Mosel Tour - Camper Journey With 5 Beautiful Stations

Moselle Valley Tours - Camper Journey With 5 Beautiful Stations

Moselle tour & mobile home? No problem! The Moselle is the second longest tributary of the Rhine and offers great places and wine. On a Moselle motorhome tour, you can get to know the cities, the sights, and the fantastic wine and enjoy the good weather by the water.

Depending on where you start your motorhome tour, the trip across Rhineland-Palatinate can be made the other way around. The route along the Moselle offers you a great opportunity to escape from everyday life and enjoy a few quiet days with sun, wine, and a great landscape.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know for your holiday in the Moselle Valley. Discover the best tourist attractions, wineries, and beautiful caravan and motorhome sites. In just five stops from Trier in the direction of Koblenz, you can get to know numerous winegrowers and their wineries, visit excursion destinations, and trace the centuries-old stories in the cities.

Mosel Tour

Camping Tour On The Moselle Best Time To Travel

The valley between Trier and Koblenz ensures a favorable climate around the Moselle. The temperatures around the river are usually among the warmest in Germany, so that you can start your Moselle tour in a motorhome in April. If you do a lot of walking and cycling, you will find the best temperatures and conditions from April to June. But the Moselle also has its charm in autumn. The colors of the leaves are beautiful and harmonize with the rest of the surroundings.

First Station In: Trier

Trier is located in southwest Germany and is a well-known wine region on the Moselle. Since the Romans founded the city about 2000 years ago, well-preserved Roman buildings can still be found today. Due to its interesting history, Trier has many great sights that you should visit when you visit. In addition to countless imposing Roman buildings such as the stone gate Porta Nigra, the Kaiserthermen, the theater, and the parish of Our Lady Trier, there are also other beautiful places. Also recommended is the Trier Cathedral of St. Peter. The cathedral is the oldest bishop's church in Germany and the largest church building in the city. You will also find the Kurfürstliche Palais – a beautiful palace in the city's center.

Further sights, activities, and recommendations can be found on the website of the city of Trier.

The wine house offers many red and white wines, sparkling wine, and champagne. You can relax in the sun and enjoy the liquid delicacies in the green outdoor area.

In the Weinstube Kesselstatt, you will find fantastic wine and delicious German and European dishes. The wine bar has 670 years of wine-growing tradition and offers a homely atmosphere. You can relax and unwind on the summer terrace on sunny days. You can also visit the historic wine cellars under the Palais Kesselstatt and learn more about wine production.

In the Oechsle Wein- & Fischhhaus near Porta Nigra, you will find delicious wine and good fish. Here you can taste, buy and experience wine. The fish is freshly caught and processed into delicious dishes in the restaurant. There are also regular events that you can take part in. If you want to go fishing yourself, you must ensure that your boat is equipped with fully charged marine batteries to keep your electronic devices fully charged at all times.

The Deutschherrenhof winery is a traditional business valued for producing high-quality Burgundy and Riesling wines. In the wine bar, you can enjoy these wines every Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. and round off the evening with a wine tasting. In the associated restaurant, there are delicious regional dishes.

Second Station: Traben Trarbach

Traben Trarbach is a town on the Middle Moselle and belongs to the district of Bernstein-Wittlich. The city is a meeting point for wine lovers and, in addition to vineyards, has many beautiful sights that make the city a romantic place.

Camping Tour

Traben Trarbach has a huge underworld to discover. Here you can learn more about historical viticulture, wine trading, and winery management in Europe's second-largest wine transshipment point. A great sight is the Grevenburg ruins. You have a wonderful view of the Moselle and the beautiful surroundings of the castle ruins. Not far from these ruins, you will find the Burgschänke Grevenburg with a castle garden where you can enjoy the fantastic view.

Traben Trarbach is home to a large Buddha collection which you can find in the Buddha Museum. Here you can learn more about Buddhism and discover Buddhist art and Buddha figures from many Asian countries. The bridge gate symbolizes the city and is the gateway to the beautiful old town. It's a sight to behold and a must-see in the city.

The Storck winery offers a great selection of lively wines. A vineyard taster tour gives you a vineyard tour, a cellar tour, and a wine tasting.

The Kaess winery is a small family business in the heart of Traben-Trarbach and offers a great experience in the Moselle region. Here you can have an informative wine tasting on a hike in the vineyard. You can also sit in the cozy cellar and enjoy the wine.

The winery C.A. In addition to a great range of wines, Haussmann offers you a wonderful place to linger. Enjoy the ambiance with a wine tasting or eat culinary delights in the associated restaurant. You can learn a lot about wine growing during a guided winery tour.

Third Station: Cochem

With almost 5000 inhabitants, Cochem is the smallest district town in Germany. The charming district town is located directly on the Moselle and, together with the houses, forests, and a striking castle on a hill forms a beautiful cityscape. Here you will find great places to stay and beautiful sights.

The highlight of Cochem is the medieval Reichsburg Cochem. This imposing imperial castle is enthroned on a rock and towers over the city. Here you can take various castle tours and explore the castle in more detail or participate in one of the rustic knight's banquets on Fridays and Saturdays. This is a four-hour program in which, after a guided tour of the castle cellar, you will have a knight's meal with the old customs and, as the highlight, be knighted. The various tours can be purchased online on the castle's website.

