Does Your Business Need Cyber Security in 2023?

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Cyber security is a rapidly developing field. Cybersecurity has become essential for businesses of all sizes. Your business will need cyber security services in 2023, too. Let's take a look at the top trends to watch out for in 2023.

Cyber Security trends for business

Will Your Business Need Cyber Security in 2023?

Many business owners are trying to plan out their strategy for 2023. It can be difficult, especially as the economy is projected to be somewhat turbulent, with inflation at a record high. Many businesses are trying to make cutbacks wherever they can. However, some businesses are considering reducing their cyber security plans. This could be a massive problem, considering how the threats within cyber security are evolving to be worse than ever before. IT support experts predict that there could be some new issues within internet security in 2023, that could be incredibly detrimental to your company. So what are these evolving cyber security threats, and why does your company need the help of cyber security services going into 2023?

What Will Cyber Security Issues Look Like In 2023?

The leading experts in cyber security have predicted that these will be some of the most prevalent issues affecting businesses and individual internet users going into next year. 


The science behind deep fakes is ever-evolving. If you’re not aware of deep-fakes, they are a technology in which a person’s likeness can be manipulated. It has been used against famous people in the past, portraying them to be doing or saying something they haven’t really done. They utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to create incredibly lifelike false images. They have been used to create fake news, spread misinformation, and even threaten people.

This is a problem for your business as deep-fakes could be used to steal your information or get you to download malware onto your business devices. As deep-fake technology becomes more sophisticated, this could be a very pressing issue when it comes to running your business. 

Vulnerabilities to Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices could be watches, cars, smart fridges, smart TVs and much more. Many businesses use these devices in their everyday business use. Unfortunately, smart home devices lack built-in-protections. They are designed to be convenient rather than secure, so they are easy for hackers to target. 

The complexity of these systems means that it’s difficult to secure all of the data on them. Many hackers see these as an easy way to steal other people’s data or execute Denial-of-Service attacks. 

Fraud and Fake News

Unfortunately when there is worldwide catastrophe and tragedy, charity fraud increases. Recently, many people have become victims of a scam that was pretending to give aid and help to the people of Ukraine. Social media and email make it much easier for scammers to find people who will donate money, and who are unaware of the scam.

This could affect your business if your company employees receive emails about charities, and then lose money from the scam. If your company donates to charity as part of its operations, you could also fall victim to these scams. Some of these charity scam emails were shown to have been phishing attempts- if someone gets a company email about donating, and clicks on the link, it could download vicious malware to your company’s devices. 

Mobile Devices

Smartphones have become an essential part of the average business workday. Cyber attacks against mobile devices are actively on the rise. There have been many attacks on applications that require the usage of a mobile phone via 2-Factor Authentication. Spyware attacking phones has also been a major problem in recent months. The usage of WhatsApp could also be precarious due to the fact it isn’t managed by individual organisations.

It’s increasingly vital that business leaders are up-to-date with mobile phone security going into 2023, especially as attacks on mobile devices are becoming more common going into the new year. 

Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

One of the most concerning predicted trends for 2023 is the way that cybercriminals can attack a company’s supply chain in order to scam them. Many companies in the UK have suffered because of this rise of attacks. Organisations must monitor their supply chain security policy in order to protect themselves against these vicious attacks.

UK companies such as Medibank and Chase UK have found themselves suffering because of supply chain attacks. Securing your supply chain is not only important because of your company, it is also incredibly important for your reputation and retaining customers. 

These attacks are some of the most threatening things in 2023 for businesses. Therefore, it’s more important than ever for your cyber security protection to be good. You cannot afford to cut back on cyber security spending- cutting back on this could cost you even more money in the long run, and could even cost you your entire business. But what are the things that you can do in order to strengthen your company’s cyber security protection?

What Can You Do? 

There are many things that you can look into to help secure the future of your company.


Get Cyber Insurance 

Cyber Insurance is a type of insurance plan which helps to protect you from the monetary cost if your company is the victim of a cyber attack. It helps you to recover costs that are stolen by scammers and can cover the costs to recover important data if your data is stolen. It can also cover the costs incurred from loss of operations due to a cyber attack. It could be extremely helpful to your company in case the worst happens. 

Educate Your Staff

Making your staff aware of how they might be affected by cyber scams could massively save your company money. Educating them on what phishing scams look like, and how to spot fake correspondence could really help you in the long run. Making sure they are adhering to cyber safety practices such as not sharing passwords could really protect your company. 

Cyber Security Services

Getting the help of a cyber security company that specializes in business cyber security can help to protect your company on a massive scale. They can help you restructure your practices to help to keep your company safe through a vulnerability assessment and can give advice for the best antivirus and anti-scamming software. They can also help you with educating your staff. Employing the services of a cyber security company can be one of the best things you can do for your company. 

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