How to Reduce Expenses and Save Money from Salary Every Month

Easy Ways to Cut Your Expenses and Save Money from Salary Every Month

While we earn to spend as per our lifestyle, making wiser financial choices can help us in the long term. This begins with smart spending and saving patterns by reducing your monthly expenses. But how do you do it? In this article, we'll explain eight effective ways of saving money every month.

Save Money from Salary

8 Tips on How to Reduce Expenses and Save Money

1. Create a Budget

The first step towards decreasing your monthly expense is to start to form a budget and stick to it. A budget helps lower your costs as you can identify where your money goes for the month and then reduce or change the spending pattern. To employ a budget system, analyze your income and then allot a specific amount to the regular and necessary expenses you make.

2. Track Your Spending

After creating a budget, it's necessary to evaluate your spending habits so that you can analyze which expenses are essential and which are avoidable. Segregate your needs and wants, where needs include electricity, gas, internet, and grocery bills, while wants include other unnecessary purchases like shopping, junk food, entertainment bills, and more.

3. Take a Health Insurance

But aren't you supposed to pay a certain amount to take health insurance? Yes, you need to give a yearly or monthly premium to take health insurance. At first, you may look at it as an expense, but think about it, paying that small yearly/monthly amount is better than getting a huge medical bill on your shoulders. Moreover, some banks have a salary account offering free health insurance, so you can save money on health insurance by opening a salary account with such banks.

4. Shop Smart Online

While online shopping experience is great for convenience, it isn't good for your wallet because you can accidentally splurge more on it and increase your monthly expenses. However, this doesn't mean you need to stop shopping altogether. Try to shop smartly.

With so many websites and mobile apps available for online shopping, you are spoiled with several options, not just in the variety of stores but also prices. Here are some smart ways to shop and save some bucks:

  • Use online cash wallets to grab some additional discounts, cashback, or free shipping.
  • Try to grab some discount coupons on coupon websites.
  • Shop around a holiday for heavy discounts.
  • Shop by keeping a goal in mind. If you want to dress well for work, make sure you remember that goal while exploring your options.
  • Get a credit or shopping card for reward points.
  • Avoid lucrative offer deals like the "But 2 Get 1 Free" as you will end up spending on unnecessary clothes or things

5. Save Money on Food

One of the biggest problems of having easy access to different food apps is the unnecessary expense that tags along. Here's how you can reduce this challenge:

  • Cook more at home: Whether it's your office lunch or daily meal, cooking your own meals will save you heavily on the additional tiffin services and takeaways.
  • Limit eating out: While eating out is highly convenient and time-saving, regularly splurging on dinners and lunches can burn a hole in your wallet. So, give it a budget and don't exceed that limit.

6. Get Rid of Your Bad Habits

Drinking and smoking regularly come with a heavy price tag, not just financially but even in terms of health. These bad habits have no said benefits, so it's better to get rid of them.

7. Reduce Your Telephone and Utility Bills

Telephone bills take a significant spot on the list of monthly expenses. You can reduce them by choosing a pre-paid or post-paid plan that is less costly. Further, you can save on utilities and reduce your electricity bills by unplugging appliances you don't use and switching off lights you are not using.

8. Make Investment Plans and Automate Them

Creating a habit of regularly investing can be beneficial in the long term when compared to investing in a lump sum. Moreover, there are options to automate your investments in mutual funds like SIP (systematic investment plans), where a fixed amount is deducted from your bank account for investment every month. This way, you become disciplined and avoid delaying investments.


A well-earning job with a bright career is great, but even with a good salary, you find yourself searching for how to reduce expenses or how to save money from your salary every month; it's a possibility you need to start cutting down on unnecessary expenses. We hope these eight tips help you reduce your costs and assist you in analysing where you spend your money.

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