12 Best Cities In Georgia To Move To If You're Bored Of Atlanta

If you're planning to move to Georgia, this blog post will help you uncover the gems of Georgia that might just inspire you to finally get ready to move to a place that suits you better.

Best Cities In Georgia

12 Best Cities in Georgia to Move to If You are Bored of Atlanta

Being home to 16 Fortune 500 companies, Atlanta is a flourishing city full of opportunity. However, with a population nearing 500,000 people, a high influx of cross-state immigration, real estate largely dominated by offices and hotels, and a cost of living that is a whopping 14% higher than the state average, living in Atlanta can get pretty expensive.

Luckily Georgia, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm communities, offers numerous cities that promise a quality life without the constant hustle and bustle of big city life. Each of these cities has its distinct charm that provides the perfect escape from Atlanta's busy life while still offering the modern amenities you need.

If you are planning to leave Atlanta, this list will help you uncover the gems of Georgia that may inspire you to finally get ready to move to a place that aligns better with your lifestyle.

1. Savannah

Savannah is a picturesque city where the cobblestone streets and historic architecture speak volumes of the city's rich past. At the same time, the thriving art scene and modern amenities make it an attractive place to live. You'll find several galleries, theaters, and museums throughout the city, making it a rich cultural hub. And it doesn't stop there; the city is also known for its southern hospitality, mouthwatering cuisine, and numerous annual festivals that bring the streets to life. It will provide you with an exciting calendar of events.

If you're ready to swap the fast pace of Atlanta for Savannah, Consider reaching out to an Atlanta long distance moving company, and start your new life. Professional movers can take care of all the grunt work associated with relocation while you can prioritize the more important details, such as fixing up your new home.

2. Columbus

Positioned near the Alabama border, Columbus is a city that offers thrilling outdoor experiences, primarily because the city is near the Chattahoochee River. Known for its popular RiverWalk and adventurous activities such as whitewater rafting and kayaking, Columbus is an ideal spot for adventure-seekers that desire a city that offers a slower pace of life.

3. Roswell

Tired of Atlanta's concrete jungle? In Roswell, the beauty of nature is just a step away. The city is blessed with parks, nature reserves, and rivers that create endless possibilities for outdoor adventures. At the same time, its historic downtown is a trove of charming shops and local eateries. With a friendly community and picturesque landscapes, Roswell is an excellent choice for those yearning for peace and tranquility.

4. Macon

Yet another city with a rich history in the arts! Macon, the heart of Georgia, is a city where history and music intertwine. Known for its music heritage – like Little Richard and Otis Redding – Macon also boasts stunning architecture and a rich history. The city offers numerous museums, historic sites, and music festivals, making it an appealing destination for those seeking cultural enrichment outside of Atlanta.

5. Decatur

Looking for a city that balances suburban tranquility and city life? Decatur could be the answer. This city offers quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods alongside a vibrant downtown area with boutiques, local breweries, and farm-to-table restaurants. With its strong community spirit and easy access to Atlanta, Decatur gives you the best of both worlds.

6. Augusta

Known for hosting the Masters Tournament, one of golf's most prestigious events, Augusta is a must-consider for sports enthusiasts. But it's not just about golf - Augusta also offers a thriving arts scene, rich history, and beautiful outdoor spaces. So, if you love sports but also appreciate the arts, Augusta could be your next destination.

7. Alpharetta

Nestled to the north of Atlanta, Alpharetta has made its mark as a key tech powerhouse, hosting over 600 technology-based firms. Nevertheless, Alpharetta retains its southern allure, distinguished by its top-notch education system, an array of dining options, and leisurely amenities, including parks, trails, and arts venues. For those seeking a balance between dynamic advancement and grounded tradition, Alpharetta presents an appealing alternative.

8. Athens

With its prominent music culture, Athens can also be a great place to live in. As the birthplace of world-renowned bands such as R.E.M and the B-52s, Athens buzzes with a lively music scene comprising regular live shows and music fests. The city is also the home of the University of Georgia and has plenty of top-tier academic resources. Not to mention the vibrant nightlife, which offers a refreshing contrast to Atlanta's relentless tempo, particularly for the younger demographic.

9. Duluth

With its active downtown, stunning parks, and close-knit community, Duluth is a preferred choice for prospective residents. The city hosts a variety of community gatherings throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and markets, encapsulating an essence of small-town charisma within a modern setting. Duluth's historic structures, top-notch facilities, and flourishing arts scene make it an ideal destination for those who appreciate a city that harmonizes the past with the present.

10. Marietta

Marietta, situated just northwest of Atlanta, is distinguished by its historic downtown square brimming with local dining spots, antique stores, and theaters. The city's unique museums and Civil War sites are a delightful experience for history enthusiasts. Residents of Marietta enjoy a robust sense of community, a commendable education system, and a broad spectrum of leisure activities, and it is an excellent place to settle.

11. Sandy Springs

As the second most populous city in the metropolitan Atlanta region, Sandy Springs provides an upscale living experience. Its growing economy, superior healthcare institutions, school system, and proximity to Atlanta make it a popular choice among families and professionals. With its performing arts center and numerous parks, Sandy Springs offers abundant opportunities for entertainment and relaxation that are just perfect for those looking to add more fulfillment to their lives!

12. Johns Creek

Johns Creek stands out as one of Georgia's most affluent cities, offering plenty to its residents. It prides itself on housing some of the state's top-ranking schools, making it a perfect choice for families. Its recreational spots, including golf courses and picturesque parks, and a growing cultural scene. All this is augmented by local festivals and the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra, which add to the city's vibrant community life.


The decision to choose a new city as a home can be an intimidating task. However, all the cities listed here are unique in their way and are accompanied by distinct attractions and brimming with personality. Whether you are attracted by Savannah's historical charm, the musical pulse of Athens, or the exceptional calm of Roswell, a city in Georgia matches your lifestyle and offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. Hire a professional moving company in Atlanta, and start planning your relocation.

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