Gojek Clone: Know The Procedure And Cost For Developing It

Gojek Clone App: Know the Procedure and Cost for Developing an App Like Gojek?

Gojek Clone app
Gojek Clone App Development

Today, by observing the current scenario, it seems that people are unable to spare a single minute without smartphones. It is because the applications available on people's devices for fulfilling their different purposes have intensely been penetrated into their lives. They prefer using various solutions to fulfill their purposes efficiently.

But, apart from others, the demand for marketplace applications over a decade has burgeoned among people to a significant extent. One of the reasons behind that is they get numerous facilities from a single hood. There are many such solutions raising the requirements for a super app sector. It involves Rappi, Snapp, Gojek, Careem, Hugo, etc.

Despite all of them achieving a decent rise, not a single player was able to beat a Southeast Asian giant, Gojek. It is an Indonesia-based firm founded in 2010. Initially, it offered only 4 facilities to people having a troop of 20 'Ojeks' in hand.  The company underwent further changes, resulting in 20 different services in Southeast Asia and a network of 2 million drivers, according to 2021 sources, denoting Gojek's progress.

It might have sparked your interest in building a Gojek like solution for your enterprise. The procedures and factors affecting the cost of the same are mentioned here. Knowing them would aid you in making a platform similar to Gojek able to meet your venture requirements.

Process To Follow For Creating Gojek Similar App

Below is the procedure stated, which you need to follow in order to get a perfect-fit solution for your business.

Market Study

Directly plunging into a multi-service segment will lead you in the development of an inefficient solution like Gojek for your enterprise. Hence, it's suggestible to analyze a specific vertical. It involves identifying your rivals, observing the fascinating features they offer, surveying the preferences of users, figuring out the odds in other applications, etc. By gathering such information, you will be able to understand the business needs better.

Determine Attributes and Platform

List out all the offerings separately, and arrange them by keeping your venture requisites in mind. Alongside this, you must always pay attention to features that are valuable for you in accomplishing daily tasks and in efficiently meeting the needs of users. Embed attributes that follow the multi-service app trends and it will also assist your enterprise in fetching and retaining new customers. Once the functionality to be equipped is selected, you should choose a development platform suitable for implementing demystifying specifications.

Enlist Providers

The IT firms which deliver Gojek similar platforms made for different operating systems should be noted by you. Then after, collect certain information about them, including industry experience, number of programmers, reviews, and ratings of a company's previous customers, etc. Technology partners satisfying the above parameters should be looked forward by you for knowing their prices.

Set Budget

As a business admin, you must consider the price range of firms that have met your expectations. Observe the fees charged to build an app like Gojek for various platforms. Get an estimated quote from them, as the rates also differ on the basis of the attributes list to be implemented. This will help you set a proper budget for creating a Gojek like app.

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Receive a Gojek Clone Built

Seal a deal with a particular IT firm and get a solution like Gojek that satisfies your set par and delivers it within a set budget. In addition, you require to talk with their developers regarding the timeline of completing your project and the post-development support to be given by them.

Examine and Publish

After receiving a Gojek like platform created by technology partners, it's mandatory to evaluate an app by considering numerous aspects, as it's an essential procedure that helps you detect technical glitches or errors inside it. When you are provided with a final flawless product from a company, you should launch it in a specific application store by uploading various screenshots of the solution.

In this way, you can run your venture online through Gojek like solution built from an appropriate technology partner by following the above-mentioned procedure. By observing the need of marketplace platforms, you can get conclude that getting a Gojek like app is a wiser move for your enterprise. Besides this, there are several parameters through which you can keep the rates of creating it in control. They are discussed in the following section.

Certain Aspects To Consider For Lowering the Cost of Making a Gojek like Platform

Now, the rates charged by IT companies differ based on several criteria. They can possibly help you in reducing the prices to develop a Gojek like solution for your venture. Refer to each of them described below:


Complicacy of an app is a key factor due to which the cost of creating a Gojek similar multi-service platform is affected considerably. Actually, the complexity of a solution can be measured based on the specification, size, design, and many other entities. The charges may go higher if an application consists of a large number of such elements. Hence, you should structure your business requirements by keeping the constituents discussed earlier.

Time Required

It again comes to complicacy when the time needed for developing a solution similar to Gojek is to be estimated. It is because the programmers need to deal with a specific platform's technical structure, and implementing the features you want consumes time. Moreover, many components affect the time for building an app you need. It will rise higher if the developers require more time to tackle the complexities.

Region of Development

The location of a programmer's team also plays a massive role in the rates of creating an application similar to Gojek, as there are many elements that affect the prices. Living standards, database charges, subscription fees for specific tech stacks, and publishing charges all differ based on the particular region. Below is a table displaying the hourly costs of developers in the different countries mentioned:


Costs Per Hour(In USD)


$35 - $60


$65 - $100


$80 - $110


$100 - $130


$20 - $45

Summing Up:

You must be driven to get an app like Gojek for your enterprise by observing the terrific demands of the Indonesian Giant among people. In order to make the process easier, you should know what procedure needs to be followed and the factors affecting its cost. Furthermore, it is a smart choice to adopt a digital paradigm and receive a Gojek similar platform for your venture, as users tend to utilize such solutions.

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