Experience the Beauty of Canada by Train: Holidays and Trips for Australian Travelers

How to celebrate your holidays in Canada? As an Australian visitor, you have some amazing holiday options in Canada. Canadian train trips are one of the best ways to experience the diverse natural beauty of Canada. Let’s explore the beauty of this stunning country!

Canadian train trips
Train trips in Canada

Experience the Beauty of Canada by Train: Unforgettable Holiday Moments and Trips for Australian Travelers 

Canada is a vast country with stunning natural landscapes perfect for exploring by train. From the Rocky Mountains to the maritime coasts, train travel allows you to sit back and soak in the views. 

Taking a rail journey or vacation on Canadian train holidays as an Australian visiting Canada is a fantastic opportunity to see the countryside and get a sense of this stunning country.

1. The Rocky Mountaineer: 

The Rocky Mountaineer, which travels among Vancouver as well as Banff or Jasper over the Rocky Mountains, is one of the most well-known railway routes in Canada. It is an extraordinary experience to travel from the seaside metropolis of Vancouver via the rugged mountains along with the glacier-fed lakes of the Rockies. As an Australian visitor, you’ll get to see a landscape that is vastly different from the one back home. The two-day train trip allows you to overnight in Kamloops and see the mountains during the day.

2. VIA Rail’s Ocean Route: 

For an epic coast-to-coast journey across Canada, consider VIA Rail’s Ocean route between Toronto and Halifax. The 3-night, 4-day journey exposes you to the Maritimes region of Eastern Canada. The train hugs the shorelines and passes through historic cities like Moncton and Miramichi as well as coastal villages. You’ll get to see Cape Breton Island’s beautiful landscapes as well. The upholstered seats and domed observation cars make it a comfortable ride.

4. Holiday Packages: 

Several companies like Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail offer vacation packages that bundle train trips with hotel stays and sometimes flight tickets as well. This saves you the hassle of planning everything separately. You can choose from their preset itineraries or customize your own. These holiday packages are a great way to experience Canada's iconic train routes stress-free.

4. Seasonal Trips: 

Some special seasonal train trips run only during certain times of the year. The fall foliage train trips are especially popular when the leaves are changing color. Winter train trips are also offered in some regions, taking you through snow-covered landscapes. Companies like VIA Rail offer Christmas-themed train trips during the holiday season too. Make sure to plan your Canadian train trip according to the season you want to experience. 

Tips for Australian Travelers:

  • Look into getting a rail pass like VIA Rail’s CanRail Pass to save money on multiple train tickets. 
  • Don’t forget to factor in Canada's large distances when planning your itinerary.
  • Pack suitable clothing depending on the region and season you’re traveling. The temperatures can vary greatly.
  • Try and spend a night or two in some places to get a better feel rather than daily train journeys.
  • Embrace shoulder season months like May-June and September-October to avoid crowds.


The Canadian train trips are one of the best ways to take in all the diverse natural beauty Canada has to offer. With the Rocky Mountaineer, VIA Rail’s iconic routes and seasonal holiday packages, Australian visitors have some amazing rail holiday options. Traveling through the Rocky Mountains, maritime coasts and seeing top cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax by train will surely be an unforgettable experience.

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