Bad Habits To Avoid In Academic Writing

Bad Habits That You Need To Avoid in Writing a Research Paper

Academic writing is not the same as other forms of writing. Writing academic articles needs patience, knowledge, and understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, you will need to be on the same note all over your research paper: a formal note. 

Informal writing is not allowed in academic research papers. Most of the students struggle to complete their academic writing. Their submission gets delayed, and they feel tension and frustration due to it. 

Moreover, academic writing should be informative, structured, and polished in every way. It's strict, and there is no chance that you will get rid of it. Students are already on a tight schedule, and thus it becomes difficult for them to deal with this kind of writing capacity.

Moreover, only a few have the idea of good writing. Even the best student of a section misses the quality writing process. This is because gaining knowledge on subjects and writing it down are two different things. When you have an idea on a subject matter, you will be able to deal with it with your pen, but you cannot ensure the quality of sentence structure and good writing style apart from information. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the various instances of academic writing and its processes so that you can deal with a good research paper. 

Academic Writing

5 Bad Habits to Avoid in Academic Writing

The writing style can be different for many students, but that does not mean you can use your own methods in academic writing. Most of all, academic writing requires a formal approach and evidence-based data to support your statement or discussion. 

When you are going for academic writing, you are probably going to start writing a research paper on the selected or given topic. In a research paper, you will need to show some real research and its evidence. 

Throughout your writing, you will need to impose evidence on every crucial statement or data-related sentence. 

Apart from that, there are some common mistakes that every student makes in writing research papers. Here are some mistakes we have found so far that you need to avoid deliberately.  

1. Using Passive Voice.

Using passive voice is the most common mistake that 90% of students make in a research paper. The time you want to rush or make the sentence cliche, you will find yourself constructing a passive sentence. 

Many times students use passive sentences to make them wordy so that they can complete the work easily. But that is not how academic research papers work. They see your research and your writing as well. 

So if you think you are providing enough evidence to the paper and that might do the work for you, then you are making a mistake. The writing quality works very prominently in a research paper. 

2. Using Complex And Lengthy Sentence Structure.

The first thing your professor will look at is your sentence construction. We have learned sentence construction in our school days, but still, there is a lack in many students to deal with sentences. 

On the other hand, expert writers are able to play with sentences. A sentence can be constructed in two ways: by making it simple and straight or by making it complex and lengthy. 

Using complex sentences may be vulnerable to greater chances of mistakes. On the other hand, if you use simple sentences, you will be able to comprehend their structure and meaning.

Moreover, the readers are not very comfortable with complex and lengthy sentences, and they lose interest in such writings. Apart from that, academic writing should be direct and simple because it mainly deals with the findings and understanding of the subject matter. So, it's better to keep it simple and small. 

3. Using Wikipedia Information. 

This is a big mistake that students often make, and that leads to a bad effect on research papers. Academic writing needs proper research and evidence. You cannot just put any random information into your paper. 

Though the criteria state to avoid sites like Wikipedia, many students avoid this and input information as they find this page easily. 

Why should you not use Wikipedia information? 

Wikipedia has every kind of information available to people, but they are free, and that indicates something wrong. Well, you will be able to change Wikipedia information anytime you want. So, there are no criteria, and any person can manipulate the information until it gets fixed again. 

The lack of authenticity is there, and thus it's better to avoid Wikipedia information.  

4. Plagiarism.

Many students do not know the fact of plagiarism, and thus they cannot avoid it. It is always written in the instructions that you should not copy-paste information from pre-existing content. 

However students think that there is no one to understand if they are coping with something and pasting it into their original research paper.

But there are online tools to find plagiarism in your whole writing. So your professors will find glitches in your writing through those tools. So, never try to input directly from outside sources. 

5. No Matter The Revision. 

It's a common mistake for students not to proofread the research paper and submit it to the professors. When you are dealing with a research paper, there are many things that you want to deal with, and in such cases, you might lose your concentration in making foolish mistakes. 

To avoid this, you might consider reviewing your research paper. Keep some time in your hands and review the whole paper before you submit it.


Do You Need An Expert Reviewer? 

If you can avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, you will be able to deal with your research paper efficiently. Apart from that, if you lack time to complete many research papers, you can consider a custom research paper to prepare a quality research paper for you. 

They can even review your paper or proofread it to ensure the best quality possible. It's a process to save time to deal with other important tasks.
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