Also of interest is the Bundesbank bunker in Cochem, a former vault for emergency currency. This bunker was one of Germany's best-kept secrets. To survive a nuclear war, 15 billion D.M. were stored here during the Cold War. You can learn a lot about German currency history during a bunker tour.

For a hike in the region, the Cochem Knights Tour is ideal. This path leads to the castle ruins of Winneburg. From the facility, you have a beautiful view of the surroundings and can have a small picnic on the way. Since the city is right on the shore, you can also walk along the Moselle.

Winemaker J. Koll & Cie. offers a great range of wines. On-site, you can get to know the wines better at a wine tasting and learn much about the liquid delicacy. During a wine tasting, you will also get a guided tour of the wine cellar with old wooden barrels and filling stations.

Wine house Hieronimi also offers great wine tasting. Here you taste the wine, learn more about the individual wines and viticulture on the Mosel, and train your sensory skills to enjoy the wine to the fullest. In the wine café, you can spend your afternoon and enjoy the weather on the Moselle with a wine or a café.

The Weingut Kloster Ebernach offers exciting wine hikes through the vineyards. The route from the Kloster Ebernach winery continues across the monastery grounds, past a petting zoo and a nursery to the vineyards. This hike lets you get to know the area better and makes your stay in Cochem a special experience.

Fourth Station: Moselkern

Moselkern is a municipality in the district of Cochem-Zell and is surrounded by vineyards and forests. The town is the gateway to Eltz Castle. In the village, you will find exciting sights and great hiking opportunities.

Beautiful Hil Station

Eltz Castle is a medieval hilltop castle from the 12th century. You can buy swords, crossbows, armor, and more at the castle and experience your fairy tale. There is also provision for small and large appetites. In gastronomy, you will find hearty snacks, drinks, and cakes. The castle is a great destination for a hike. Enjoy the landscape on the Moselle and reward yourself with a delicious cake at your destination. The castle tour takes you through nine centuries of history.

You will also find the oldest town hall on the Moselle directly in Moselkern. The house in the typical half-timbered building is home to years of history and is now used again as the town hall. If you often travel in your RV, installing efficient solar panels on the roof of your car is very necessary.

The Weckbecker winery has been offering great wines from its production since 1728. Here you can enjoy the wine in the Straußwirtschaft when the weather is nice. Small dishes and non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

You will also find good wine at the Philipp Dehen winery in Müden. Here you can arrange a wine tasting. Whether wine tasting in the wine bar, a covered wagon ride through the vineyards, or the associated ostrich inn. Here you can have a good time on all paths and learn more about the history of wine.

Last Station: Koblenz

The last stop of the Mosel tour with the mobile home is in Koblenz. The historic city offers a variety of great sights, activities, and good wine. With its 2000-year history, the city has much to tell and discover.

In Koblenz, you will find the famous Deutsches Eck. An artificially raised tongue of land creates the corner at the mouth of the Moselle and the Rhine. There you will find the equestrian statue of the first German Emperor Wilhelm I.

You will also find the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz. The 16th-century complex now houses a cultural center and state museum, where you can find many interesting exhibitions. The Koblenz cable car takes you quickly to the rock on which the fortress is located.

In addition to the beautiful landscape, Koblenz has many great buildings to offer. Here you will find, among other things, the dreamlike Basilica of Saint Castor or the Electoral Palace Koblenz, which give the city an imposing impression.

The Schwaab winery offers you a unique wine experience during a visit. In addition to excellent wine, you will also find exciting activities here that you can do with your family, friends, clubs, and co. Everything is included, from an adventure walk through the vineyards, a cellar tour with wine tasting, or a wine workshop where you can learn much about wine and how it is made. There is also a café and restaurant with regional, rural cuisine.

The Göhlen winery describes itself as "idyllic, romantic, and individual." You can also do a wine tasting with a cellar tour. The terrace of the winery is green and a great place to linger.

The Spurzem Winery also offers wine tasting. Here you can get to know the diversity of self-produced wines. On-site, you will also find a small wine shop where you can buy regional delicacies.

Our Conclusion - Camper Tour Along The Moselle

A trip along the Moselle offers you an unforgettable time. The region in Rhineland-Palatinate has a beautiful landscape to offer. Far and wide, everything you see is wrapped in a beautiful green. The vineyards make the cities on the Moselle a fairytale place, and castles, ruins, and half-timbered houses create a beautiful landscape picture. Tourism is booming, and many are discovering the potential of the area. Because here, besides the beautiful landscape, there are many activities and fantastic wine.

Numerous winegrowers offer wine tastings and cellar and vineyard tours of their winery. Hardly any other place can bring you closer to enjoying wine. Here you will also find numerous hiking trails that lead to impressive buildings. The hiking shoes should be in your luggage! You should probably bring along a portable solar generator to make sure your phone, computer and camera are always ready to go. You will also find cute cafés, good restaurants, and natural ostrich farms to sweeten your stay. Numerous campsites with great pitches for mobile homes, caravans, or tents will also be found.

On Moselle, you can create unforgettable moments and take a break. Simply drive off with your vehicle or rent a camper and start the Moselle tour.

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