The Wedding Decoration You Need for Your Special Day

The Wedding Decoration You Need for Your Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is a more than special day for you, the couple. And without a doubt, the importance and difficulty of the organisation are very high. For this reason, we want to help you and facilitate this task, so that you can adjust your budget with a personal wedding decoration and control every detail so that it is perfect.

First of all, you must know what the most important aspects are that must be taken into account when organising a wedding.

Wedding Decoration

Essential aspects of organizing a wedding

  1. First of all, you have to be clear about what type of wedding it is going to be, on a farm or in a resort or banquet hall, if it is going to be in the morning or in the afternoon, etc. Once the place of celebration has been defined and the day and time closed, you will have already taken the big first step.

  2. The next thing is to define the style of the wedding if it is going to be a themed wedding, if the guests have to wear etiquette or if there will be freedom to choose a dress and suit.

  3. Next, you will have to define your budget. This is the most crucial step in organizing a wedding. You will have to decide this on the basis of the type of celebration, theme, venue, and number of guests visiting. 

  4. Then, you have to select a good photographer and if you are going to also want a good video summary of the wedding. In addition, the bride's dress and the groom's suit should be selected in plenty of time for different fittings and measurements, especially for the bride.

  5. Once you have all this ready or at least organized, it is time to think about the decoration of the wedding. You can hire a wedding planner to help you with this task, but the cost is high and even then you will have to make the decisions. But you can also go organizing it little by little and to your total taste. 

For this, Jalsa Lawn is  going to give you all the details about what you need and ideas that can inspire you to create a beautiful and unforgettable wedding.

Everything you need to decorate your wedding

Decorating a wedding is not easy, there are many details to take into account, but with time and calm, everything can be perfectly achieved. What should be taken into account in terms of decoration?

Photocall and Photobooth: Setting up a good place where guests can take fun photos, both with you and with each other, is essential. For this, it is necessary to place a background, with your name and/or the date of the link, even a photo of yourself, and above all, some fun accessories to be placed on the head or face.

Table decoration: the place where the guests are going to eat or dine is also important to take care of it with beautiful details. Choosing a good tablecloth, normally they will give you many options in the place of celebration, and then decoration such as centrepieces, candles, confetti, paths, decorative ribbons, etc.

Room decoration: hanging decorations, such as garlands, lanterns and different messages that we can place throughout the banquet hall. Garlands of "Just Married", "Welcome", "Love is sweet", or special with your names, can be a great idea to decorate this room.

Seating plan & Sitting: it is important that the guests are clear about which table they should sit at, so a good seating plan must be created, a kind of map that shows all the tables and the diners at each of them. To do this, you can number the tables or name them with something special, such as movies you like, or cities or countries you have travelled to... Then, at each table, a great idea is to place an image or sign to identify them correctly.

Candy bar: the night comes and with it the party. And what better pairing for a drink than some good sweets? For this, there is the candy bar, a table where we can place trinkets and all kinds of sweets. To organize it, you can place different boxes, jars or decorative plates, to match the rest of the wedding decoration. Nor should they miss straws, toothpicks or sticks and decorations such as garlands, balloons or fans.

Car decoration: this is an option with many alternatives and it is you who have to decide what you like. You can opt for more movie-style car decoration and place some cans in the car so that they hit the ground and for this, we have this set of decorative cans. Or something simpler with bows on the doors and a “just married” or personalized sign for a more fun touch.

No detail will escape you with these tips! In addition, we have very cheap quality options, so these expenses are not a problem. Find your style, and everything else will come rolling.

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