10 Lesser Known Italian Dishes You Need to Try in the Restaurants

Italian dishes are famous worldwide, making them one of the most consumed cuisines. Do you like to eat Italian food in Indian restaurants? Let me introduce you to 10 lesser-known Italian dishes you must try in the restaurants in Chennai.

Lesser Known Italian Dishes

10 Lesser Known Italian Dishes You Need To Try In The Restaurants In Chennai 

If you think that only Italians can create the true Italian taste, then certainly not. Italian food is famous worldwide, making itself one of the most consumed cuisines. After all, Italians are the pioneers in building a love for cheese. This has gone to another level with the introduction of a variety of Italian foods that taste the best in their own way. Indians have brought life to this cuisine too with many restaurants in Chennai that can give fantastic Italian feasts and unique varieties. 

Here are some of these varieties that you can order online.    

Mushroom Risotto  

The key ingredient of risotto i.e. Arborio rice is a rich source of protein and powerful antioxidants. This Italian delicacy is the true epitome of buttery and creamy goodness. Having cooked with mushrooms, it is a fabulous delicacy for those who can never be over with mushrooms. Risotto is one quick and easy recipe but only those who know can do justice to its making. Moreover, this single bowl is enough to make you full for the whole night. Try one that is rich in parmesan, and enjoy the beautiful flavor of rice, mushroom, cream, and veggies. You will feel like having it more often.   

Pasta Carbonara  

Pasta Carbonara is one such unique pasta recipe available at Italian restaurants. This delicacy is the finest food idea for non-vegetarians because the key ingredient of it is bacon. Although it was made with “pig’s cheeks” in ancient times, it is not possible today. So, fresh bacon chips are a sheer replacement that is paired with pasta. This is not really spicy and a matter of optimum mix of black pepper flavour. Further, parmesan cheese is topped over it for a rich, creamy, and mouth-watering texture. It is worth a try!  


Bruschetta is one of the most popular Italian delicacies that people can savor almost every day. This is made on country sliced bread, topped with tomato sauce and slices, a fine layer of cheese and herbs. This delicate bread variety is the best for those who are looking for mid-time snacking and want to catch a breath of good taste. Many restaurants in Chennai offer Bruschetta with their own unique experiments of ingredients, spices, and herbs. Some of the common varieties are tomato-basil combination and mushroom-garlic combination, which is fun to enjoy.   


Tiramisu is one of the most unique desserts introduced in Italian cuisine. The restaurants can help you get in touch with this amazing sweet savory. This is a spongy cake soaked in coffee and ladyfinger biscuits. It is topped with ricotta cheese and cream mixture. Further, the look is complete with cocoa powder and dark chocolate sprinkled on it for adding to the drooling appearance of this dish. Tiramisu feels the best on a tea break.  



Indians have redefined lasagna with their own kinds of ingredients and tastes. But there are some restaurants that do justice to the real taste of lasagna and its own ingredients. It includes fine thin lasagne sheets that are stuffed with a delicious lamb, bacon and parmesan mix. Each layer derives each ingredient. With this, the layer of tomato and basil depicts the heart of Italian flavor. This lasagne is true to its taste and the perfect dish for non-vegetarian lovers. With this, there are vegetarian options too with tofu, baby corn, capsicum, bell pepper, etc. 


Stuffed Ravioli Recipe  

Ravioli is one such exciting Italian dish filled with the greatness of cheese and spinach. Its authenticity lies in ricotta cheese, nutmeg, spinach and lots and lots of black pepper. Italians consider black pepper as the key ingredient to add to most of the dishes. For this, you can visit the authentic restaurants in Chennai that offer the ideal ravioli twists to be savored. 


Focaccia is one of the greatest and unique innovations of all times introduced in Italy. After all, it has shown how exotic vegetables can serve sweet fondness in the best possible way. Just like Focaccia bread topped with caramelized olives, onions, tomato, basil leaves, and grated parmesan cheese. Focaccia is a sweet and flavorful food that you can find easily at many bakeries in Chennai. Reach out online at Swiggy to find out more about the best places to order Focaccia from. 



This Italian delicacy is an ideal healthy recipe for summer because it is not cooked hot and it is served with a chilled glass of wine. Make your mood with a fantastic delicacy ordered from Italian restaurants. The key ingredients of this dish are Tuscan bread and tomato. This salad is accompanied by exotic vegetables like mushrooms, olives, onions, basil leaves and topped with parmesan cheese. Further, the taste makers, salt, and pepper are added in balanced quantities for creating a balanced diet.


Fettuccine Pomodoro   

Making a match of pasta, tomato, spice and ice, this pasta recipe is one of the quickest to make. And yes! You will never feel over with it when you have tried it from an original Italian place in Chennai. After all, it is hard to find Italy in India, but gladly many restaurants have made it possible for all.   

Classic Pasta Amatriciana   

Crispy pancetta, Amatriciana and the regular tomato, basil, cheese and spices are there to give you a crispy, tangy and tasty Italian feast. Visit online to find out everything about it.   

These are some of the delicacies you must try at Italian restaurants. Some of the best food joints are Ottimo Cucina Italiana, The Flying Elephant, Amethyst Café, Tuscana Pizzeria, etc. You can reach out online at Swiggy to find the best Italians and to even enjoy some delicious desi Italian foods. You do not have to hunt way back because your favorite food can reach your home easily.

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