3D Backsplash Tiles Design Ideas For A Modern Kitchen

Unique & Eye-Catching 3D Backsplash Tile Designs for A Modern Kitchen

3D Backsplash Tiles for Kitchen
3D Backsplash Tiles Design Ideas For A Modern Kitchen

Backsplashes don’t just save your walls from the spills and stains; they are also a way of decorating the space and making it your own. If the cabinetry is monotonous in its colour scheme, you can go colourful with the backsplashes to make a statement. We highly recommend you play with the tile patterns and colours to up the kitchen game a bit. We share our carefully selected and eye-catching kitchen backsplash ideas to help you build your own little version of a modern kitchen. 

Bold Combination Of Patterns

Confused between the subway tiles or a geometric patterned one? Well, why not try mixing both? This is your time to go bold and creative and give your backsplash a good lift-up when it comes to design and colours. The traditional and simple white subway tiles will complement the bold geometric patterns creating a playful backsplash that makes for a striking statement. 

Stone Tile Backsplash

If white is on your mind, stone tile backsplashes would definitely work well in this regard. The beauty of stone tile backsplash is that it gives the space a very natural and rustic look. Stone tiles carry the designs of a natural stone over their ceramic or porcelain material but give you the exact effect with a better mode of maintaining it in the future. 

Mosaic Tiles 

Mosaic tiles give a burst of personality to any space they are installed in. They brighten the kitchen walls and backsplashes, and showcase textures, patterns, and shades at the same time. You can develop your own pattern while doing your 3D kitchen backsplash with glass, ceramic or natural stone tiles. Mosaic tiles are a great option if you don't want to go the classic mosaic way. You can get tiles with the mosaic design printed on them so you do not have to manually put together the pieces of tiles - still giving you a perfect mosaic look. The best part about mosaic tiles is their small size that you can utilise for your benefit and create a design completely out of your vision. 

Classic Subway Tiles

You can never go wrong with the classic New York subway-inspired subway tiles. Although these tiles started gaining popularity in the early 90s, they still continue to remain popular albeit with the styles slowly moving towards more elaborate designs. For a touch of opulence, grouts accentuated with some silver or copper could be just what you need.

Exposed Bricks

If you love the rugged and rustic look that exposed bricks bring to the space, then this could be a wonderful idea for your kitchen backsplash. This feature will bring a distinctive texture to the space, whether you’re after the industrial vibe or rustic appeal. A faux brick backsplash using brick tiles is also an ideal alternative if you prefer a cost-efficient and easy project. It also goes a long way in the ease of maintenance and longevity.  

Tips to be considered before designing a backsplash:

Choosing Materials

Keep in mind that whatever design you choose to go ahead with, the quality of the material does matter. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular because they fare well against moisture and are available in a multitude of shapes, colours and patterns. Glass tiles have a sleek look and reflective surface that brightens up any room, and mosaic tiles can add an engaging dose of personality. You can even opt for concrete tiles for that old-school vibe and natural stone tiles for a Tuscan-style kitchen.

Choosing The Right Colour

Another important aspect that really upscales your kitchen instantly is the choice of colours. Make a versatile choice by choosing a tile colour that works with varying cabinet colours. Experiment by adding a colour you would have never considered like red or yellow. Blue is another popular colour that screams royal and calm, so you can play around with the shade a bit for your 3D kitchen backsplash.


There are several advantages of using backsplash in kitchen design, some of them include easy maintenance, better appearance, characteristic design, etc. To make your kitchen backsplashes unique and eye-catching, these ideas and designs will work perfectly well and in sync with whatever you have in mind. These are some designs that will never go out of style and always keep your space the talk of the town. Functionality and aesthetic appeal run through each one of them and give you a bang for your buck!

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