Six Composite Decking Secrets You Must Know

Composite Decking Secrets
Wood plastic composite decking

6 Composite Decking Secrets You Should Know

Composite decking has quickly become a top choice among homeowners due to its durability, low maintenance requirements, and eco-friendliness. But with so many choices on the market available to us today, it can be confusing knowing exactly which features or characteristics should be looked out for when choosing composite decking from expert traders for our homes. In this blog post, we reveal 6 secrets you should keep in mind in order to make an informed decision for your own space.

Not All Composite Decking Is Created Equal 

Composite decking is constructed from a combination of wood fibers and plastic, yet not all brands use identical techniques to manufacture their decks. Some brands may use higher-grade materials or cutting-edge manufacturing techniques that create longer-lasting products than their competition - it is important to research different brands to find one that best meets your needs and requirements.

Price Doesn't Always Indicate Quality 

While more expensive composite decking brands may provide higher-quality products, this doesn't always reflect reality; some lower-priced options could actually outshone them! Don't base your decision solely on price - research the brand thoroughly and read reviews in order to gain a truer idea of its quality.

Composite decking may still fade and stain 

While composite decking may be touted as being low maintenance, it's important to be aware that over time it may still fade and stain due to UV rays fading its colors or spills leaving behind stain-causing residues. Some brands do offer fade and stain warranties; check this information prior to purchasing.

Installation can be complex

Though composite decking might appear straightforward to assemble, its installation requires some special considerations. Some brands require certain spacing or fastener types that need to be adhered to for proper warranty coverage; failure to do so may void your coverage altogether - so be sure to carefully read and adhere to installation instructions!

Composite decking may become hot when exposed to direct sunlight

Composite decking may become hot when exposed to direct sunlight making walking on it uncomfortable or even impossible. Some brands do provide heat-resistant options which stay cooler when exposed to direct sunlight, so if this is a major concern of yours, look for one with this feature.

Composite decking is eco-friendly, but not perfect

Composite decking may be advertised as eco-friendly, and while its composition includes recycled materials, its production still emits carbon emissions. Furthermore, at the end of its lifecycle it cannot be recycled back into usable products - although some brands are taking steps to improve its eco-friendliness by using more eco-friendly materials or including recycled plastic from sources like milk jugs.


Composite decking is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners due to its durability, low maintenance requirements and eco-friendliness. When choosing your brand of composite decking it is important to remember these six secrets: price doesn't always indicate quality; installation may be tricky; temperature fluctuations can make installation complicated; it may get hot; plus eco-friendliness doesn't always equal perfectness! By conducting research and comparing different brands you can find one that meets both your needs and budget requirements.

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