Free Engineering Calculators Available Online for Professionals and Students

 Engineering students are commonly tasked with providing solutions to many different types of challenges. There are several engineering calculators available online that can give you the calculations you need for free.

Free Engineering Calculator
Free engineering calculators

Free Engineering Calculators Available Online for Professionals and Students

Engineers and engineering students require calculators that can handle specific equations, provide graphic answers, and accurately compute technical math like conductor resistance, capacitance, and inductance.

Handheld calculators that can perform these computations can cost hundreds of dollars. This can be a problem for many users, especially students on a budget who may be tasked with many kinds of engineering problems. However, now you can access online calculators that can give you the calculations you need for free.

Kennametal Engineering & Machining Calculators

Founded in 1938 by Philip McKenna, Kennametal has a long history of leading the engineering industry in innovation excellence. Now leading the technology sector from its headquarters in Latrobe, PA as well as facilities around the globe, Kennametal has committed to providing free online tools for engineers and students globally.

Kennametal is offering engineering calculators for free use on its website. These tools can not only save students hundreds of dollars as they perfect their trade, but they also provide easy access to the specialized tools that working professionals need at their fingertips.

Efficient & Effective Work

Peter Drucker, in his book "Management: Tasks, Responsibilities and Practices" said, "Effectiveness is the foundation of success - efficiency is a minimum condition for survival after success has been achieved. Efficiency is concerned with doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things."

Every engineer is concerned with producing both efficient and effective work. Ensuring that a machine performs not only effectively, but also efficiently, is the work of many engineers. Kennametal is helping these engineers achieve their goals by making free tools like a tap calculator available for them all the time.

Exacting Tools

Engineers require precision tools to optimize their results, and calculators are no exception. For instance, if your company manufactures metal and plastic parts for machining, you know having an accurate method for automating control of machine tools is imperative A CNC machinist must have the correct calculations from a feed and speed calculator in order to program the microcomputer's software correctly and get the best results.

Meeting standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or the American Society of Civil Engineers is critical for any business working in the field. The exacting tools provided by industry leader Kennametal help keep the engineering sector safe and operating efficiently.

Helping Engineers of the Future

Students also benefit from these online tools. Students are commonly tasked with providing solutions to many different types of engineering challenges. Being able to have all the tools and calculators available for free, at any time of the day or night, can be immensely helpful to college students who want to succeed.

Kennametal is an industry leader, committed to supporting the careers of both working professionals and students who wish to become engineers of any type. By providing these engineering calculators online, for free, Kennametal is proving its commitment and dedication to improving the engineering sector around the world.

If your work requires specialty calculations do not hesitate to take advantage of the many engineering calculators available to you on the Kennametal website.

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