Seven Ways to Create a Personalized Oasis in Your Bathroom

How to Create a Personalized Oasis in Your Bathroom: Seven Ways to Elevate Interiors

Renovating your bathroom can help improve your overall outlook on life. Here are seven ways to create a personalized oasis in your bathroom.

Personalized Oasis in Bathroom

7 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Oasis

You’re entering a warm, inviting bathroom filled with soft lighting and a soothing scent. There’s a luxurious bathtub in one corner and a comfortable shower in the other - all framed by a vibrant array of colors and textures. Plus, everything is arranged within arm’s reach, thoroughly designed, and organized. Sounds pretty tempting, right? 

This is how your bathroom should be - a beautiful oasis personalized to your needs. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the significance of bathroom remodeling, thinking it requires too much money. As such, they keep using a dysfunctional bathroom that looks more like a dungeon.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make your bathroom luxurious. Because like many cities in the US, Wichita offers home repair and improvement programs that can help you save money while getting your bathroom into great shape. Besides, these improvements also help boost your home’s value and provide significant ROI. Based on a recent report, Wichita residents experienced an average of 58.9 percent return on mid-range bathroom remodels in 2022, and the graph is only growing.

So, if you’re a homeowner in Wichita, now may be the time to start making some moves. Here are seven ways to give your bathroom a much-needed upgrade:

1. Upgrade Your Bathtub and Shower

Whether you have a small or large space, a bathtub and shower remodeling can make a huge difference in your bathroom’s look and feel. You can choose from various materials, including porcelain, marble, and granite, to transform your bathroom instantly. 

However, since these remodeling projects are no DIY task or an amateur feat, it’s always wise to seek professional help. If you reside in Wichita, the experts specializing in bathroom remodels in Wichita can help turn your drab bathroom into a luxurious oasis. These experts will consider your budget, design preferences, and lifestyle habits and help you create a tranquil and inviting space. 

2. Illuminate with Good Lighting

You might be well aware that good lighting can transform a space. But did you know it can also add a functional and decorative touch to your bathroom? However, the lighting fixture type and placement matters the most.

Create a layered approach with multiple lights. Install a chandelier close to the ceiling and wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Use accent lighting to highlight certain features in your bathroom and task lighting to make the grooming process hassle-free. Remember to maintain a reasonable height when installing these fixtures. Also, use LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and enjoy brighter, cleaner illumination.

3. Invest in Aesthetic Elements

Aesthetics are the “cherry on top” of bathroom remodeling. You can add small elements such as glass knobs, artwork, and other accessories, such as a bath caddy and a storage basket. 

If you have a window in your bathroom, you can install a sheer curtain to add glamour. You can also place a faux fur rug outside the shower area or cotton or chenille rugs outside the bathtub. 

Alternatively, adding a few spa-like touches, such as bamboo or wooden stools, hanging plants, and scented candles, can help create an oasis in your bathroom.

4. Repaint the Walls 

Many people choose a color scheme for their bathroom without even considering its impact on the look and feel. Or worst, they paint the walls similar to the color scheme of their bedroom. It is a huge mistake. 

The best way to choose the bathroom’s color palette is to pick colors that go well with the other elements in your bathroom. For example, if your tiles and fixtures are light-colored, you can use darker paint on the walls. You can even choose a two-tone color scheme for your bathroom if choosing one color is challenging. 

However, if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light, use colors that mingle well with artificial light and make the bathroom appear brighter.

5. Upgrade the Flooring 

Since water splashes are inevitable in a bathroom, it is essential to choose flooring materials that are both stylish and waterproof. Ceramic tiles are always a good option for bathrooms as they can be installed quickly and easily cleaned. On the other hand, natural stones like marble and granite make for a luxurious bathroom look.

When installing floor tiles, you can create a pattern design or use different colors and textures to add that extra layer of charm. Choose grout that matches your tiles, and seal the grout when you’re done, so dirt will not get trapped in the cracks.

6. Replace the Toilet 

How can you create a spa-like experience in your bathroom while having an old and outdated toilet? The answer is simple: replace the toilet. 

The newer, more efficient toilet models available today have various features like dual flush, soft-closing lids, and more. The best part is that you don’t have to restructure the entire bathroom to fit them. These toilets come in various sizes and shapes to match your bathroom setup. Choose the perfect color and watch as your bathroom makes a dramatic transformation.

7. Upgrade the Sink Area

The last detail to consider is the sink. You use the sink daily for essential grooming and hygiene routines, so ensuring the sink compliments your bathroom design is necessary. 

Whether you’re after a modern and minimalistic look or a rustic feel, it’s easy to find the perfect sink. The market is booming with stylish and durable options, from vitreous china and enameled cast iron to fireclay and solid surface materials. Pick a sink that suits your style and a suitable faucet to transform your bathroom into a personalized oasis.

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You no longer have to settle for a plain and boring bathroom because an expert bathroom remodeler can help you revive your bathroom in style. Upgrading the bath and shower area, installing good lighting, adding unique aesthetic pieces, and replacing the toilet are all essential elements you should focus on first. In addition to that, painting the walls, upgrading the flooring, and refreshing the sink area will tie your bathroom remodeling project together.

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