How Does Lacerte Tax Hosting Work?

Lacerte tax software hosting is highly beneficial for both businesses and individuals. If you are new to using cloud-hosted applications, you may think of Lacerte tax software to make things easier.

Lacerte Tax Software Hosting

Lacerte Tax Software Hosting: All You Need To Know

Tax preparation is a crucial component of financial management for both businesses and individuals. Unlike in the past, when every entry was made and tracked manually, we have efficient tax preparation software to make things easier. In the list of top-rated tax software, there is Intuit Lacerte - an all-inclusive tax preparation software meant for both businesses and individual taxpayers. 

Dig deeper into this application, and you will find that Lacerte comes in different packages, be it Lacerte REP, Lacerte Unlimited Modules, and Lacerte 200 Federal 1040. This feature-rich software can make tax filing easier for you, irrespective of whether the tax returns are clear or complex. However, in terms of utility, Lacerte desktop software works on an on-premise setup. To benefit from cloud technology, you can switch to Lacerte hosting via a reliable cloud solution provider.

Before we dive deeper into how this powerful software works when hosted on the cloud, let’s get to the basics.

What is Lacerte Hosting?

Lacerte hosting, also known as Lacerte cloud hosting, refers to migrating your license Lacerte desktop software to a secure cloud server. Here, the server is managed and maintained by the chosen hosting provider, which means you need not worry about software and data security. Nor do you need to invest in establishing or maintaining an on-premise IT setup after you switch to Lacerte Tax hosting

With Lacerte hosting, you will also benefit from automated updates handled by the cloud provider. This differs from dealing with the hassles of manually updating the software whenever a new release is available.

Benefits and Working of Lacerte Cloud Hosting

The following pointers cover the process involved in hosting Lacerte on cloud servers:

  • You hire a reliable Lacerte hosting provider and select a suitable hosting plan based on your business needs.
  • Your licensed Lacerte software is then installed on their cloud servers. 
  • Each of your team members are given authorized credentials to access cloud-hosted software and data.
  • Once the software is configured on the servers, you can start accessing it remotely.
  • In case of any technical failure related to a server, your data will be moved to another server that will be kicked in as a backup to ensure business continuity.

Its interface remains the same when you host Lacerte tax software on a dedicated cloud server. However, you get access to a wide array of benefits with Lacerte Intuit hosting, as detailed below:

   1. Security of tax data

Tax-filing data holds significant importance for both individuals and businesses. Since you may need it even after several years of tax filing, keeping it safe becomes a top priority. When you store the data on your local computer, the risk of data loss resulting from hardware crashes or human-induced errors is relatively high. Similarly, you would also need to deal with data theft and cyber threats while continuing to use Lacerte desktop software.  

Lacerte hosting can be considered a reliable solution to keep various security issues at bay. For the protection of your client-sensitive data, reliable cloud solution providers invest in top-notch security measures, including firewalls, antiviruses, and Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDPS). 

   2. Remote software access

While using Lacerte software in an on-premise setup, you are bound to use it only when you are near the system where it is configured. In other words, you cannot prepare taxes or file returns while remaining away from the office computer. This also serves as an obstacle while dealing with urgent tasks that need immediate attention beyond work hours.

Lacerte cloud hosting allows you to access the software anytime and from anywhere. You can work on the cloud-hosted Lacerte using your laptops or smartphones. With the cross-device connectivity enabled by cloud technology, you can access, create, or save data at your convenience. Moreover, cloud-hosted Lacerte only allows authorized access to the data and application.

   3. Easy integration with other software and add-ons

Like other business applications, Lacerte has a limited set of features that benefit the end users. Instances might occur when a user needs an additional functionality based on business needs that can only be availed with third-party software integrations.

For example, you may want to integrate QuickBooks with Lacerte to combine their feature sets and streamline your business operations. However, such integrations often hamper performance in an on-premise setup because of system limitations. You can benefit from using Lacerte hosting if you encounter such situations. It allows seamless integration of other software and add-ons while enabling easy scalability of server resources to manage software performance. 

   4. Efficient collaboration between team members

When multiple team members prepare taxes for your clients, having multiple copies of the same data file is inevitable. You would often feel stuck in redundant tasks that tend to hamper work productivity, be it going through an endless array of files to create the final ones, ensuring numerical accuracy, and more.

With Lacerte tax hosting, you can allow all the team members to work simultaneously on the same data file. They can make real-time changes in the file without having to save multiple copies at their respective ends. Eventually, this will help improve the tax filing process and increase the efficiency of tax workflow.

   5. SLA-backed uptime

What will happen if your system crashes because of hardware issues or malware attacks when you work on locally-installed Lacerte software? The possible consequences are data loss, financial losses, and reputation damage. In between all this, you will also experience downtime until the system is restored after resolving all the technical glitches. 

Particularly during tax seasons, you would expect uninterrupted access to data and tax software. This is possible with Lacerte hosting, which ensures an SLA-backed server uptime guarantee of up to 99.999%. However, the guaranteed uptime depends on the cloud solution provider you hire. 

   6. Cost savings

Installing software on your local computer system may take considerable computing resources, be it storage or RAM when in use. Besides this, a new software installation may hamper the functioning and performance of other programs, hence calling for upgrading the existing infrastructure. 

If you want to save money by not investing in local hardware upgrades, it’s time to host Lacerte Tax software on the cloud. It does not require you to configure the software on your local system. Rather, the hosting provider will install it on a cloud server. All you need to pay for is the hosting plan selected for your licensed Lacerte software.

The bottom line

Lacerte hosting is indeed highly beneficial for both individuals and tax firms. It provides you with the features of its desktop version powered by the benefits of the cloud. If you are new to using cloud-hosted applications, you may think the software will lose its intricate features when moved to the cloud, which is not true. The software interface stays the same. It is just the mode or method of access that changes. 

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