Top Flutter Animation Plugins to Use in Flutter Project

Top Flutter Animation Plugins

Images, modules, paths, etc., can all appear to move when animated (also known as transitions). Compared to a static counterpart, an animation-infused Flutter app can look livelier, more appealing, and slicker.

To lessen the cognitive strain on the app user, animations and tactile reactions are combined to create a more realistic and palpable user experience. The user's skill is lowered when they receive a "movement or interactive response" from the app after doing a specific activity. 

In creating an application, adding animations is a crucial stage. Animations can alert users to changes in the state of a particular component, provide some visualizations when a user pushes a button, and more.

To claim that animations are crucial in a modern application is to underline that they work to make your app appear as polished as possible, demonstrating your program's high caliber.

Various packages help ease your life, even though Flutter has a wealth of built-in support for animations and transitions. Your app should integrate rapid, intricate, and unique animations.

You can hire Flutter developer to utilize all these animations fully. Other programs enable you to access practical new animation file formats like Rive and Lottie. Below is a list of every package available for Flutter's Animation and Transition features.

Top Flutter Animation Plugins
Flutter Animation Plugins

Top Flutter Animation Plugins You can Use in Your Flutter Project 

Following are some of the Flutter animation plugins available in the market. 

Flutter Animator

Flutter's Animate-inspired animation suite. With less code and more speed, CSS makes it possible to create beautiful flutter animations. A little bit influenced by Dan Eden's excellent Animate.css package. Note that while being Animate. CSS-inspired, this package is still part of the Flutter ecosystem and will work on any platforms that Flutter supports. Among its strengths are its strengths: less boilerplate code, the ability to combine and chain numerous easing-curve tweens, hot reloading of animation, and other features.


The weak of heart should avoid using this Flutter plugin. It works well to include it as a prize for the user following a successful purchase or other action. It scatters confetti across the screen with this effect. The official documentation for it has directions for doing it. With your confetti, you should be cautious. You want to make sure your app runs smoothly by adding enough particles.

Animated Switches 

You might recall the design of the switch buttons if you've ever utilized an Apple product. It moves the ball to the opposite side of the button when you click it. This is made considerably more enjoyable with the rolling switch Flutter plugin. The ball will roll as opposed to sliding to the other side.


Skeletons are another name for Shimmer. It is an animation that displays the screen before any data has been loaded. If you've ever used Amazon or YouTube, this could be obvious to you. The app displays grey placeholders for the videos during loading. This Flutter plugin is available here.

Swipe Action

This flutter plugin enables you to add iOS-like animation to your project. It makes it very easy to make your app more native-like. Additionally, the swiping movement has many essential features and makes it easy for the user to carry out specific tasks.

Stretchy Headers 

This one goes without saying. You can use it to make the header appear to expand downward when a user scrolls to the top of the page. In addition to being a lovely animation, it makes it clear to the user that they have reached the top of the page.

Ripple Effect 

Clicking a button causes its color to spread across the rest of the screen, creating a ripple effect. It's a fantastic method for switching between screens and has been increasingly well-liked recently.

Flutter Zerker

A small yet effective library for flutter graphic animation is called Zerker. You may make various complicated-looking animation effects using Zerker, including animated motions, pop-up visual effects, scene changes, icon illusions, and more. Zerker also allows you to make a ton of straightforward games. Sprites, rolling backdrops, and reference books are among the components of Zerker that make it simple to construct game environments with them.

Simple animations 

With the help of the robust framework Simple Animations, you can quickly and easily make stunning custom animations. Stateless widgets allow for the quick creation of custom animations, the simultaneous animation of multiple properties, and staggered animations.

Flutter Sequence Animation 

If you want to chain several animations, this package perfectly fits you. There is no need to use intervals and calculate percentages for your total animation time or animate the same variable with multiple animate. You only need one Animation Controller and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Flutter Image Sequence Animator

An easy-to-use widget with fully customizable settings for animating a collection of photographs as a potential substitute for utilizing a GIF file. We suggest using EZGIF to turn your GIF file into an image sequence if you want to utilize it with this program. To fully comprehend and examine the entire range of possibilities, it is highly advised to browse the documentation and execute the prototype on an actual device.

Liquid Swipe 

Swiping may be a thrilling experience. Utilizing the liquid swiping effect is one method to do it. It gives the impression that the screen's color and shape are affected by how your finger is used for the user, which is entertaining and engaging.

Animated Text Kit 

A flutter packet containing a selection of fantastic text animations. Each Animated Text Kit class can have additional callbacks in addition to the on Tap callback.

Drawing Animation 

A rendering library for Flutter that gradually paints SVG path objects on canvas presents a main widget named Animated Drawing that enables the rendering of SVG paths (through AnimatedDrawing. SVG) or Flutter Path objects (via AnimatedDrawing. paths) in a drawing-like manner.


This concludes this blog article. I hope these animation plugins assist you with your upcoming Flutter project. The list of the most well-liked and valuable open-source packages to quickly create animations in Flutter has been reviewed. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that your needs are ultimately what matters. If you still need to decide which one to choose, you can hire dedicated developers to assist you in choosing the animation library for your project.

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