different purposes. With this, the affordability of MDF is an advantage when it comes to building a new home or doing some renovation. 
  • Durable and weather resistance: They offer a combination of both durable and flexible, which means that the skirting boards would easily cope with the natural effects of weather on your house without destroying it. 
  • Easy to handle and install: This is one of the excellent materials to use as a beginner. It is easy to drill, handle, install, and fix. If you are still determining the other materials, choose this one, as it is easy for beginners.
  • Easy to paint: The MDF has a smooth surface, making it easy to paint. However, ensure you get primed MDF moldings because you will damage the whole surface if you don't. In addition, the type of color you choose to paint matters too. 
  • Smooth and uniform surface: It is smooth but would still look like wood. However, if you want to give your molding a wood-like view, you can have the veneered finishing, or you can also learn the correct painting technique. 

There are different ways of using other used products to make the best out of them. For instance, can you imagine having various MDF mouldings you have recycled? That means that you have two or more types of types created from one original one. Having multiple products can be a business opportunity and earn you extra cash. 

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