UPSC Preparation Tips For Working Professionals

UPSC Preparation Tips

UPSC Preparation Tips For Working Professionals

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission. UPSC is considered one of the toughest examinations in India, and many consider it one of the toughest examinations worldwide.  

So, preparing for the UPSC examination needs a lot of effort and concentration on the studies. So, it becomes much more challenging for the people who are working professionals. 

Nothing can make it impossible if one has the will and desire to do something.  

Tips for Working Professionals for UPSC Preparations

1. Never Quit Your Present Job

Never think of quitting your present job to prepare for the UPSC examination. Quitting your job is not a wise decision, as maybe it will be the only option for financing yourself.

You never know whether you are going to crack the exam and get the post on your first attempt or not. So, keeping a financial backup for you is the wiser choice.

You don't have to depend on others to finance you. UPSC examination process almost takes one year from prelims, mains, and releasing the results. So, there should be a backup for your livelihood. You can't depend fully on anyone to finance your needs.

2. Plan Your Study Hours

One important thing for working professionals is to plan their study hours, as they don't have enough time for preparation.

Plan your study hours, and these study hours should be undisturbed. At least one should give four to five hours daily for preparations as candidates must focus mainly on three things: Current Affairs, General Studies, and Optional Subject.

3. Keep away from Social Accounts 

During your preparation and examination, keep away from your social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram. These social apps can distract you from your goals. Use these social apps only for getting some helpful information for your preparation. 

Timetable: Prepare a study timetable according to your convenience and try to follow it. Being punctual is a very important behavior of IAS and IPS officers.

Time: Use your idle time for studying. Time is very important, if time passes away, it will never return. So don't waste your time. As a working professional, you will get very less time for studying.

4. Join a Coaching Institute   

You can join a good UPSC coaching institute for your better preparations. Here are some benefits that you can get by joining the course:

Online & Offline Classes: Many institutes offers both online and offline classes. Many working professionals prepare for UPSC, so these coaching institutes have separate batches for working professionals, or you can join online classes also. Candidates can choose the timing of the courses in which they are comfortable. 

Study Materials: Institutes provide study materials to their students. Study materials provided by the coaching institutes cover all the important topics and concepts which are important for UPSC. So, candidates who are working professionals can use this opportunity of getting study materials. 

Studying from study materials will reduce their research and will increase their time for preparing for the UPSC examination. 

Recorded Lectures: Institutes provide their students with recorded lectures. So, they can get a recap of their classes which will help mainly during revisions.

Mentors: Few institutes provide their students with individual mentors. So, mentors can take follow up with their students and see how much they understand the concepts in classes. Mentors are always ready to clear the doubts and queries of their students.

It will be the best advantage for the working professionals to get a mentor to motivate and guide them through their journey of UPSC preparations.

Tests: Institute takes tests to check their students' progress and motivate students in their learning journey. Institutes also take mock tests and writing practices, which are very important while writing the UPSC examination paper.

Revisions: Doing regular revisions is one of the essential parts of the preparations for the exams like UPSC. Institutes take revision classes regularly of the students and motivate students to revise every day before going to bed. 

Time Management: Teachers in institutes teach students how to manage their time. Time management is one of the essential parts of preparing for the UPSC exam.

So these are some of the advantages you will get at a coaching institute. The Thought Tree is one such institute that provides all the above-mentioned features and thus is among the best IAS coaching in Jaipur. 

5. Study Timetable For Working Professionals For UPSC

Before Going To Work: Candidates who are working professionals should manage their time and give at least two hours every day for general studies before going to work.

During The Work: Candidates can use their break time after they have their lunch or at the time of having their lunch for current affairs and newspapers. They should give at least 45 minutes daily for current affairs, such as reading newspapers and current affairs-related magazines.

After The Work: Candidates have to give their time to optional subjects in which they are interested. Optional Subjects play a very important role in clearing UPSC.

Revision: UPSC Candidates should have a proper revision strategy. The syllabus of the UPSC is vast, and it is not easy for the students to remember all the things, so they should revise whatever they have read.
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