Spreadsheet Formulas and Functions: How They Revolutionized Data

Today, spreadsheet formulas, functions, and templates are sincerely revolutionizing the world. Learn how spreadsheet formulas are changing the world and the face of business today.

Spreadsheet Formulas and Functions

Spreadsheet Formulas and Functions: How They Have Revolutionized Data 

Spreadsheets were by many ledger book users considered to be the greatest invention since sliced bread, but today’s spreadsheets have taken those innovations a few steps ahead. Today, spreadsheet formulas, functions, and templates are sincerely revolutionizing the world, and the way we manage and secure data and data privacy.

Additionally, spreadsheets and their formulas are integral components of a prosperous business and a company that holds efficiency and productivity as a priority with its employees. Spreadsheet formulas have changed business, and thus the world, in just a few years. Without them, your workday would be so much different, whether you realized spreadsheet formulas were the cause of that or not. 

Use these tips to learn how spreadsheet formulas are changing the world and the face of business today.

Perform Simple to Complex Calculations

There was a time when math and arithmetic skills were key talents required in the workforce. Today, they still are, but today’s employers know there are tools an employee can be trained with to get the math done without the inherent knowledge. You still need to know basic addition today. 

However, if you know how to locate a tool for basic addition without knowing how to add, you may have more skills than the candidate who was adding one plus one when they were two years old.

That is why programs like spreadsheets were invented and developed and honed for today’s end users. Not every end user can perform a standard deviation of a data set. However, if you know what a standard deviation is and why you need it to manage data today, you can use spreadsheets to perform the calculations of adding everything up for you and then creating your complex math on it. 

Spreadsheet formulas have revolutionized job requirements such that companies will place a greater emphasis on technical skills and resourcefulness over old-fashioned algebraic knowledge.

Increase Productivity and Accuracy With Spreadsheet Formulas and Templates

It goes without saying that if you don’t have to punch 30 numbers and plus signs into a calculator, but can add them up with a few clicks on Excel, you are going to improve your productivity. If you have never used a spreadsheet formula, try it now. Open up Google Sheets or Excel, and type in five different numbers. Time the exercise from here.

Use a calculator to add up these numbers, use a SUM formula in the spreadsheet to add up the numbers, and add them by hand. You may well know how to do every single one of these tasks, but only one of them is the fastest and most productive way of doing it. This method is also the most accurate, with fewer chances for human error. 

Spreadsheets and their formulas have made our lives more accurate and more productive.

Put Repeat on Automation Mode

Spreadsheet formulas will change the way you or your business will automate work and productivity. Many spreadsheets used today have a repetitive component to their data management. Spreadsheet formulas help you to automate the things that you need to repeat. In a Google spreadsheet, you can compare two columns to see how easy it is to match data and find data. Historically, spreadsheet users would have to spend time hunting columns and rows for data that matched or was repetitive.

Today’s spreadsheet formulas enable the capabilities of finding that same information with a formula entry in the right location. You can find if a pair of data matches, for example, with a simple formula like “=A5=B5”. Or, make that formula more complex by comparing two columns for matching or unmatching records with a formula such as, “=IF (A5=B5, “matching”, “unmatching”) for a similar result. You can see then with this example how in-depth spreadsheet knowledge would be more useful than the talent of being able to add numbers by hand or with a calculator.

You can take this one step further by automating your data into chart form, and have a line graph of the same data created in just a few clicks. Gone are the days when full and complex written reports were used to tell the same story to employers and higher-ups.

Use Spreadsheet Shortcuts for Efficiency

Spreadsheets that are digital are convenient for many reasons, and formulas are key to their convenience. Shortcuts on spreadsheets are key as well, and shortcuts and formulas on Excel and Google go hand in hand.

A common Excel shortcut, for example, would be to perform a CTRL+A function to select a certain section of the spreadsheet, or CTRL+AA to select the entire sheet. Then you can copy and paste this portion of the spreadsheet into another document or move it to another spreadsheet. Spreadsheet shortcuts are helpful with spreadsheet formulas to improve efficiency and revolutionize how we conduct business.

Learn Spreadsheet Formulas Today

If you want to get ahead in your workplace, streamline the organization of your home, or land a job with a higher salary, spreadsheet formulas are a key skill set for your toolbox. If you have already performed a SUM in a spreadsheet, then you know it’s just a matter of learning how to do that in the sheet, and then you have the skill for life.

It’s as easy to learn other spreadsheet formulas today. With a little bit of practice, you too can learn how to master the art of the spreadsheet and rise above in the workplace.

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