How Much Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer in 2023?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer in 2023?

Cost of Hiring an App Developer

Hiring an app developer depends on a range of variables. Location, app type, and team type all play an integral part in determining development costs.

Apps with advanced features like geofencing or beacons require special expertise and more time, while those with payment processing systems such as credit cards or Apple Pay will incur extra expenses.

This blog will discuss the cost of hiring an app developer in 2023. We will do so by addressing the factors on which this cost depends upon.

Factors on which Cost to Hire an App Developer Depends

Cost of technology

App development costs depend mainly on the complexity of an app's development process. Apps that process payments sync with the internet or are complex in some way will likely be more expensive to create, such as ones that use real-time GPS or interact with other app users.

Maintenance costs are integral to app development prices, typically representing 15% of the total budget.

An app developer must also pay fees to cover hosting, technical subscriptions, and any costs related to mobile application development; this is known as a mobile application as a service (mBaaS).

Costs associated with app development depend on its industry of use; for example, healthcare apps tend to include different features than eCommerce platforms.

Cost of design

App design is integral to ensure users enjoy using and navigating an app, drawing their attention and keeping them engaged with its contents. Furthermore, the design provides an app that its target users can quickly use without hassle or confusion.

Cost estimates for designing an app range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on its nature and design complexity.

An app featuring only text fields might take hours; however, creating one with multiple screens and animations could take much more time.

Mobile applications that enable users to upload photos and videos require additional design work, typically taking 20-30 development hours at an estimated cost between $1,000-$1,500.

Price considerations in mobile app development projects depend on various factors, including market analysis, business, and talent requirements. At the discovery stage, team members assess market and competitor analysis and your unique business requirements to develop an accurate project pricing estimate.

Cost of marketing

When releasing an app, it must receive enough publicity before its launch. For this, invest in a marketing campaign that covers all the stages of development.

Marketing budgets must consider operating expenses such as server fees, employee salaries, daily ad hoc needs, and SaaS subscription costs for apps. All these expenses are essential in defining an app's total operational expenses.

Mobile marketing strategies must focus on getting users to take specific actions such as installing, registering, placing reservations, in-app purchasing products or services physically purchased, or subscribing for services. These actions are measured as CPI (Cost Per Install) or CPLU (Cost Per Loyal User).

Cost of copywriting

In order for an app to be successful, it requires both well-written copy that attracts users and generates revenue and an impressive UX that compels people to engage more frequently with it.

A skilled writer (or team of writers) with experience is critical to producing quality content for this task. If your budget doesn't allow this option, freelancers provide their skills at an affordable rate.

Several factors must be considered to determine the cost of copywriting, including project size and scope, text type and complexity, writing level, and any graphics and images included in your count.

Another way to estimate copywriter costs is by asking your developer for their fee for creating an engaging and compelling copy. This depends on the complexity and duration of your project - for instance, in the US, an experienced copywriter could charge at least $55 an hour!


In conclusion, the cost of hiring an app developer in 2023 will depend on various factors discussed in the blog. When hiring an app developer, it is essential to consider all these factors discussed in this blog. You should also consider the experience and portfolio of the developer or agency before hiring them. If you're developing an app with the right developer, you can create something compelling and valuable over time.

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